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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

To Breathe Or Not To Breathe

August 16, 2017

Good morning.  Tis another gorgeous morning here in my little part of the world.  I've always said that for great weather, summer vacations in New England should be taken in August.  The days are warm, the nights are cool and there's usually a lovely breeze all day long.

Well, yesterday I did go out to pick up my meds and groceries.  Did I look for a lemon merengue pie?  Of course I did!  Not only did I find my pie, but the lady working in that department had just discounted the price on it from $4.89 to $1.35.  Woo Hoo!!  As soon as I got home and put everything away, I cut me a slice of that pie and ....oh my, was that ever delicious!!

Picking up meds was not so much fun.  I had only re-filled my two nubulizer meds.  The price of these meds is staggering.  The cash price for one of the meds was almost $500 and the other one was $1150.  And these prices are only for a thirty day supply.  Even with insurance, once you have reached your cap (and it is not very high) you end up paying most of the cost.  The nebulizer medicine that I used to take only cost $10.  I'm going to have a chat with my doctor to see about what can be done to change some of my meds to less expensive ones. 

A little while later, a box containing my new yarn was delivered.  Oh my, the yarn is soooo pretty.  Now I can't wait to work with it.  I did take out the skein of red yarn because I've been itching to make up one of the little red baby hats.  Remember, these will be going to a nursery in a local hospital for next February.

 Well, the first little hat was such fun that I made a second one.  I'm not sure how many I'll make, but I'm sure that between now and February I can put together a nice little bundle of these hats.  I will give them to Deanne and let her take them to the hospital.  This project was her idea.

Once I finished the second little hat, I was itching to grab a hank of the other new yarn and start a new afghan.  But, I was really good and did not touch it.  The doll dresses need to be finished first.  I did pick up the little hook and eye sets and some thread yesterday so maybe that's what I'll do today.  I also want to get the little air freshener doll dresses made before I start a big project.  Of course, I don't always do what I should, so we'll see.

As promised, I took photos of my new blog book to share here.  This shows both covers.  As usual, the back cover is reserved for a new photo of my handsome little guy.

The other day I got another new catalogue in the mail.  (what else is new?)  Whether I buy anything or not, I enjoy looking through these catalogues.  I did find a new and unusual product that could prove to be handy for every young woman.  Have a look and see what you think.

In today's society, personal safety is so very important.  For anyone interested in this or any other fun item, the name of the catalogue is "The Lighter Side."  You can get a catalogue by calling 1-800-232-0963 or by visiting their web site
Well, I've finished my coffee and my nebulizer meds so I think it's time I started doing a few things around the house.  Pogo is sitting by the door and wanting to go out on the porch for a while so maybe I'll pour me another cup of coffee and sit out on the porch with my little guy before starting any chores.
On that note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Unknown said...

What an awesome keychain. I think that your right. No one can be too careful with personal safety these days and that is really a neat kitty cat!
Nothing new here today. Time to tackle the kitchen and figure out something for lunch. Then who knows what I will do.
I would love to visit New England in August or September when the temps are just lovely.
Have a fantastic day my friend to you and Pogo.
Cisco sends his woof's tail wags and sniffs... I send you both hugs and kisses... xoxoxo Beth and Cisco...