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Sunday, February 15, 2015

We're In The Middle Of Another Blizzard

February 15, 2015

Good morning.  Gosh, for a little while (around 3 a.m.) I thought that the snow had changed its mind about dumping on us again because it had stopped.  Alas, silly girl that I am, that only lasted for a little while.  Then all of a sudden it started back up with a vengeance.  Visibility is not so good outside right now. 

It snowed all day yesterday and last night.  It wasn't too heavy, but it was steady.  Remember that nice man who was going to come by and clear all the snow off my roofs?  Well he wasn't so nice.  He never showed up.  When I finally reached him by phone, he said he was really busy, sorry. 

I called another fellow who said he would come by around ten a.m.  After a repeat phone call, he finally showed up around noon time, took one look and said "Sorry, your house is too big."   Do I need to tell you how stressed I was getting?  

Next I called another young man back (three guys called me back after the first guy was already supposed to be coming out to do the job) and he said he was in the area and would be by shortly.  And he showed up!!   Just two young fellows with two big pickup trucks, snow blowers, shovels, ladders and roof rakes. 

These young guys went to work, and did not leave until more than five hours later, saying that they would be back at 7 in the morning to finish up.   Here's a photo (taken through the storm door after dark) showing one of the  trucks backed up to the porch.  They were trying to put the ladder in the back of the truck in hopes that it would reach up to the top of the highest peak.  Alas, it did not quite reach.  However, I have three roofs on my house, and they cleared two of them before they left last night.

Early yesterday morning, Joe bundled up and went outside to start clearing away some of the huge mounds of snow close to the driveway side of the house.  He was out there all day, and into the evening.   He got the whole driveway area down to almost ground, and moved tons of snow away from our doors and my little gardens by the windows.  We had to take the birdfeeder line down, but have been putting food beneath my car for the birds.

Here's a couple shots of Joe getting ready to clear the path out to the shed again.  All the snow being pushed off the roof filled in the walkway and path that he had already carved out.  How about those snow piles, huh?  They are way taller than Joe and are all around the parking area. 

When all the snow is done falling on us, it will be time to shovel the snow away from the base of the house all the way around the house.  That will be a tricky job, because the snow is several feet high all around the house.  Well, we'll worry about that when the time comes. 

Just now, I have left a message on the young man's phone (the kid clearing the roofs) asking him to call me before he comes out.   The snow is getting heavier, visibility is poor, the wind is picking up and the wind chill is getting quite nasty.  I don't want these kids getting hurt, so I left word that if he wants to wait until tomorrow to come back it will be fine with me.  Now I'll just wait for him to call.

Right now, there has been some snow lightning in Boston.   My goodness, Old Man Winter is in a doozy of a snit.   I hope we're not getting a taste of winters to come.   I just got a return call from the snow removal guy, and he will be re-scheduling for 7 a.m. tomorrow morning instead of today, unless it clears up later today.   Gosh, I feel better now because I don't any of these young fellows getting hurt here. 

I'm watching the Weather Channel, and Boston and Plymouth are getting quite a bit of Thunder Snow (lightning).  It looks really nasty outside.  Our blizzard warning was supposed to be over tonight, but now it is on till 7 a.m. tomorrow.  This is understandable when one has a look outside.  The wind is really beginning to whip around pretty good.   The porch roof over our front door was clear of snow yesterday afternoon.  It now has close to a foot of snow on it.  All new snow.  Simply disgusting!!

Our mail delivery system is not functioning so good lately.  Last week, they missed a couple of days, but I attributed that to the storms.  This week, they did not show up on Thursday which was a good day and the roads were very clear.  They delivered on Friday, but then no one showed up yesterday.   I had put some bills out in the mailbox to be picked up, but now they will have to wait until Tuesday.  Needless to say, I will be calling the Post Office again on Tuesday with a complaint of the non deliveries.

In the mail that we got on Friday, there was a super little box from Nani.   In it was some snack packs for Pogo, and the cutest little doll for me.  What a beautiful little ray of sunshine my little doll is.  Thank you so much Nani.   Here's a photo of my little doll.  Isn't she just so sweet?

It's only 6:30 a.m., and I've been up since 3 a.m.  Pogo had a wee bit of a problem during the night, which resulted in an accident on the carpet and two scatter rugs.  Plus my blue bathrobe and one of his fuzzy blankets.  But now he's been bathed and dried, and there is a load of laundry in the washer.  No biggie.  

