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Sunday, September 16, 2012


September 16, 2012

Good morning from my little part of New England.  Today is sunny and a bit on the cool side.  Our temps are on a cool downside.  Half of the upcoming week will be in the 70's, then the rest of the week will be in the 60's.  Yup, Autumn is definitely right around the corner. 

I got an email this morning from Dee Dee giving me the run down on Koolaid's (Kevin) baseball games yesterday.  He plays on two teams, and had two games yesterday.  In the first game, he got up three times and got a triple, a double and a single, bringing in two runs.  In the second game, he got up twice, getting a triple and a home run!!!    They lost one game, and won one game.  Kevin had a fabulous day, and the coach remarked how the Red Sox would be drafting a new short stop soon!!!

You might not be into baseball, but I just have to brag a little every now and then.  This grandson of mine is a fantastic baseball player.  He can pitch, hit, run and steal bases.  He's also very good at football and basketball, but he excels in baseball.  Congratulations Koolaid!!

Gosh, this morning I am just chock full of good news.  (what a nice change!)  Daughter in law, Janet, and I applied to a camera club, and we go to our first meeting this coming Tuesday night.  I'm a bit nervous about it, but am anxious to meet new folks and learn more about photography.

Next piece of good news is that the deer were out in the field across from work this morning.  I don't get to see them very often anymore because of all the new houses being built.  Half of the huge field where the deer usually like to roam is now occupied by a new house.  It's so sad, that with all the homes available for sale why people have to use up more of the wildlife space to build new homes. 

Here's Momma deer crossing from one side of the field to check out the new house and strange toys in the other half of the field.  Following closely behind are her two young ones.  I just love watching these beautiful animals.

Well, my coffee is almost gone now, so I think it's time to get some sleep.  Tonight is another work night.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

You will have a great time at camera club and have nothing to fear, your photography is beautiful and there will be some you can learn from and some who can learn from you. Enjoy!

Farida said...

Good news are a great way to start the day! The positive energy just continues to flow. I'll be as proud as all of your family members if my nephew played well in baseball too. Oh, and photography.. I've been wanting to enroll in a class too but I don't have a DSLR mine is a digicam which produces great photos too. The deers were looking at you and they are happy to have their photos taken by you!

Have a great week ahead of you. I hope to visit you again soon. Would you like us to follow each other? Take care! :)

smiekeltje said...

I am sure you will have great fun at the camera club, the more because Janet is joining too!
Yes, sad that there is taken too much space for building, slowly diminishing nature.
And congrats to Kevin! Wow, could he possibly be playing for a real topclub and national team in some time?? That would be awesome.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Terrific photos of the deer, hope you enjoy your camera club, you are certainly good at capturing things with yours! Have fun with it! Hugs, Mat

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I'm sorry, I just had to notice that you are drinking coffee and then going to bed ... doesn't that strike you as an oxymoron? Do you sleep well? It's the nurse in me that causes this. Don't mean to pry :)

I love that your Grandson is so talented. It gives you so much pride and it is nice to know that your genes have taken part in such success :) My granddaughter is a gymnast and she is fabulous ... competes on her high school team. Last year she was injured so we didn't get to see her, but I am hoping to get pictures this year to post on my blog.
I agree with you ... such a selfish waste that people go out and build and build when there is so much already available. My pet peeve is the strip malls. They are everywhere and still building them even though half of the existing ones are empty. Is it greed, is it stupidity or just indifference. Man is his own worst enemy and he is determined to take our wildlife down with him. So there's, my rant for the day. Now back to your up beat attitude ... you start me out with a smile. Thank you for that.

Andrea @ From The Sol