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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Internet Here Is Horrible

March 7, 2014
Good morning.  Yesterday it rained on and off, and today it is sunny again.   We took advantage of the rain and did crafts.  The girls were busy making jewelry, and I was crocheting my new project " the Colorful Thing".  

This one might grow up to be a lap blanket or maybe a twin size spread.  It all depends on how my hands feel while I'm working on it.   The yarn that I bought keeps splitting.   It's by Red Heart, so next project I'll try a different brand of yarn. 

We have been having all sorts of internet problems here, and to top that off my mouse croaked.  We had to go to Walmart last night to get a new mouse.   On the way, we stopped off at Jo-Anns, a fabric and craft store, to see what sort of goodies they might have.  We found some awesome beads, and some flip flops for Wanda.  The dark clouds started rolling in again, but we made it home before any rain fell.

This morning we are going to set out to find us some water birds.  Audrey checked out the map and found a few ponds nearby where we might get some good photos.  Before we leave, I do have another photo of a turkey vulture for you.  These birds are just awesome.

Now it's time to eat my breakfast (Pogo already had his) and get ready to roll.  The girls will be leaving tomorrow morning to head home so I hope we find some great photo ops today. 

That's it for this morning.  Y'all stay warm and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

We had a beautiful day here in Ohio. 53 and sunny Wow. Still have snow on the ground.
I didn't comment before about the turkey buzzard. While your pictures make them look beautiful they are nasty. These are the birds that stay in our pine trees for months. They empty their stomachs all over our cars , house, and yard. That's after they have been eating road kill all day. They are outside right now. You can come home and make a loud noise and some 200 will all of a sudden they will fly out of the trees. They have been here since November. On the very very cold days they have left. They usually like the cold in our very tall pine trees. Seriously 200 of these guys are awful.
Continue to have a good time. Sorry your daughter and her friend are leaving. Hope the weather improves for you.

Nani said...

Hmm, I’ve actually done pretty well with Red Heart yarn. I have a partially finished afghan that’s in squares right now. I want to try to see if I can still crochet a little bit; at least enough to put the squares I have done together to make a kitty blanket or even a lap blanket for the power chair. You get rain and give me the crochet bug. Lol

The turkey vulture picture looks so majestic! I love the coloring. I hope you had great luck with the waterfowl today. I can’t wait to see the photos!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Some rain isn;t too bad. And you all spent the time well, by doing some crafts LOL.
I hope you will find some great places not too far away to be able to make some great bird pictures.
Pity the girls already will leave tomorrow, I am sure you will miss them. But if I rememeber well, Janet will come to join you next week? Makes me happy to know you will not be all alone. Have a marvellous day.
Greets to the girls
husg for you
cuddle for Pogo LOL

The Queen Jester said...

I love the colors you've used. I have learned to knit dish cloths and find I can only work on them for just so long before the fingers need a break. We must be getting old.
Our Old Town is near Gainsville, so we're quite a ways away from you. would have been fun to hook up again.