*****For the past half hour, I've been trying to take some photos through the kitchen window and my storm door of the snow, and the birds and an energetic little squirrel.  Hopefully some of the photos will come out good enough to post here tomorrow. 

Now I'm going to make myself a cup of coffee and catch up on my blog reading.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good morning,have had you on my mind all weekend! Hope all is okay with all that nasty weather you are having! Got eye done on Friday and all went well, just need to heal now and the other one done. Just wanted you to know I was praying that the storms and snow stops soon for you! Be careful, stay inside and ride out the storms. Stay warm with Pogo! Chat later, hugs Mat

Annesphamily said...

We are suppose to get some snow today and tomorrow but this is crazy ridiculous for you! I wish your snow would up and move to the North Pole where it belongs! Poor lil PoGo he was stressing too I imagine. Maybe tired of all that white stuff. I love your sweet lil doll. I was reading an article about a woman who had been a super model and got very ill and no one was listening and no one seemed to diagnosis her properly. She started a dog walking/sitting business and when she was finally diagnosed properly with the help of an acupuncturist she started a dog product business and makes millions today! I was thinking about how all the pets here love their lil treats and thought that would be such a fun business. It is called Harry Barker. Just thought I would share that with you. I imagine you two are ready for Florida and some sunshine. I know lots of places are getting miserable weather and lots of terrible accidents and such Glad you found some great people to help with your roofing needs. Scary stuff. Prayers for all in your area. Have a beautiful day.

Nani said...

I hope this is a "big winter" and not the new normal for you guys too! David and I were going to s luncheon and private glass blowing demonstration with the MS Society at the art museum today, I already paid for it, reserved the bus and everything. But the temperature when we woke up was -5 and it's been -8 this morning and it's -7 now. Yanno, I hate to lose the money from lunch but the copays for a hospital stay with pneumonia would be worse. It's just not worth it when it's this bad. I got an email this morning that they even cancelled church!

All this cold, snow or both just has to stop.They need to be work on a weather machine instead of whatever silly thing the government is trying to destroy this week.

Remember I mentioned David's cousin who just moved to Boston after years in North Carolina? He sent her a message on Facebook this morning asking if all the snow was the better end of the deal for them. North Carolina is bracing for some snow and a nasty ice storm! Anyplace in Massachusetts is far better able to handle too much snow than North Carolina is to handle ANY ice!

I'm glad you found someone reliable for your roof! I'm also glad you like the little doll and she brought some sunshine!! :)

I need to warm up my coffee and grab another blanket!

Stay safe and warm and Pogo, stay feeling better!
Hugs, Nani

Grandma Sarge said...

Miss Edna, I grew up in the N Western part of Pennsylvania and I had 20 years of those nasty winters but none as severe as what's going on now. I had one day of snow here in Washington and it wa gone by 6pm the same day. It seems we just have a biting wind as our winters. They have been really, really mild here in Eastern Washington. I'm sort of grateful but I do miss the beautiful mild winters of my youth.
My youngest brother lives in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota and he's always posting pictures of huge mounds he made with his snow blower and a long dog run he makes for his spaniel Bing.
If it continues to be harsh back East, I can see a great migration out West!

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Boy, I get tired just reading about your snow ... Poor Joe, all day out in the cold. I hope he is taking some Ibuprofen at night.

We haven't had anything but a dusting for about a week now, but our temperatures are in the single digits and our windchill is frostbiting. It is supposed to be that way all week. Poor Mint down't know what to make of it. To her 65 degrees is cold ... I would die for one day of 65 degrees right now.

My kids went to the courthouse and got married yesterday. They plan to have some kind of wedding in the summer, but for now they want to get the paperwork done so Mint can get her green card and a visa in case she has to go home for any reason. They seem so happy together ... it's what every mother wishes for their children.

Izzi has finally stopped barking at Mint ... no more yakity yak, as Mint puts it. It took her a while, but now Mint is family and Izzi will start protecting her the way she does the rest of us. We like that she is a good watch dog ... two old poops alone in a house, makes us feel safe. Of course now with my son in the apartment downstairs, we have all kinds of protections and help for that matter. I like this arrangement. Well, today is my day of rest ... I am gong down, putting my feet up and enjoying a good book. You have a nice day all shut up in your big house. Thank goodness for those young men who are clearing your roofs and for Joe ... what a job. Be well, Edna and I hope that Pogo is feeling better now.

Andrea @ From The Sol