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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cooler And Wetter, But It Feels Good

June 11, 2011

Good afternoon.  Today is rather wet and a bit cooler.   Tootsie and I got up early this morning to take the car in for it's first check up and oil change.  New cars have to go in for check ups and oil changes every three months if you want to keep your ten year warranty intact.  This is the nuisance part of new car ownership. 

When we got back home, Eddie came by to fix the hot water heater.  We haven't had any hot water since Thursday, but this was the soonest time Eddie could come over.  Actually, I doubt if using cold water is going to hurt any of the dwarfs.  In fact, it should feel rather good in the hot weather.  Hmmmmmm.

At work Friday, I was able to get some new photos of the birds playing in the birdbath.  Here is a series of photos of a Starling having himself a fantastic time playing in the water.  Note how in the second photo, he puts his little face down into the water, and then in the next to last photo, he splashes his face side to side in the water.  This kid is really enjoying himself!!

Well, that's all for today.  There's really not much news today, and in a little while I will have to start getting ready for work tonight.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


seamhead gypsy said...

Miss Edna, the pictures are outstanding! I'm always impressed and awestruck when I see photos of water drops in mid air. I really enjoyed the pics today. Thanks for sharing.

smiekeltje said...

Those birdies are so cute. I MUST have a birdbath too, despite of my cats. It should be okay, if the bath is high enough.
Last few days here are a bit off and on weather. Some times sun, sometimes clouds, even we had some real rain(good for the garden).
But when sun is there, it's good to sit in the garden, I have a good book, so I hope to catch a bit of sun today, reading in an exciting thrilling book.
Hope you have hot water again! Very akward when you are used to turn on the water but no hot water is coming out. Then you realize how spoiled we are! LOL.
Have a lovely weekend,