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Monday, November 21, 2016

So Much To Do, So Little Time

November 21, 2016

Good morning.  Tis another grayish day here, with temps in the 30's.  However, the sun does try to peek out from behind the clouds every now and then.  We may even be "blessed" with a few sprinkles of snow or rain sometime today or tonight. 

Gosh, how long is this arm supposed to stay sore before it mends?  Inside the elbow and the wrist hurt the most.  Trying to let the arm hang down straight, or trying to turn the arm over a bit doesn't exactly feel super good.  I'm so glad that I did not need to have a cast or splint put on.  That probably would have made the arm more uncomfortable once the cast/splint was removed. 

Well, last evening, I put a few more rows on the flamingo afghan.  I'm past the half done mark, with only about forty one more rows to go to finish it.  Woo Hoo!  I just realized that I'm at the end of November and I haven't even designed my Christmas cards, or picked out the photos for my calendar.  Oh dear!!!  So much to do, so little time!  I guess we know what I'll be doing this week.

I've had to dig into my archives again for some photos to share.  I love taking photos of the sky and the clouds, so here are a couple really pretty ones.

I also dug out a pretty photo of a butterfly enjoying a pretty pink butterfly bush.  Sadly, I did not see very many of these butterflies this year.

In a little while I need to take my turkey out of the refrigerator to see if it has thawed yet.  If not, I'll leave it out on the counter for a while before putting it back in the refrigerator.  I'd like to cook it tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.  Daughter Deanne is going to be making me a cheesecake for Thanksgiving.  Yum yum yum! 

Well, now I think I'd best be getting busy on a few things around here.  At some point, I need to get dressed and go to the bank.  The bills are wanting to be paid.  Of course!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
So sorry to hear that the arm is still sore. I am sure that it might be for a while yet to come. I am glad that it is not in a cast or splint too because right now you can move it some and that can maybe try and work the arm so the soreness isn't too bad.

I hope that your turkey is thawed so you can get it cooked. That would be wonderful and you wouldn't have to wait to have a bite. Maybe even Pogo will enjoy some of it. I sure hope so. Oh and the cheesecake.. how wonderful. I hope that your family will all be well over the holidays. My Jonathan is puny today. Sore throat and headache and some body aches. Sounds like he is getting what I had a week or so ago.

I managed to get my doctor appointments and transportation taken care of today. I have to call Walgreens for my refills and really all I have to do is just a few minor chores. I am going to try and work on some pages for fun today but I am actually reading a book right now so I might just wait to finish that before I work on more pages right now.

I will talk to you later. Give Pogo lots of love from me and Cisco and that goes for you too my sweet friend.. Love, Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

Sorry about the arm, but I think, just as Beth, that it might be the same for some time more. Just don;t use it too much(and how difficult is that!!, because we never realize what we do all day with that arm!!!) and perhaps take a painkiller every now and then, when it hurts too much
Wonderful that Deanne will make you a cheesecake. are she and Eddie feeling somewhat better from the cold?
I sure had a deep sleep this night after the early day of yesterday LOL.
Looks okay outside, some sunshine, it is dry, only bit too much wind.
Oh well, we can;t have it all
Have a great day, hope you can make your turkey and that you will succeed finding photos for the new calendar!