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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Ranting Again Today!!

March 27, 2014

Good morning on this bright sunny day here in my little part of New England.  It is so good to see the sun knowing that we are supposed to have a whole week of temps in 40'sF to 50.  I am oh so ready for some warmer weather.  We ALL are.  Now if only we could straighten out the rain patterns to go where the rain is needed most.

This morning I was going to attempt to post a video  that I took in Florida.  However, after two tries, it still won't upload.  I've tried this before and didn't have any luck then either.  If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. 

Are many of you, my readers, age 65 or older and subject to the medical care provisions for us old folks?  Such as which medications you are allowed to have, and which ones you can no longer have.  It seems that the government and the insurance companies are now smarter than your doctor, and they decide which medications you may or may not have.

A year and a half ago, the insurance companies decided that my breathing meds should be changed.  They did, and for a year I got continually worse until I was not breathing very well at all.  I finally had to ask my doctor to get my med changed back to what it used to be.    I should not have had to fight for my meds!  I might be old, but I still have the right to breathe.

This year, the government has decided that one of my meds is "risky" and therefore has decided to let the insurance company decided whether or not I should have it.  The decision was "no, you cannot have it."   My doctor filed the appropriate appeal, but the insurance company has decided to deny me the medication anyway.  How can this be right?

Am I angry?  Yes I am!  The government needs to get the hell out of my church, my doctor's office, and anything else that is personal to me.  The insurance companies need to step back and let my doctor do the prescribing of meds for me.  He knows better!!   Folks if you are over 64 and thinking of switching to Walmart/Humana Prescription Plan, look around for something else.  These folks think they are smarter than God and your doctor.

This wonderful president of ours and his almighty wonderful medical plans has turned us folks over 64 into throwaways.   I'm not even going to elaborate on this because I will be ranting for days.

Let me post a few photos from the web that friends have sent to me.  These adorable pictures show love and caring, something that the government and the insurance companies have forgotten about.  I don't know who took these photos, but they are wonderful.

Now I think I'll make a fresh cup of coffee and see about changing my mood back to nice again.  I like me better when I am not so crabby.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be warm and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

You need to talk to someone about getting a different insurance carrier. I am not having any of the problems you are talking about. There are people out there who will help you find the appropriate plan for you ... you are being taken advantage of.

In what way is the medication risky and are they taking it off the market? If it is risky nobody should be using it. What are the risks and what are they suggesting you replace it with. I would be angry too, but I think there is a better way for you to do things. You need to look into it. Ask your doctor to help you find a good insurance ... he has to know who is good and who isn't. Rant away my friend, but while you are at it, find a better plan. Even if you have to pay a little more it will be worth it in the long run. Sorry you are having such problems ... Walmart is a big corporation with it's mind on profits ... I don't know that I would trust them.

I am trying to get a few things done on my blog. I seem to be chasing my tail these days. Hope things get better for you. I just turned the broiler on and when it beeps me I will be going down to fix some dinner. Now that I think of it, I am pretty hungry. Hope you have a nice evening, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Angelicastar said...

Miss Edna, I periodically read your blogs and view your beautiful photos that you post. In reference to your Insurance, the government didn't do that, the Insurance companies don't want to pay for the drugs you need. I went through that with Aetna. If you have medicare part D, go to the web on the website and choose a plan by the meds you need. I had to do this. I have secondary osteoarthritis and Aetna decided in no circumstances would they pay for Celebrex. It cost too much and really a better medication for my osteoarthritis. I called Cigna to see if they would ok Celebrex....they said yes and I changed Insurance companies. They are an authorized medicare part d company. Try to stay away from those plans that only are tied to the bigger companies like walmart. Choose a plan where you can go to any drug store and fill your prescriptions. I was an agent and financial planner for 29 years before I had to retire. I was an independent agency, so therefore I told clients the best way to go to satisfy themselves and get better results other than being a company person and the only way to go is to make more money for them. No I didn't get rich, but I slept very good at night knowing I was there to help those who needed me the most and most of all the truth

smiekeltje said...

Bummers, Edna, you are right to be crabby! It's indeed incomprehensible that helath insurance companies should make out what medication you can or cannot have!
And i agree mostly with Mrs. Angelica, show says it isn;t so much the government but the companies that decided about the mdicins.
You should really take time for it to look for another insurance where you will not have that trouble anymore. Here it is also done more and more by health insurances the choice of medicins. Okay, sometimes you can do with a cheaper one htat does the same for you, but other times, just one is the right one and than they just don;t pay for it.
It will cost you some time to look around to find another insurance company that will fit your needs, but you should!
This whole health insurance stuff went wront( so a lot of people thik like I do) when it was taken out of governmental hands and given to insurance companies. In former times, everybody paid a percentage of their income every month to the health "tax", and all was in hands of the government and I think it worked well. Who earned more money, also payed a bit more money to the health insurance. I call that a "social"system"and I don;t thnk a lot of people complained about it.
Now in the hands of the insurance companies, making profit is first issue and people come at place 5 or something!
Hope that soon you will get some better eather with nicer tempsratures, that will help to feel a bit more cheerful.
Have a lovely weekend, stay calm, as much as possible and find another insurance that works more for YOU!
I am not claining that everything was better in the "older"days, but some things that work okay, you shouldn;t change.

Edna B said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and advice. I am definitely going to look around for a new company so that I am ready when Fall arrives. That is when we can apply for a new company. I will check with my doctor to find what the "risk" is with the med that I was taking. As for price, it was one of my cheapest meds. Ah well, at least today I feel better with myself and I'm not crabby. So, thank you again. Hugs, Edna B.

The Queen Jester said...

Sorry you are having such problems with the insurance, I hate having to wade through the flood of paperwork for this kind of thing. The photos were lovely. I have not been able to get any videos to run either. My computer is so screwed up I don't know what to do with it any more. We'll be back in Wisconsin in another month and will have our friend the PC guru take a look at it. I'm thinking of having a separate computer for just photos and hopefully videos and one just for email and web surfing. I don't know if that would help or not, but I'm getting desperate.