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Monday, February 13, 2017

Spring Is Coming! Spring Is Coming! (Feels Good To Say It)

February 13, 2017

Good morning.  Gosh, I must have been tired last evening, because I feel asleep before ten o'clock and slept late this morning.  I must say though, that I feel much better for all that sleep.  Gosh, it snowed off and on all day yesterday and all last night.  Sometime during the wee hours of morning the snow let up here.  Everything is all covered up again.  Aye yi, yi,yi, yi!

Yesterday morning, Joe found an old shovel in the shed and used it and the snow blower to clean up the yard.  If you look outside now, you would never guess the snow had been all cleaned up.  Twice!!  I keep telling myself that Spring will be here in just a few weeks. 

Yesterday, Deanne and Eddie went shopping at Home Depot and picked up two heavy duty snow shovels for me.  These were already put to good use this morning.  Anyone wanting to drive out of here had to shovel a bit first. 

I know I shouldn't complain.  (but that's what a crabby old lady does!)  So many folks across the whole country are trying to deal with really horrible weather conditions.  In some places, two feet or more of snow has fallen.  Other places are dealing with flooding.  In all of this, we still have areas dealing with severe drought.  My heart goes out to all the folks trying to cope with all the severe weather.

For years I've been saying that we need water pipe lines (not more oil pipelines) so that we can pipe all the excess water to areas that are needing it.  Areas with two or more feet of snow could load that snow onto freight trains and ship it to areas needing it for water.  The billions of dollars being spent on oil pipelines would more than pay for all this re-routing of resources.  Think of all the lives and homes and animals that could be saved. 

Guess what tomorrow is folks.  It's a day for lovers.  It's a day to send Valentines to all our friends and loved ones.  Pogo and I got a beautiful Valentine.  It's beautiful Beth.  We love it, thank you so much.

Yesterday afternoon, I did some laundry.  There's more though so I'll have to finish it up today.  After that, I'll be setting some things aside that will be going in my suitcase.  It's getting time to start being ready for D-Day.  The day Pogo and I leave for Florida.  Wow, just two weeks!!

Well, I have a mean stack of receipts sitting here next to me and I really have to buckle down and finish going through them.  Once they are all finished, I'll feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off me.  So, on that happy note, I'll take my leave.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I can't believe that it is just 2 weeks until you go to Florida! Hooray! And you can leave the snow behind you and enjoy some sunny days!

I have slept a lot to off and on. In my case it is my meds. They really make me tired and so I sleep.

Yes tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I hope that you and Pogo have a beautiful day. I have doctor appointments and a dental appointment but will have most of the day to snuggle with Cisco..... Love Beth and Cisco

LV said...

Always enjoy your daily activities. Stay warm and be safe.

smiekeltje said...

Hi Edna,

I bickeled down and managed to read all the blogposts!!! Gosh, you have some ugly weather over there now Can imagine you are anxious to go to Florida.
Here weather is getting better, we have sunshine, higher temps and later this week even no frost anymore at night That is already a blessing.
My back is getting much better, I think it is almost gone, still have to be careful a bit with some movements, not to make them too hasty.
Glad you could have that arrangement for the rental car in Florida.
And yes, that lady is wonderful and knows what it is to be at service of customers.!
Hope the snowfall will end soon for you and that it will be gone quickly. All that snow is beautiful, for an hour or two and then it should be gone again, LOL!

Oh, before i forget it, have a happy Valentine´s day!
Now time for me to do some preparations in the kitchenfor dinner and then give my back some rest again .
Have a lovely day