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Monday, November 28, 2016

Visiting With Friends Is Good For The Soul

November 28, 2016

Good morning.  Have you noticed that we are already running out of November?  Gosh, this year has flown by so quickly.  Ooooooooh!  No, I'm not getting excited over the date.  I've just finished scratching my back with my skinny wooden back scratcher.  Ooooooooh!  Ahhhhhhhh!

This morning, Pogo and I have to go out to run some errands.  First we'll go to the bank, then we'll go to the Post Office.  On the way home, we'll stop at the Town Hall and pay taxes.  That's probably about all the running around I'll be able to handle today. 

My arm is achy, but healing.  My wrist doesn't feel as if it is any hurry to get better.  I have an appointment next Monday with my orthopedic doctor, but I may call to see if he can see me this week instead.  It's getting rather difficult to do much of anything without the use of my left hand.  Maybe while I'm out I'll stop and pick up a new wrist brace to see if that will help.

Yesterday, my friend Ellen came by and we had a wonderful visit.  We worked together for years, and she's a really nice person.  I haven't seen her since last Spring, so we had lots to catch up on.  Pogo loves women, so of course he was enjoying her company.

Last night, I took out some yarn to start a new project, but my left hand was not cooperating, so I just watched TV instead.  My two youngest great granddaughters should be walking by next Spring so I dug out a cute poncho pattern to make for them.  Maybe I can make a little dress to go with the poncho.  Here's a picture of the child's poncho.  (minus that bit of scrap hanging off the bottom of the front)

I also found this interesting adult poncho pattern.  I like that this one can be worn two different ways.

And here's another pretty interesting poncho.  This one would be great for a Spring or early Summer event.

Well, time is flying and I must get dressed and go do my errands.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

You know a wrist brace might not be such a bad idea. That can give it a little stabilization because I am sure that it is very painful to move it and I can bet that if I had the same issue I would over use the wrist. It is kind of impossible not to.

Have fun on your errands. I am in for the day. Well I mean I am home for the day. I will be out and about with Cisco to go potty and I will be out on the patio off and on. I was thinking of walking over and ordering a sandwich and I still might. It gets really old trying to figure out what to cook for breakfasts and lunches for me. Nathan brought home quiet a bit of food from work last night as they were just going to throw it out so I have it put away. I think that I had my fill of Mexican food and Grilled meat last night. A BLT or a Club sandwich sounds good to me.

I love the poncho's. They are just darling. I love the bright colors as well. Those babies will look adorable in them. The light spring and summer one is beautiful as well.

Cisco has to go out. Nathan didn't take him out before work so I need to get dressed and take him out so he will stop looking at me with those soulful eyes...
Kisses and cuddles to Pogo and Hugs to you too...... take care of that arm... Love, Beth

smiekeltje said...

Would be wonderful if the orthopeed had time for you already this week. I think it needs a bit of looking to it and may be he has good advice for you.
It still will take some time before all has healed well again and that you can use the arm again as before the fall.
I can imagine it is bothering you more and more in the things you want to do.
Glad you had a nice chat with your former collegue Ellen. and yeas, when you last met in Spring you certainly had enough to chat about!
and so Pogo had a good day too, because I am sure he has had plenty of cuddeles and attention.
That summer poncho looks rather nice, great idea for a young one to look a bit special. and for the kids a little poncho always is great.
Will go out today, although it is rather cold, but sun is shining and wwam-dressed it will be good to snif some real fresh crispy air.
Have a fabulous day.