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Friday, November 25, 2016

Orange Is Such A Happy Color

November 25, 2016

Good morning.  Goodness, it must have rained a bit during the night because everything outside is looking a bit wet.  Tis a great morning to watch TV.  Pogo and I are watching "The Cat In The Hat Knows About Christmas."  Hmmm, I haven't seen this one before. 

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  Pogo and I enjoyed a very restful day, with good food, nice folks and a "All In The Family" marathon on TV.  We have a channel called Antenna TV, and it has all the wonderful old TV programs.  Yes, we definitely had a fantabulous day. 

Deanne and Eddie are still quite sick with a flu or a nasty cold, while in Virginia, Audrey's granddaughter seems to have caught a sick bug too.  These viruses are everywhere, so hopefully most folks have already had their flu and pneumonia shots.  I'm hoping that my family gets well soon. 

I don't have any new photos, so I went into my 2010 archives and found these photos of a beautiful Thanksgiving bouquet.  Is it any wonder why I love the color orange so much?  It looks so warm and happy!

Back when I was working, the Mrs always had such wonderful flower bouquets.  She was a really wicked person, but folks always kept sending her flowers. 

Today I'm going to do........well, here's an image I borrowed from the web that says it all.

Some days I think I accomplish more because I don't start out with a list of things I need to do.  I'd like to finish the Flamingo afghan this weekend.  I only have about eighteen more rows to go till it is done.  I also have a bit of wrapping to do.  Daughter Audrey has a birthday coming up in less than a week and I want to get her package in the mail. 

My new cards and calendars will be here in another week or so, and I'll have to get busy and start addressing envelopes.   Goodness, this year is spinning by ever so quickly.  Before you know it, we'll be waking up to a new year.  Of course, that will mean that Spring will only be seventy nine days away!  (right now it is only 114 days away)

My elbow is healing, but my wrist has been giving me all sorts of grief.  I have an appointment to see my orthopedic doctor a week from next Monday.  Hopefully, my wrist will be better by then.  The eczema flare-up  that I've had recently is starting to look better since I've been using this new medicine.  Thank goodness most of it has been on my arms so it's easy to put the medicine on it. 

That's about all the news I have for today.  Now I think I should get busy and wash a few dishes.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I hope that you have a fantastic do nothing day! Cisco and I are going to have the same. My little granddaughter is 8 today. So I have to make her a card. She called me yesterday to tell me how much she missed me. It did my heart good to hear her sweet little voice.

I don't know what happened from the gorgeous day yesterday to the gray and gloomy day today but something did. It is quiet chilly out as well. I was up early and it was balmy and warm, now there is a slight breeze that made me wish I had my robe on while drinking some coffee.
I watched some straggling bats returning home this morning. Poor little fellows, I really think that their radars are a bit off. Or perhaps they have new homes in the trees close by.

Christmas is a month from today. Wow... so glad that Thanksgiving is over. I don't mean to sound ungrateful and I am not, it is just that all of us were ready for the day to be over so we could retreat to our respective corners lol. Especially Cisco.
Foxy came for dinner as well and had to be put in time out and she really got into trouble with her human dad. He never believed us as how she treated Cisco. Well he got to see first hand yesterday and he snatched her up and scolded her and put her in time out. She actually stayed in the time out zone too. But five minutes of being released she was back to being ugly again so she didn't get a single treat, or anything. My son in law was like... I always thought that you were exaggerating about her aggressiveness... Well no, we were not. So Cisco was pampered and Foxy was scolded.

I love Orange too Edna and the bouquet was so gorgeous. I do love those colors as your so right, they are just so warm and lovely. The color orange always makes me think of my dad. It was his favorite color and he loved the orange candy slices so I always baked him an orange flavored cake and white icing that I tinted orange and put the candy slices on it. I still make the cake on his birthday for the most part.

I loved all in the family. It was one of my favorite tv shows. It came out the same time that the series Dallas came on. I was so lucky because we lived in Indiana and could pick up WGN tv and they were an hour ahead so I could watch All in the family then when it went off I could flip the channel to see Dallas! I sure missed it when we moved back to Texas.

I am so sorry that your family is sick. Especially the little one. It is no fun being sick. I am sending lots of get well soon wishes to your family that they will soon be well.

Take care and I will catch up with you later. Cisco is looking at me with deep dark brown soulful eyes that are saying Breakfast Mama so I must tend to my boy...
Lots of hugs from the both of us. Love Beth and Cisco

LV said...

Always enjoy your daily activity.

smiekeltje said...

That picture of Goofy and the text are awesome LOL!
I am hapy to hear that the elbow is healing, but i worry about your wrist giving you trouble.
Well, may be it will already be somewhat better by the time you get to your orthopedic, and hopefully he can get it better all over!
sorry that Deanne family are still in trouble with the flu or virus and now more are having trouble with it.
Try to stay away from it as much as you can, we are not waiting to see that you catch it too!!!
Orange is a beaytiful color, not my favourite, but it is beautiful And of course I like it because it is our national color, you can see it when national soccer team olays it, or there is speedsakting or even olympics and tennis. Almost everybody wears something orange to a whole outfit at those times in the stadions.
wonderfu to see.
Went to city tpwn yesterday, it was a bit cold, but dry and some sun and I had a good time looking around and specially all the Christmas stuff! stayed good, only bought 4 place mats with santa in his sleigh on it for 1 euro ROFL
I did buy other things, but they were needed.
Today i have to buy some canned food for brodski and perhaps there are some good tasting mandarins. Then quickly return home and make us dinner in advance.
This evening SDtrictly come dansing is on again!(Oh, btw, we loved All in the family at the time)
Have a great day, if possible doing not much but ejoying yourself.