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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

No Moon Show For Boston

October 8, 2014

Good morning.  Well, so much for taking photos of the Blood Moon.  I checked the sky at 5:30 a.m., and kept watch for a while, but there was just heavy cloud cover up there.  Around 6 a.m. I saw a clearing patch of sky, so Pogo and I hopped into the car and headed downtown to a supermarket parking lot for a better view of the sky.

As you can see from the photos below, there was no moon.  At least not in our area.  There was, however, one shiny star up there twinkling away.   We only stayed for about twenty minutes, but during that time we watched the dark clouds begin to move out.  We may not have seen the Blood Moon, but we did get to watch the beginning of a gorgeous day. 

Right now, it's only 7:30, and already the sky is clearing.  There are bits of light blue and white clouds peeking through what's left of the dark clouds.  Right now, the temperature is around 62F, and working its way up to the low 70's by early afternoon.  Beginning tonight though, the cooler temps will be back.

Yesterday's excitement consisted of doing a couple loads of laundry.  Groan, groan.  It's pretty bad when doing the laundry can be called exciting.  On the other hand, actually being able to do this is exciting (in a way). 

I'm watching the Weather Channel, where they are showing all sorts of great photos that folks all around the country took of the moon.   Some of these photos are just amazing.  Ah well.  We'll get another chance too see this moon next April.  Hopefully, the skies won't be so cloudy.

Today I think I'll get a couple of holiday mailing boxes taped up, complete with address labels.  I would like to mail some of these boxes out early and hope that the recipients would set them aside and not open them until it is time.  However, some folks' fingers get very itchy when they see a package and they can't wait to open it.  So, I'll just pile the boxes up in a corner of my bedroom for now. 

I still have some holiday crocheting to finish up, hopefully by the end of this month.  After that, well I'll just keep on crocheting.  It keeps my hands nimble.  And besides, I enjoy doing it. 

Remember yesterday that I said I would hold off giving Pogo any more of his doggie food to see if that was what was making him sick?  Well, before I could pick up this dish, he ate the rest of the food.  And he kept it all down.  Well, darn!  So now I know it's not his food. 

He had a very good night, and as soon as we got home from our photo shoot this morning, I gave him a dish of doggie food for breakfast and he ate all of it.  He seems to be back to normal this morning, so maybe whatever bug he had has worked its way out of his system.  Gosh, I surely hope so.

Some folks have been asking about Sunshine.  Well, she's beginning to adjust to her new surroundings.  Every day, Pogo and Sunshine get to spend a little while checking each other out.  It will take a while for these two to become friends.  Sunshine is beginning to feel more comfortable around Pogo, just not enough to become chummy yet.   I'll try to get some new photos to share.

Well, that's about all the news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Some exciting days you spent! Not talking about the laundry, but about your trip to spot perhaps the Blood Moon and all the excitement about Pogo's consitution, well, I am glad he seems to be okay again.
Wouldn't it be nice if after some time Pogo and sunshine would be such good friends they will sleep on one ofPogo's blankets?
Had quite a busy day today, so only now I have time to post a bit on the blog.
Change of medicines is always tricky, when done by insurance.
Perhaps i am wrong but in earlier times you still could rely on getting the right medicines for as long as needed.
Now every time i come to the drugstore to pick up my medid=cines I get the right ones, same stuff in it, but everytime it is from a different company, bit different packed, bit different boxes, and it can be very confusing for some folks.
Hopefully you got some sound sleep as compensation for your long night up.
Have a wonderful day.

Angelicastar said...

I always stop by to see what's happening with pogo. I had my son to take a look at this cute little boy sitting at the door with his little sweater on. I have 2 girls. Babs is a shor t hair chihuahu and queen is new to the family. She is a beautiful long hair chihuahu white mixed with light brown in some areas. More light brown on the head and ears. I love my girls. Queen inherited Babs xxs clothes and bab is now wearing xs. I has to buy her more to make up for those who is too small. I like to keep them a comfortable fit.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

You are not alone ... our skies were clear, but when I went out the moon was already below the tree line so I couldn't see it. But, I got some awesome pictures of the moon in a pink sky the night before which I will be posting one of these days ... you will like them:)

Glad to hear that Sunshine is doing well and you are a patient Mom to allow the two little ones to get used to each other. I assume that she has been through a lot considering how thin she was when you found her ... and Pogo's history can't be great, so I am guessing that "new" is hard for both of them. Soon you will be getting some awesome pictures of Sunshine because she is, indeed, a beautiful cat.

I spent the day downtown with my daughter ... yes, you guessed right, another dentist appointment. I went for a walk on campus and got some good pictues that I will post one of these days. I need to get some local pictures in with my Switzerland pictures or people will think I have abondoned ship ... just kidding :)

Izzi and I have class tonight and I have things to get done since I was gone most of the day so I will bring this to a close for the moment. You have yourself a nice crocheting evening and think of me running my bunns off at agility :)

Andrea @ From the Sol

Anonymous said...

Never mind Edna, I heard that there's two more moon eclipses to come, but next year in April and again in September 2015. Maybe we will get lucky then. Stay well and safe. Hugs Elee

Annesphamily said...

That Pogo is such a lil fellow I am glad he is better. Now I read an article stating cats should not eat dry food. I am not sure what to do. Sometime I think people are scammers on FB with their "sick" pets trying to get money but you never know. Both cats, indoor only, are late for their shots so I will ask the new vet. Jeremy found a new vet, the one who helped Roxanne thru her last months and they are awesome. Just very pricey. SO we will wait and see. Rose seems to have allergies. It is always something with the pets.
Love your photos but you always share such great photos.
We are heading to breakfast now so enjoy the day!

Hugs, Anne