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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A New Learning Place

September 5, 2012

Good morning.  It's bit soggy here, but at least it's not pouring at the moment.  The rain is sort of on and off.  But I'm not complaining.  They were forecasting close to three inches of rain for us, but I'll settle for an inch.

Pogo finally had something to eat yesterday, but still is not feeling all that great.  Today, he's still not great, but at least he's able to sleep without crying out a lot.    Actually, today he has only "ouched" once so far, and he ate his breakfast.  Gosh, I hope that is good news.

This morning I worked a bit on a new Mandarin Orange Photo Art, but you'll have to wait till Monday to see it.   Pretty soon I have to start going through all my photos to see if I have twelve for next years' calendar.  If I weren't so picky, this would be such a quick and easy task.

My friend MaryAnn told me about a wonderful new learning site,   I checked it out, and joined a class on Photoshop.  Now if only I can discipline myself to shut my door for a few hours, I might learn something new and fun.  I'm also going to check around for a new photography class.  The one I'm in just isn't doing much these days. 

Today, I have a couple of dragonfly photos to share.  I love photographing these little critters. 

Now it's time to get dressed and maybe do some laundry.  Then I want to start my meat sauce for the pasta that we're having for supper later on.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Love the dragonflies!

I tried to follow the link to but it said the server was unknown. I'll try again later. I was going to say that we just had gray and blah but no rain, but I think the sprinkles are starting now!

Glad t hear Pogo is eating and doing a little better. I hope it's just a little bit of a bug that's going away.

Hugs, Nani

Snowy aka Silke said...

Finally find the time to catch up on your blog again,lol. The butterfly and dragonfly pics are fantastic! Hope Pogo will be all ok again. One of my cats does that and I found out it's every time a certain food that doesn't agree with her.It took me ages to find out what it was.
Hugs Snowy

Andrea said...

Oh, poor Pogo. It is so hard when they hurt and can't tell you what it is. Snowy has a good point, maybe you could figure out what you have fed him the last few days and pin point the culprit. Anyway, I agree if it continues you should have him looked at ... just to be safe:)

I did go to and signed up for a freebe ... I will also probably sign up for some PS courses too as I don't take advantage of all of my options ... mainly because I just muttle through things without learning the proper way to do them, hmmmmm.

So as usual, you came up with some good pictures. I love the dragon flies too. There are so many different kinds and colors ... yours are the Darners and we have those here as well. I can't wait to see your MOM picture now that you have bated us with it. Have to wait until next Monday, really? Hope your Pogo gets better and hope you are having a good day. Spaghetti sauce ... am I invited?

Andrea @ From the Sol

aquascrap said...

Sorry to read that Pogo is not feeling too well. Hope his mystery illness can be quickly resolved.

Wow how do you get such great photos of dragonflies? I don't see too many around here.

Off to checkout that website....I need some photography and photoshop lessons.

Enjoy your day
Judy xx

The Queen Jester said...

I hope Pogo is feeling better soon. You are so much more disciplined than I am with your classes. My approach is so willy nilly.

smiekeltje said...

Good news, I think, about Pogo. Yeah, hoefully it's a good sign.
I have a bit the same with my cat Dikkie Dik. I find him a bit too slender, so I bought some other food and it seems he eats that better for the moment. First it was with his brother, but that one is okay again. Gosh, I wonder what it is sometimes with our pets, that they seem to have something, but you cannot pinpoint it?
Our pets are great, but sometimes they do strange things LOL.

I am thinking about pasta too for this evening. Not for Jan, it's not his favourite, but I have still some other stuff for him.

You have a great day.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

So glad Pogo is feeling a little better, send us some of that rain we so desperately need (actually we need the cooler weather...LOL) Pretty good shots of that dragonfly! They are fascinating aren't they? Have a terrific day! Hugs, Mat