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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time For Your Flu Shot!

September 18, 2012

Good morning from "about to be soggy" New England.  Yup, lots of rain coming.  Tonight is supposed to be quite stormy right into tomorrow morning.  Goodie goodie.

Yesterday, I had my check up with the doctor and got my flu shot while I was there.  I did learn something new.  The flu shot will not give you the flu because it is a dead virus.   If you get the flu after receiving the shot, then you already had the virus in you.  However, if you get the vaccine in your nose, you can get the flu because this is a live virus. 

This is good information to know.  I have been fighting off a cold these past few days, and was afraid that getting the shot might bring on a nasty case of the flu.  Seeing as how I already have some sort of cold bug, the doctor phoned in an antibiotic for me just in case.  I usually get very sick with colds and flu because of my asthma.  This time I am ready for it!

This morning I have some photos that I took at the park a few days ago.  There were only a few Canadian Geese left at the pond, but the ducks and seagulls were thriving. 

Tonight Janet and I will be going to our first camera club meeting.  This will be my first time to step out for something new since my Michael has been gone.  He was my cheering section and was always encouraging me to try new things.  So I am really looking forward to tonight.
Now I  think I will start making the meat sauce for tonight's supper.  We're having pasta.  Mmmmmm!   I think I'll put a little bit of cut up macaroni in Pogo's food too.  Just to spruce it up a bit.  Speaking of Pogo, he is looking so cute this morning in his purple hoodie.  He's been outside, had his breakfast, and is curled up in a tiny little ball right here next to me.  I am so blessed.
That's all the news for this morning.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Good morning Miss Edna. I woke with a headache and it's cold here, so I wonder if rain is in our future also. Just to point out that the correct term is Canada geese, not Canadian. Seems like a small thing but after I was corrected on this, I feel compelled to alert others. You have a great time tonight at your camera club meeting. Michael will be smiling that you went.

smiekeltje said...

Good the doctor gave you some antibiotics to fight your cold you already had.! And let's hope we all have a flu-free season, would be nice.
Yeah, your Michael is looking down on you with a proud smiel, he is happy you are going to your photo class. Have lots of fun there.
Hug and cuddle for Pogo!

Mats World said...

Pretty photos, glad you are excited about your new class, hope it turns out to be terrific for both of you! Pogo is finally feeling secure and loved isn't he? I know you love him already! Hope your weather gets better, ours is turning a little cooler, but still warm during the day! We have been "slammed" with the West Nile Virus from mosquitoes this year and now have to worry about flu season, but I will be getting my shot soon as my physician gets the vaccine! Have a terrific rest of the week! Hugs! Mat

Andrea said...

Yea, for a good check up. It always feels better to know things are okay. Good for you that you have your Flu shot already. I have to drag my hubby in to get one next week. He, as I have mentioned, is something of a hermit, so getting him out for anything is a chore.

That is one handsome seagull in your picture. It looks like he might be a youngster. Your shots are awesome, showing the beautiful wing span.

I hope you are able to get rid of your cold ... they do tend to drag on. It might be allergies because the allergen count has been very high all summer ... they say because of the warm winter, things that are normally killed off, weren't, so there is twice as much of it out there.

I am excited to hear about your camera club. Hoping you will pass on some tips for those of us not so lucky. I have much to do today. I am leaving tomorrow morning for the Whooping Bird Festival and today is cram day ... have to get myself ready and get things set up for the ol' boy so he doesn't starve. Plus I have to write all of the instructions for feeding the gang and the outside birds. Oh my, better get going. Have a great day and I'll see in in four days ...

Andrea @ From The Sol