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Monday, February 20, 2017

Wow, Perfect Timing!

February 20, 2017

Good morning.  Well, the sun is shining and temps are in the high 30's.  We should see it warm up to around 41 or 42 degrees.  It's definitely a "keeper" winter day.  Most of the snow has melted.  It's only all around the edges of the yard now, at least in the driveway. 

I realize that when I say "driveway" most folks think of an area big enough to park one or two cars.  So, one day last week, I took a few photos and sewed them all together to see if I could give you an idea of the size of our driveway.  This photo shows most of the driveway.  I took it while standing on the porch by the main entrance to the house..

A couple nights ago, I finished the Gold hat and scarf set.  Now I'm working on an "Aran" set.  This color is an off white.  I think I'll toss a couple skeins of yarn into my suitcase to make a couple new sets while I'm in Florida.  Here's a photo of the Gold set

I also want to pack some beads and a few supplies so that us "girls" can make something pretty while we're there.  Daughter Audrey and Miss Beth (from Texas) will be joining Pogo and me in Florida.  If I have enough supplies, this is one pretty set that we can maybe work on.

Or maybe a bracelet.  These are fun and easy to make.   This bracelet was made for a super patriotic, sports loving daughter. 

Well, yesterday I had planned on dragging out the suitcase and getting started on packing it.  I did not.  haha.  But I did set up a box to put things in that I want to put in the suitcase.  These are the little things that I would probably forget to take with me.  I pretty much know which clothes I will pack.  I'm taking a couple cans of doggie food for Pogo to tide him over until we can get to the pet supply store to buy him more food. 

Now, for that strange title to this post.  Last night, I was talking to my daughter Deanne (on the phone) and she was telling me how Eddie's cell phone died.  It just stopped working!  So today, he was going to be going shopping to buy himself a new phone.  (they did not know about my new phone yet)  Talk about perfect timing!!   I told her that if he wanted it, Eddie could have my old phone.  In our family, we recycle and share. 

So, last night, I proceeded to erase a lot of personal items from that phone.  Things like messages, phone calls from two years, and contacts.  So now, the phone should be almost like new.  Eddie will be coming by sometime today to pick it up. 

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna and Master Pogo!

Wow love that gold hat and scarf set. I think that all of them are just lovely.
Great timing indeed to recycle your older phone over to Eddie. I am sure that he will be very appreciative of that. Speaking of phones, the other day while at the doctor, this gentleman was telling everyone how he loved his $14.00 a month phone. "It rings, it texts and it has a camera. All for $14.00 a month". He said he is not into the gadgets and thinks that it is ridiculous for anyone to have what they call a smart phone.
Since he was such a Jolly old guy I had fun with him. I held up mine and said... "It rings, it texts and has a camera and is a computer all in one for FREE!"
His eyes got big and my daughter Karyn stated laughing as he said.. "How can that be?" I could tell his wheels were spinning trying to figure out how he could save his $14.00 a month and Karyn said... "Because I pay the bill and the phone was free" haha... we all had a good chuckle over it.
I only got mine for free because Karyn upgraded her phone and they gave me mine for free. The bill is $25.00 dollars a month and Karyn refuses to let me pay for it.

So I found a suitcase but it is unusable. The zipper will not zip all the way. I will figure it out. Matt said he can leave his smaller one for me. I just wanted a bigger one to bring back things with me. I might buy a new one in Florida. I should have not let Laurie take mine when she moved to California.

We had Tornado warnings last night and Thunder and lightening that scared me and Cisco half to death. My bathroom is the safest in the house so we hunkered in there until the warnings expired. I love a good storm but that was terrifying.

Cooking lunch so I have to run... Hugs to you and Pogo.. Love Beth and Cisco

LV said...

Amazing you think 30 degrees is nice, when I would be freezing. Trust your trip to Florida goes well and you will have a lot to share.