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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yeah, Red Sox!!

October 24, 2013

Good morning.  Well, somehow I managed to get a bit of sleep during the night.  This morning, I have another doctor appointment so I will stop by the drug store and pick up some melatonin and more tissues.  I'm out of work for another week too.  The last thing I want to do is to pass this infection on to the Mrs, who by the way, turns 96 today.  Happy Birthday Mrs.

Today will be a rather busy day here.  One of the dwarfs has a service person coming to replace the glass on her car's windshield.  At the same time, there will be contstruction guys here working on the outside of the house.  The window guy called and said that the new windows will be coming in probably next Monday. 

Wayne was here last night, and took care of the problem with my Internet Explorer.  It was not ready for an update.  I don't know where that creepy notice came from telling me that I had to update, but it was not very nice.  People can be so mean.  Anyway, all is well now and my laptop is a happy little camper.

Later today, I will be able to go online and finish ordering a couple of items that I want for the holidays, and hopefully finish ordering my blog books.  Once that is done, I will feel so much better.  In a few days it will be November, and time to start getting boxes ready that need to be mailed for the holidays.

I joined the Secret Santa Soiree again and can't wait to see who I will get to make a gift for.  I've done this the past two years, and have enjoyed it very much.  If you want to learn more about this, click on the icon on the right side of my blog. 

Today's photo is one that I took a week ago of an especially pretty tree a couple of streets over from my house.  The leaves are tiny, and it has all the Fall colors on it.  Red, yellow, orange, and lots of light green.  Just beautiful.

Last night, the Red Sox won the first game of the World Series, and I'm, hoping we get another win at  tonights' game.  Go Red Sox!!  Well, that's all the news for this morning.  Now it's time for me to get dressed and head on out for my appointment.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Pete sat up to watch the game also- so happy they won!

smiekeltje said...

Indeed, busy day. But some work will be done on your house already! Hope it will be rather quick.
Congrats on the win of the Red Sox!
Good that you will be off work for another week. That should deal with the virus, hopefully.
Yoy have a great day!