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Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Mandarin Orange Monday

February 16, 2015

Good morning.  Gosh it it cold!!!   It's 2 degrees above zero with a wind chill of -17.  Guess who isn't leaving her house today?   The weather man says there is more snow coming tomorrow and Wednesday, and then again next Sunday.   Get it out of your system Mr. Winter.  I don't want any bad weather to mess up my flight plans the following weekend.

I woke up to the sound of pitter patter on my roof.  Nope, not Santa's reindeer making an early visit.  It's the guys who are working to clear the rest of the snow off my roofs.  Between the time they left the other night and this morning, there's whole new mess of snow up there to be cleaned up.  Not to mention all the huge icicles. 

I feel bad for those folks in the South who are getting pelted now with the snow and ice.  The scariest part is the ice.  It coats everything, and then all the power lines and poles start coming down.   I had to drive through the South one winter when they were having a snow and ice storm, and it was not pretty.  Here's hoping that they don't get hit too bad with this storm.

Remember the photo I posted that showed how nice and clean the yard looked Saturday night after Joe was finished shoveling?  Well this is what it looked like yesterday morning.  The first photo is the hedge right outside my window, and the large white mound in the next photo is my car.   There was another foot of snow and the snow did not stop until sometime in the afternoon.

I have to admit though, that there is also beauty outside with all that snow.  Here's a shot of the bottom branches on some of my gentle giants.  I'm not crazy about the snow, but this really is beautiful.
Because it is Mandarin Orange Monday, I took this photo into Photoshop and played around for a while with filters and layers.  And here is my orange masterpiece.   If you click on it to make it bigger, you'll see a sinister face in it.  Once I saw that, I figured my piece was done.
All the dwarfs are home today, and right now they are having breakfast out in the kitchen.  The food smells wafting in to my apartment are making me hungry.  I think it's time to rustle up some breakfast for Pogo and me.  He's been busy barking at all the noises coming from the guys working outside, and by now has probably worked up a good appetite.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Sorry for you that the snow misery isn't done with yet.
It should end now, I don;t want it to mess up your holiday plans!!!!!
Short comment today, still have to post on my blog and don;t have too much time for it, soon dinner has to be made!
Till next time

Unknown said...

Oh wow Edna, Your right... I did see a face, but it really didn't look sinister to me... I liked it and you did a great job on the orange.
It is really bad that down south they are getting ice. It is scary when the ice starts downing power lines. We are lucky. It is cold here, and raining but we are lucky because we are above freezing right now. It is 36 degrees here so I can live with that.
Such terrific news about getting the snow off of the roofs. That has to be a huge relief. I am surprised to see just how much snow you have accumulated yet again. Poor Joe. He must be exhausted trying to keep up with keeping things cleared out.
I will email you a little on later today. I made a page for you and wanted to share it with you and of course little Pogo. Cisco is laying under my feet at the moment. It will be time to feed both of us soon. Hugs for today!! Beth

Lmkazmierczak said...

Definitely see the dragon face in the fiery art..I too am hibernating with these subzero temps!

The Queen Jester said...

I hate to admit it, but the snow is pretty. But enough is enough!

Debby said...

I am so glad that you are having the snow removed from your roof. It's so scary thinking of all of that on a roof.
It's cold here and snowy but nothing like you are having.
Just keep thinking about that warm weather coming up for you. Stay cozy.