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Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Good To Be Home

March 17, 2014

Good afternoon, and Happy St. Patrick's Day.  We had a very good flight home yesterday, with only a few spots of turbulence which the pilot quickly took care of by flying higher.  Deanne and Eddie picked us up at the airport, and oh boy!  Pogo was so happy to see his auntie Dee Dee.  I think next to me she is his favorite person.  He gets so excited, and can't get into her arms fast enough!

It was cold back here in New England, but the sun was shining brightly.  That makes up for the cold temps.  Sort of.  It felt soooooo good to get back to my own internet, and to not have to sleep on that lumpy sofa again. 

Before we left Florida I explained to the office manager how I could not climb the stairs to the bedrooms anymore and had to sleep on an extremely uncomfortable sofa.  I told here that when I go back next year, they need to fix that problem.  She said that I should call her next year just before I leave to go there, and she would make sure that new cushions would be put on our sofa.

When we got home, Pogo and I got a very nice welcome from all the dwarfs. I miss the gorgeous weather in Florida, but it felt good to be home again.  Before leaving us, Deanne took my doctor's phone number, and this morning she called and made an appointment for the doctor to see me today about my swollen feet.  This afternoon, I'll pick up my new prescriptions that were called in to the pharmacy.  One of them is for the fluid build-up, and the other is for lowering my cholesterol.

Now that I am home, I will go through all the photos that we all took while in Florida, and pick out the best ones to share here.  I have all the girls' permission to share their photos too.  Today, I have a couple more photos of the flowers by my unit (in Florida), and a pretty shot of a cluster of palm trees near the manager's office.

I also have another photo of my crochet project, "the colorful thing", to show how big it is.  Actually, it is even bigger now that I have put quite a few more rows on it since the photo was taken.   I'm thinking that it will make a nice twin bed size coverlet when it is finished.

Now I think I'll have me another cup of coffee and try to catch up a bit on my blog reading.  I really missed my morning ritual of reading my favorite blogs while enjoying my morning coffee.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Welcme home.
It is always a pity to leave a holiday spot, but also real nice to be at your own place again.
Nice that Dee Dee and Eddie were there to pick you up.
Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous.
And that colourful "thing"would make a real good sofa or bedcover LOL!
Hopefully the medicins you got now, will help to reduce the fluid in your legs. And yes, sometimes the cholestorol builds up to much, ahhhhh, is it just our age???
Now hoping that soon the temperatures at home will rise too a bit, and then it will feel much more like spring, if the sunshine will stay!
Have a great day!