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Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm Learning To Use The Camera On My New Phone

August 24, 2014 

Good morning.  I had planned to sleep a bit later this morning, but Pogo had other ideas.  He heard someone out in the house and flew to the pantry to bark, hoping that it was Joe.  Alas, it was not Joe and I had to get up and make Pogo come in from the pantry before he woke up the whole house.

I've opened the front door to let in some wonderful fresh air and morning sunshine.  I will definitely be missing this once the cooler weather starts moving in.  I read in the newspaper that the Farmers Almanac is predicting a colder than usual winter for us in the Eastern part of the country.  Gosh, I do hope they are wrong.

Friday evening, Dee Dee and Eddie picked me up and we all went to watch Jasmine's theatre group perform "Bye Bye Birdie".  I must say that this was a most enjoyable evening.  Gosh, if my Michael were here he would have been absolutely thrilled (as we all were) because he just loved Broadway Musicals. 

Jasmine was part of an ensemble that did a lot of singing and dancing, plus she had a little solo in one of the scenes.  She and the rest of the cast were just awesome.  Yesterday they did two more performances, and the last one will be this afternoon.  I can't wait for the next play.

Yesterday, I rented a U-Haul truck (which Joe offered to drive for me) and we headed for grandson Bobby's apartment along with Dee Dee, Eddie and Kevin.  Shortly after we got there another car pulled up with a couple of Bobby's friends.  While I watched over Pogo, everyone managed to get all of Bobby's things packed into the truck and both cars. 

Then we all headed on over to the new apartment where Bobby was moving to.  Once there, everyone pitched in and got all the vehicles unloaded and quite a bit of the stuff moved into the apartment before we all (Dee, Eddie, Kevin, Joe, Pogo and I) headed back to the U-Haul place to return the truck.  A job well done.

During this time, Kevin showed me how to send photos via email from my new phone.  What an age to be at!  I have so much that I can teach my grandchildren, and they have even more that they can teach me. 

The photo that I had sent from my phone to my computer is my first attempt at trying the camera on my new phone.  Of course, the model was my handsome Pogo.  Not bad for my first try.  How could anyone not love this precious little bundle of joy.

I also have another photo to share.  This next one was taken a few days ago from my kitchen window with my DSLR.   I love trying to photograph the birds while they are in flight, and managed to catch this little sparrow at just the right time.

Last night after supper, Pogo and I settled in to watch the "Celebrity Chopped Champion" finale.  While we watched TV, I put a few more rows on the yellow afghan.   The colors in it are so pretty.  There's yellow, green and pink along with a variegated yarn.  I promise to take a photo of it later today.  I have less than forty more rows to go and it will be finished.

Today, I really must do a load of laundry.  After that, I'll just take it easy and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous day.  And that's all my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good morning to you and to Pogo! We are having another 100+ degree day, wish we could get a break and some very much needed rain. I am lad to see you are enjoying retirement. I have made the decision to purchase the other half of my duplex for rental property instead of selling and moving...makes it to where I can stay retired without having to take on a side have been real busy this past week. I can't wait to see the yellow afghan (yellow is my favorite color). Thanks for sharing the photos and I think I caught up with all I missed from you this week. I love my Galaxy S2 phone and my will love the new technology of your new phone and the pad...they are so addictive if you play games or are like me...jigsaw puzzles (I admit I am addicted to them) so good for combating Alzheimer's....LOL! I even have apps on my Ipad for my fur babies to play with...that the 2 little ones just adore! Yes, they are all spoiled rotten! Well, I have finished with the house chores, the floors are vacuumed and wet mopped and the fur kids are all asleep, so think I will take a nice long hot shower and get ready to put a couple of those puzzles together. You both have a terrific Sunday! hugs, Mat

Nani said...

Sharing knowledge with the generations before nd after you is SO valuable! I taught my grandma how to use a computer for email and instant messages when she was in her late 70s and decided she wanted to give it a try. It was a great experience for us both and a payback for a life’s worth of tings she taught me. I learned as much as I taught my nieces as they grew up and still do!

Pogo is such a great model! There is so much that is cool and amazing. Computers “creeped me out” when I was in high school and now look at us; both digital geeks. I was both amazed and frightened a few weeks ago when I got a smart phone. It communicates with my iPad and my Google calendar, they even all share my Weight Watchers app! I wonder if they’re telling each other stuff about me. LOL

Have a wonderful day, after the necessary laundry. I hope the Farmer’s Almanac is wrong too, but just in case, take it in while it lasts!

Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

The camera phone comes in handy when you don't have the SLR camera with you. I find I snap a lot of things with it. I like that you can then share the photos right away without having to download them.

smiekeltje said...

Wonderful that you had a terrific outing to the musical jasmine played in. I bet you were very proud!
And so nice of Joe to go with you to drive the truck, to help bobby moving. And with his friends there to help too, well, you know the words a lot of hands will make a job easy
And yes, we can learn a lot of the kids today about all the "modern"stuff, like phones and tablets and all that LOL.
Pogo is the perfect model to practise the photo funtion on your phone!
You enjoy your day, and have fun

Andrea Priebe said...

Just a quick Hello ... Goodbye, Edna. I know you are so proud of Jasmine as well you should be. I bet Kevin loved having you there to meet his friends and help with his move. He is an awesome young man. And, you are an awesome Grandma!

I too am trying to learn how to use my phone. I don't think mine is as fancy as yours, but it does take pictures which, in my book, is it's most important function, Ha! I love the picture of Pogo. One of his best I think, though I don't think he has ever taken a bad picture.

I am leaving this afternoon for my Switzerland trip. I managed to lose all but four of the pounds I had committed to, so, though I am not skinny by any means, I fit much nicer in my clothes. I am packed. Headed down to take a shower then finish up the last minute things that are always there to do. My family is bracing for my absence. And Izzi knows and is not happy. She will think I am never coming back, I'm sure. Anyway ... all that aside, I am excited. This is my first trip overseas and I can't wait to see the Swiss Alps. I will be trying to post pictures on facebook ... don't know if I will be able to, but if you are on Facebook, stop over a check me out. I will see you (figuratively) when I get back. Be well Edna and take good care of that handsome little boy.

Andrea @ From the Sol