Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's A Beautiful Sunday Morning

September 6, 2015

Good morning.  At the moment, it's quite nice out.  Sunny, slight breeze and 67 F degrees.  However, in a few hours it will be back up to the high 80's.  For now, Pogo is sitting in front of the screen door, enjoying the breeze.  I know I've said it before, but that door was one of my best investments. 

The last couple of days have been sort of quiet for me and Pogo.  Friday, we took a ride to the bank, and then went to the Post Office to mail a couple of boxes.  We go to the Post Office in the next town over because they like Pogo and look forward to seeing him. 

I read an article in the newspaper a couple of days ago.  It was titled "Applications for US jobless aid rise."   Basically, the article says that although more Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, applications remain at historically near low levels, in a positive sign for the U.S. economy.

I wonder how they arrive at their figures.  Do they take into consideration the fact that the government has added millions more people on to the "free living" list?  That means millions more are given welfare, housing, food stamps and heathcare.   This  takes them off the "unemployed" list.  A lot of them are illegals, so they do not get added to the unemployment applications list either.

I see too many folks who are looking for jobs, and when they find one there is no long term security for them.  While these folks are "laid off," a lot of them are not lucky enough to be given the free food, rent, and healthcare, and only limited (if any) unemployment benefits.  So this leaves me baffled as to how the government comes up with these rather hopeful looking statistics.  Does it make sense to any of you?

How about some good news?   I finally cooked a whole meal on my induction burner.  Of course, it was not a very difficult meal.  I made a pot of pasta, and cooked a hamburger for Pogo.  I know, it's not a "biggie" meal, but it's a start in the right direction. 

I found another cute pattern that I might like to try.  This one is called a "Scoody."  It's a hooded scarf with pockets.  Hmmm, maybe a new project for next year.

Today, a lot of folks are celebrating this Labor Day weekend with barbeques and getting together with friends and family.  Some folks are taking advantage of the long weekend to work on projects around the house.   All my weekends are long weekends, but I think I'll pick one household project and work on that for a while today. 

That's about all my news for this morning.  Before I go, here's a really cute image that I borrowed from the web.  Hopefully, this will start your day with a smile.

Now I'm off to make a fresh cup of coffee and get started on the dishes.  So, till tomorrow Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Ha, you have the same doubt about figures from the government as a lot of us overhere.
They also claim the "unemployed"figure has come down a bit, but at the news we still hear often enough the shut down of a company or at the least there are several 100's of people fired to re-organize!
It gets harder and harder for a lot of folks to find a job, specially when you are around 40 and older, but also youth has trouble finding a steady job.
And more and more jobs disappear and are filled in by volunteers. No bad word about volunteers but somehow it seems a shame to me, that good jobs disappear.
Like lots of them in healthcare, specially health care at home. Many of the nurses were fired, and okay, a larger percentage can get their jobs back, but on a less steady basis and for less payment. Shame on the organizations and shame on the government. The costs for health care cannot be diminished by this kind of actions. Better look at the incomes the "managers'and such of the health care institutions receive, and a lot could be saved on prices of medicins, and the whole systems is a bad idea. Health care is now for the bigger part in hands of insurance companies.
While in former times, it was in government hands, and everybody payed a percentage of their salary to health care automatically. Good system, don;t know why they abolished that.
Yeah, good news is that you managed to cook something on your induction!
I wuld never have guessed that it would be that complicated.
Today still not too high temperatures, but I already saw a bit of sunshine. Later this week it should get better again.
No idea yet what I will do today, something will show up, I am sure.
You have a wonderful day,