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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saying Goodbye To A Lot Of Clutter

October 12, 2013

I'd say "good morning" but I'm probably the only up right now.  Last night, I slept from supper time till almost midnight.  However, that just means that there will be no more sleep for a few hours.  So here I am.

It's 3"45 a.m., and I've already cleaned out a few piles of stash and filled a bag of trash.  Well, it's mostly paper recycle trash.  I tend to let magazines, ads and junk mail pile up.  But then, before I can toss it out, I have to go  through everything to remove any of my own personal information including name and address, etc.  All of this goes into a big bag marked "SHRED". 

I also have another bad  tendency of filling up any clean flat spaces.  Table, countertop, etc.  This one annoys me and I am working to change it.  I save a lot of paper stuff, and it's time now to get rid of a lot of the "important" stuff that I have been hanging on to.  You know, things like Photoshop tutorials dating back to 2006.  And papers from classes that I took over the past decade or more.  I'm thinking that it is safe to toss  these things out now.

So this, and washing my floors, is what I've been doing for the past few hours, and now I'm beginning to wilt.  I think that once I have finished this post, I will tuck myself back into bed and maybe catch a few more winks. 

I was going through some old photos, and came across one of my oldest daughter, Audrey all dressed up in her pretty Christmas dress.  She was about two in this photo.  It's a Polaroid photo and all the colors are fading so I tried to brighten it up in Photoshop.  Who would ever guess that this beautiful dainty child would take up Taxidermy in her adult years? 

I also have a photo of one of the Mrs' roses that are still blooming.  I love these Knockout Roses.  They bloom right up until the snow freezes them.

I don't know if we'll have rain or sunshine later this morning, so I have a photo that I took one other morning when the sun was first rising.  The birds like to sit in the tree tops and bask in the sunshine.

I've finished my cup of cocoa, so I'm going to head on back to my little bed.  Wherever you are, I hope your day is sunny and warm.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea said...

You seem to be your most ambitious in the middle of the night. I might be like that if I couldn't sleep, but I have to be so quiet so I don't wake anyone up. I could never do my floors (in fact there is always an excuse not to do my floors ... hmmmm). I hope you were able to fall back to sleep and wake up to a sunshiney day ... so far we have sunshine, though the weatherman told us there would be rain this morning.

Izzi has class this morning then I will do some more yard work. My friend is giving me some Hollyhocks and I really need to find a place to put them. I have always loved hollyhocks so I have my fingers crossed that they survive the winter after a fall transplant.

We are starting to get some color change in our trees now ... mostly yellows and the beautiful Maples are in full orange/pink/yellow/red bloom. They are my favorites, but we don't seem to have too many of them where I am. An occasional one in someone's yard and that's about it.

I am wondering if you could e-mail me your phone number and tell me what days you will be home next week. I really need to get going on my book if I am going to have it in time for Christmas. It will be fun to talk in person ... I will wait to hear from you then let you know when I will be calling. You have a wonderful restful weekend, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

So good to read you had a good sleep the evening. Yes, result is to wake up in the middle of the night. But you used the time well, it seems LOL! Gosh. all that paper shredding and getting rid of some old stuff, good girl!LOL.
I have the same bad habbit to fill slowly some floor space and tables and even chairs etc. with stuff that could be easily tucked away on the right place of even disappeared in the trash bin!!
Then at certain moment it is getting on my nerves and I get rid of it all and suddenly I have a spacy room again for a short time LOL.
Hope you could take some more sleep in the early morning.
That photo of Audrey looks so sweet! I too have some old Polaroid photos in some albums. Pity colors disappear after time. Still it brings back some memories, don;t they?
Today we will have another day with lots of rain, so I stay in, may be work a bit more on the knitting, or in Photoshop, well, perhaps I will change the bedsheets, it's about time for that again. We'll see how active I have been at the end of the day ROFL.
Have a wonderful day.