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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Some Good News, Some Bad News

November 6, 2016

Good morning.  Tis a bit cloudy outside, and the temperature is 47F degrees.  Today we'll probably get up to around 50 degrees.  Next Tuesday looks like it will be our warm day this week, with a high temperature of around 61 degrees.  Outdoors looks like Sally Snowfall, only in yellow, red, orange and green instead of white.  There are leaves everywhere.  As soon as you pick them all up, they come down and cover everything again. 

My grandson Kevin was here Friday, cleaning up all the leaves and storing the bags in the little shed.  He even made me a whole leaf bag full of mulch.  Today I will use the mulch to "winter over" my potted plants.  That is, if it doesn't rain, I will.  If it rains, maybe I'll wait till the rain stops before tending to the plants. 

I want to wish everyone a huge thank you for making my birthday so wonderful.  I got beautiful cards, gorgeous flowers and even a balloon.  Yesterday, daughter Deanne came by with Janice, and took me out to lunch.  We had a wonderful time. The restaurant gave me my choice of desserts for my birthday, and I chose a hot fudge sundae.  When the sundae came, oh my!!!  it was huge, and had three spoons in it.  We tried, but could not finish it.  I must say though, that it was simply delicious!!  Here's a photo the waiter took of us.

And here are photo of my flowers.  Oh my, they really are gorgeous!

My friend Beth made this beautiful Birthday layout.  I have to laugh at all the little mice, considering I've been trying to chase one tiny mouse out of my house this past week.  Thank you Beth, I love it.

I also got some rather bad news yesterday afternoon.  I've been trying to reach Aunt Lucy by phone all week.  A few days ago, I left a message on her son's phone, asking if she was alright.  I did not get an answer back.  Yesterday afternoon, I called again, and one of her sons answered the phone to let me know that my auntie had passed away a few days ago. 

I will miss my Aunt Lucy very much.  Our time together was very short, but I am so very thankful for the time we did have.  God Bless and watch over you Auntie.

Before I take my leave, let me remind everyone to set your clocks back an hour if you haven't already done so.  We're into Daylight Savings Time now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna,

I am so sorry to hear of your Aunt Lucy's passing. It came as a shock when I read about it on my blog comments this morning. I know that you have had a fantastic time getting to know one another and what wonderful times that you have spent together. I am very sorry. I know the time that you spent together made for some wonderful memories.

Your Birthday pictures and flowers are so very lovely. I have enjoyed looking at them all so much. My that Sundae was huge if the 3 of you could not finish it off lol. Well it was your Birthday dessert after all and I am sure that it tasted very delicious.

Remember me telling you about my adopted son Derrick? Well we have exchanged short messages here and there and some pretty long phone calls and he called me night before last saying that there is a chance that he will be coming to Austin for 3 days and wants to arrange to come visit. I am thrilled.

My son Matthew called this morning. He is in a down in the dumps mood. He is a doer and not a sitter. His job has sent him to Iowa where he is sitting 8 hours a day in his truck because the paper work says that he and his boss are not on the contract. Actually they are just being mean about the whole thing. The company is paying them their 8 hours but it has hurt them a lot because they usually have over time. So he has been offered a job in the train yard. It is a pay cut but guaranteed work, so he is thinking of moving back to Austin with Barbara and getting a place and flying in every 3 weeks like he use to.
I gave him a run down here and he said he and Barbara had already talked about our complex. So I might have 4 of my children here in a few months... Whooo Whoo....

I am very glad that you liked your page. I didn't think about your mouse at the time lol. You have a wonderful day and call me when you get the chance.
Cisco said to tell you Woof and he send kisses to you. (I had my share already) and a big greeting to Pogo. Love, Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

Oh, what shocking news about your Aunty Lucy!
You didn;t have all too much time together, but you can cherish the times you have met and had such fun.
This weekend also heard about the passing away of somebody I knew. We didn;t visit eachother, but every now and then we met doing our grocerie shopping and then talked a little bit. She passed away a month ago, from lungcancer. That isn;t the kind of news we like to hear, but as we get older, our aaquintances and friends and family get older too and it is domething we don't really realize all the time, is it?

Glad you had a lovely lunch with Deanne and Janice.
And that Kevin managed to get rid of a lot of the leaves.
It isn;t looking all too bright today, so perhaps I just stay in, do some little cleaning work and later a bit computering.
Sounds okay to me.
Jan came home Saturday from the volunteer stuff not feeling good.
He suffered from abdominale cramps and had diarhea, so he spent the evening on the couch under a fleece.
I called on Sunday morning the elderly home, that Jan couldn;t come that afternoon. Then I heard, there was a virus of that kind running around so think he catched that. Yesterday evening he felt already a bit better, even could eat a scratch. He will need today too to recover, may be even tomorrow, but then I think it will be over(well, let's hope so).
Almost time now to prepare a cup of coffee, but first sending you a big hug and wishes for a lovely day.