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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Go Patriots!!!

February 5, 2017

Good morning.  Tis gray and cold outside today.  A typical winter day.  There is still snow on the ground here.  What did not get shoveled up, froze.  Ah well, Spring will be here in just forty more days. 

Yesterday was sort of a lost day for me.  My breathing was not so good, and I was very tired all day, so I napped a lot of the day away.  And the evening and night.  Today, thank goodness, is a much better day, and I'm hoping that it stays that way.

I did crochet a few rows last evening on the orchid hat.  The ribbing on the band is almost done.  This is not one of my favorite colors, but it is pretty.  I'm thinking that the next color I work with will be Gold.  If anyone else wants to make these hat and scarf sets, I'll post the patterns here.  Of course, you can use your own patterns too. 

I know I mentioned this before, but the recipients of this year's craft projects are Native American children.  I'll dig out the name and address of the school they attend and post it here along with the above mentioned patterns.  These precious children are so very grateful for everything that is sent to them.

Today I've dug out a couple more photos from my archives to share.  These are still about the beauty to be found in the sky and the clouds.  I took these photos a little after eight on a cold winter morning.  Enjoy.

Now I think I'll see about getting a few things done around here so that I can settle into my comfy chair this afternoon and watch the kitten and puppy bowls on TV.  For all of you who will be watching the Super Bowl, enjoy!!  Here's hoping that the New England Patriots win!! 

So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

I do hope that your breathing is better and stays that way. You and I were both busy sleeping! I went to bed at 6 last night. Mind you I was just going to rest my eyes. I got up at 9 this morning. Cisco is not making a good bed partner these days. He wants to sleep on top of my legs. When I got up this morning I was crossways.

Oh I would love to be able to donate to the school. I am sure that it will be wonderful. I have to pick my new charity for this year and would love to have that one. So if you can send me the name and address, I would be thankful.

I am off to work on my blog so I will talk to you soon. Hugs, Beth

Angelica Star said...

The parties have been going on all week here in Houston. Thanks to God that I live in the suburbs. I did have to go in the city twice on Friday for 1 doctor appointment and 1 dentist appointment. The traffic here is already congested on a daily basis and now it seems to be 10 times worse. But everyone is having a very good time. I see it on the media because they have media rows set up at discovery green and most are reporting from there. Well, I know some will be missing at work on Monday. (lol) I've never been a big city girl because I grew up in the suburbs of Shreveport Louisiana in which Houston is 10 times bigger. I've been here over 40 years now and 98% living in the suburbs. When I was working I had to go to the city but now I enjoy the quiet times out here. Therefore our suburbs is its on little city and traffic is heavy from everyone trying to get home or to work but it is still better than the big city. Everyone everywhere in the Country is getting ready for the Super bowl. My sister in Shreveport was preparing for her Super bowl party. As for me I will watch it on television in the setting of my living room with my 3 fur babies running around playing. Have a great Sunday.

smiekeltje said...

I hope your breathing got better and is causing you no trouble anymore.
Just wanted to let you know I did go to the doctor on Monday, got some infection fighting pills(seems I have a joint causing the trouble). They help, but it goes slowly. Still cannot complain too much, I remember a few years ago I had the same and it was much worse! Oh, old age, sometimes great, sometimes not LOL.
For now i've been long enough at the computer, have to sit more comfortably at the couch, so I will read your other post perhaps in the weekend.
Big hug