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Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Good Day To Do Some Errands

August 10, 2017

Good morning.  Tis another lovely morning here in my little part of New England.  The Tick and Mosquito man has already been here and sprayed the whole yard.  UPS has already stopped by to deliver two packages and now it's time for me and Pogo to get started on this new day.

We had errands to do yesterday, but somehow they got put on hold so we'll do them today.  Or at least, that's the plan.  Seems life always finds a way to change the plans that we make.  It's a good thing that I'm retired and able to make frequent changes.

I had been hoping to attend the annual barbeque that the New England Poodle Rescue Center puts on each year.  Last year, Pogo and I had a lot of fun there.  It doesn't look like we can go this year though, so I'll call them today and make a contribution.  If they hadn't rescued my Pogo, he wouldn't be here with me today.  I am ever so grateful to this organization.

Here's a picture that I borrowed from the web of a really super way to spoil your fur babies, especially if you have two of them.  It's a rustic set of bunk beds.  Honestly, isn't this just adorable?  Can't you just picture your fur babies napping peacefully on these beds?

I also have an interesting article that I cut out of one of my AARP magazines.  This one offers advice on how to lower stress and retain muscle strength by drawing.  I have tried it and drawing (and coloring) does indeed reduce stress levels.

Sometime this week, I'm going to have to re-arrange one of my bookshelves.  My newest Blog Book should be arriving soon, and I need to make room on the shelf for it.  This book will make twenty two books so far. 

I have a new photo to share here.  This one is of Father (Bobby) and Son (Xander) taking a nap together.  It's one of my favorite photos of these two handsome fellas.  It makes me think of the saying "Like father, like son."

I've been taking my nebulizer meds while I've been typing and they are almost done.  Now I think I'll get caught up a bit on my blog reading.  My friend Kyra hasn't been feeling so good lately, but today she is posting on her blog and I'm anxious to see how she is doing. 

On that happy note, I'll take my leave now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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The Queen Jester said...

Love the bunk beds! That would be so cute to have but with our small space I guess they'll just have to keep taking over the couch, chairs and bed.