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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Today Is National Lemon Meringue PieDay

August 15, 2017

Good morning.  Gosh, this month is already half over and I'm not ready for it to be gone yet.  I've been enjoying the August weather, and really don't want it to end.  Alas, Mother Nature does not care what I think.  She will do what she will do.

At the moment, tis a bit gray outside, and looking like maybe a bit of rain may head our way.  I have plans to go out to pick up my meds and a few groceries, so hopefully any rain showers can hold off until I get back home.  That would be nice. 

Did you know that today is National Lemon Meringue Pie Day?  I didn't, but daughter Deanne called me last night to let me know.  Hmmm, I love lemon meringue pie.  When I get to the market this morning, I'll have to see if they have one.

Well, yesterday and last night, I really did not do very much.  No crocheting, no errands, not much of anything.  At least that's what I remember.  I had thought that I was busy, but as I look around me, not very many things look as though they have been moved.  Just another of those "retirement perks" I guess.

My new blog book arrived yesterday, and I'm quite pleased with it.  I took a couple photos of it to share, but my laptop froze up when I was trying to crop them so I'll post them tomorrow.  I do have an awesome photo to share that Joe took at the park a couple of days ago.  He's getting to be quite good with his phone camera.  What a great capture of this gorgeous swan.

Yesterday while Pogo and I were out in the yard, I took a few photos of some of our blossoms.  This one tiny lemony yellow rose is such a pretty bloom.

I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the Rose of Sharon.  They are just soooo pretty.

As I look out my door, I'm not seeing any rain yet, but there is a little bit of a breeze.  I think I should start getting dressed and head out to do my errands.  I'd like to get back and have all my groceries brought in before it does rain.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Unknown said...

Good Morning. I hope that the rain holds off and you get your shopping done. Karyn called me at 5:30 this morning so we could do a bit of grocery shopping before she left for work. We didn't get out of her until a little after 6:00 am because I had to have at least one cup of coffee. We will finish it all a bit later tonight or tomorrow and just picked up a few things. I am having the white cheddar for lunch today and I splurged and bought a Stouffer's Stuffed Bell Pepper entrée. That is going to be a great lunch for me.

Wow Joe really is getting great with his camera phone. That swan is so gorgeous. Your flowers are gorgeous. That Rose of Sharon is so beautiful. One of my girlfriends use to sing The Rose Of Sharon at our church. She had the voice of an angel.

I want to work on my blog today but it will be later on this evening or tonight. I didn't sleep well. I woke up every hour on the hour. It was so annoying. And I have to make some arrangements for my ride transportation. I have 3 doctor appointments coming up so I have to get them squared away and by the time I get it done I am going to have lunch and then a short nap. I am struggling to keep my eyes open.

Give my boy lots of love today. I know that you always do. We can't give our fur babies too much love can we?
Cisco got a nice slice of apple with his kibble this morning. He is snoring away at the moment... Lots of love. Hugs, Beth and Cisco.... xoxoxox Have an awesome day my friend!!