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Thursday, November 3, 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes

November 3, 2016

Good afternoon.  Sorry for being so late but I had a doctor appointment this morning.  Just a check up, no worry.  However, I got there and was told that the doctor was not in.  He had called in sick today.  Seems mysterious why there was no other doctor on call taking my doctor's appointments.  Hmmm, strange. 

Just two days ago, I got a phone call from the doctor's office reminding me of my appointment, and letting me know that if I did not show up I would be billed anyway.  I was not notified in  advance about the doctor's "no show" for today, so I wonder if it would be appropriate for me to bill him?

 I'm wondering if this morning's no show has anything to do with the fact that I am having to either find me a new insurance plan or a new doctor for January 1st.  (I was recently notified that my doctor will no longer be accepting my current insurance plan after 12/31.) 

In finding a new insurance plan, I have to make sure that my other doctor accepts the new company.  If not, I need to keep looking.  To be honest, none of the insurance plans pays any more for the meds than the regular medicare.  They do, however, help with hospital costs.  I've been lucky so far, and have not had to be hospitalized for many years.  So maybe I can wait another year before taking on a new plan.  I'll have to think on this some more. 

Yesterday, I tried hiring someone to come here and do yard work.  Unfortunately, no one can come before sometime next week.  So my grandson Kevin will be coming by tomorrow after class to do some of the yard work.  Have I mentioned just how awesome this young man is? 

As I sit here, and look out my door, the colors on my trees is changing wicked fast.  Just two days ago, my big maples out front were mostly all green.  Today, they are mostly all yellow.  I'll have to get outside and take some new photos.  Nature is so amazing, changing from green to gold in only a day or so. 

I have a new quick page for you today.  This one embraces the beautiful gold colors of Autumn.

Here is your download link:

Now I must get busy here and rustle up some lunch for Pogo and me.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

That's enough to make a person need to see a shrink...oh wait...that would involve more appointments and medical plans.

smiekeltje said...

In our part of the world you already have your birthday so:
Happy Birthday Edna!!!! And may many more follow.
I did send you a card, hope it arrives in time.
And isn;t it great? Tomorrow, when I will read your blogpost of the 4th of November I can add another birthday wish into the comment box!!!
Hopeless when they don;t call you that the doctor is ill, so you won;t have to make the trip for nothing.
I really hope you will find soon a good insurance plan and a good doctor and being not far away either.
We are very lucky that we have out doctor just at the other side of the street.
Now I will try to rustle up a blogpost and then perhaps this weekend I can start making a little kit for the World wide Christmas scrapbooking.
And Kevin is a great guy to come over and help you out a bit with the garden.
Have a fantastic day.