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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Storm Niko Is Here!!

February 9, 2017

Good morning.  My goodness, the white stuff is blowing every which way outside my door.  The snow did not start during the night like the forecast called for.  This morning it started out as a light snowfall, but then WHAMMO!!  The wind picked up and the snow started coming down at a pretty good clip. 

I dug a photo out of my archives to show the weather one year ago on February 5, 2016.  It pretty much looks a lot like today.

It's looking like a white-out outside my door.  You can probably guess that I'm already not very crazy about it.  Two hours ago, my car was light blue.  Now it is totally covered with white.  In a few hours, it will just be a large white lump parked in front of my porch.

The snow flakes that are falling are still quite fine, but I imagine they'll get much bigger in a very short while.  This storm, Niko, is supposed to dump quite a lot of snow here.  We should have more than a foot of it before it is over.  According to the forecast, we have more snow coming in a few days. 

A gust of wind just blew here and it's blowing pine needles from my tall trees all the way over to my car.  (wind gusts are around 40 MPH)

When the weather is nasty like this, we put a lot of bird seed under my car so that all the little birdies don't go hungry.

We have lots of snow plows going up and down the streets now.  Here's one of the smaller ones going by our house.  Pogo is busy working overtime barking at all the commotion. 

Every now and then, the wind gusts and you almost can't see through the white outside.  It looks like we're in a heavy fog.  The weather forecaster says the snow will be getting much heavier in a little while. 

I did not make it out yesterday to do any shopping.  SIL Eddie stopped at the market on his way home from work and picked up milk and water for me.  DIL Janet called me when she got off work to ask what else she could pick up for me on her way here.  While she was at the market, she also picked up Valentine candy for us to munch on.  I have to say, we did an awesome job on the chocolates!!

On to yesterday's news, I was watching a video of the tornado damage in New Orleans.  The newsman was talking out it and pointed to the remnants of what used to be a house.  His words were "as you can see, SOME of the damage was very significant." 

Now I ask you, what exactly does "some" and "significant" mean?  There were only a few shattered boards still standing.  The whole area (looked like the whole neighborhood) was totally demolished.  To me it looked as if ALL the damage was ENORMOUSLY significant.

Yesterday I did call to hire someone to come in with a snow plow to clear out most of the driveway.  The guy said he would wait until we had at least six inches of snow before he called to let me know when he will be coming.  I'm thinking though that he won't be coming here until late in the afternoon.

The snow is picking up now, and it is looking like a blizzard outside.  Hopefully, with the wind blowing like it is, there won't be too much snow piling up on my roofs.  Ah well, what will be, will be. 

Now I think I'm going to make a fresh cup of coffee and work on my tax receipts for a while.  Oh yes, there is still quite a bit of work to go before I have all my tax stuff done.  Yuk! Yuk!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a super day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelica Star said...

Send us some of the cold weather. Just enough to cool us down here in Houston. It was 86 degrees here yesterday. I was using the air in the car for the little while I had to go out. The house did hold enough coolness from the cool night we had Tuesday night and the ceiling fans worked well. I try not to go from heat to air because my sinusitis get very bad. I has been taking loratadine for two months now on a daily basis. The steroid nasal spray has been used quite frequently also. We had 24 degrees for 2 nights that I can remember in January Just long enough to kill my yard and my newly planted orange and lemon tree. The grass is green and my plants are returning. The heat here has broken records from years ago. I do prefer cold weather, not tremendously cold weather but jacket or light coat weather. If we start our day with a jacket on, around noon it will be coming off and we never try to be layered. (lol) I am like you in reference to this tornado in New Orleans. It was very destructive and hit in the lower ninth ward that was destroyed by Katrina. Sometimes our News reporters take a disaster as a way to become the greatest actor/actress of all time or look at some things backwards. You are so right, the entire neighborhood was destroyed. Have a great Thursday. Hug Pogo for me.

Garla Reed said...

HI Edna,

The tornado (s) were devastating. It seems that part of Louisiana can't get a break, from Katrina to the flooding last year and now this. News reporters really should take language classes and learn the meaning of a few words.

I am trying my best to keep up with your news, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of it on here. I hope that it will soon be over for you all rather soon. It looks like your poor car is going to be frozen for a few days!

I had a good rest today and a day to myself to do as I wanted to do. So far I have just been napping and talked to my son who is in Arizona. He met up with a couple of rattlesnakes last night. Ohhh that made this mama's heart go crazy with fear! Nasty creatures.

Take care and stay warm... hugs, Beth