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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pogo Is Getting Just Too Pickly!

August 20, 2017

Good morning.  Pogo and I went outside just for a few moments and oh my, is it ever lovely right now.  In a few hours, it will be much warmer, but these morning temps are awesome. 

Things are really quiet around here.  Friday, Deanne and I went to the shooting range, but instead of shooting practice, we asked the instructor to give us a lesson in handling and using our guns.  We felt that we needed more hands on practice with holding, loading, etc.  So we spent our time learning about our guns.  It was time well spent.  We came away feeling more comfortable about handling the guns.

Yesterday, was nap day.  For some reason, I was just plain tired.   I'm getting enough sleep, but some days I just can't seem to get out of my own way.  So I napped in the afternoon, and crocheted a bit in the evening.  I finished the "cornmeal" dolly dress and started a red one.  These little dresses are cute and fun to work on.

Joe sent me a photo that he took at the park yesterday.  He's getting very good at photographing the swans.  I love the cloud reflections in the water.

Here's a photo of some of the ducks at the pond that I took a while ago.  Pogo and I will have to start spending more time at the park photographing these beautiful birds.

As I sit here typing, I'm looking out my door at my flag dancing happily about in the breeze.  What a beautiful sight for these old eyes.  I think when I finish this post, I'll take my coffee and my crocheting out to the porch for a while until it gets too warm. 

Today I have another quick page for you.  This is a fun page for all of you who love owls.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Pogo is on a hunger strike again.  He has turned his nose up at everything I've tried to feed to him.  All I have left now is doggie food.  I tried giving him some yesterday but he wouldn't have anything  to do with it.  I even tried giving him a bowl of beef stew.  He wouldn't even look at it.  I guess he just isn't hungry enough yet.

Well, I guess it's time to sit out on the porch for a while.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the QP. I do love owls. When I was a little girl I had a baby owl for a very short time. My dad rescued it and we were able to keep him until he was well enough to be on his own. They are so smart! My dad was always rescuing some kind of critter. At a small age I couldn't understand why we couldn't just keep him and my daddy said how would you feel to be away from all of your family? It helped but I still loved him. Years later I asked my mom about the owl and she said that the entire time there was 2 other owls that stayed in the tree by the barn. She knows that they were not a part of his family but when he was released they swooped down and got him up into a tree with them. She said they stayed a few days and all left. So perhaps he got a good home.

When Pogo gets hungry enough I am sure that he will eat. I don't know why he is so picky. Perhaps you need to invest into a dog whisper'er to find out why lol. Cisco does not like for us to look at him while he is eating. He will move his bowl out of sight if he thinks we are watching. In his case it is a fear that we are going to take it from him lol. He is burying his toys and his bones. I found one up under my pillow last night. He promptly got it and took it to the end of the bed and buried it under his blanket. Silly dog.

Joe is getting awesome with his photo's. Next weekend Jon and I are planning to go out to Barton Springs Pool. I have 10 days before the next eye surgery so we are going and I hope that I get some great pictures.

Talk to you soon. Hugs, Beth and Cisco to you and Pogo!