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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Just A Short Post

November 29, 2016

Good afternoon.  (for six more minutes!)  It's been a busy morning for me.  I spent quite a while on the phone being passed around from one office to another, while trying to enroll in a new health insurance program for next year.  In the end, I was told that I will have to call back later today or tomorrow morning because they are so busy right now. 

Next I called my orthopedic doctor's office to see if he was in and if he could possibly see me before next week.  They kept trying to set me up with an appointment with another doctor, but I refused and in the end, I got an appointment for this afternoon with my own doctor. 

This will have to be a short post because typing is very painful right now.  My wrist and hand seem to be getting worse each day, not better.  Getting dressed or undressed, washing and drying dishes, cutting Pogo's food up small, etc., are all very difficult and take me a long time now.  By the time I'm finished with any of these things, I need a pain pill but I don't take one. 

I do have a couple photos of a beautiful Fall bouquet from a few years ago.  I love the colors in this one. 

Now I'm done typing for today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

I really hope that all goes well at the doctors and so glad that your able to see your own dr. I hope that everything is ok with the wrist, it is worrisome that it is hurting you and I am glad that your able to get in today. Hopefully they can stabilize it for you. Please don't be stubborn, take the pain pill if your hurting. It isn't that you take them all the time.
I have just got back from my doctor too. Cisco and I had an accident yesterday. He charged at 2 dogs while we were out on a potty break and sent me rolling all the way down the hill.
I am ok. Banged up but ok but he could have broken his neck. I swear he would go after a Mountain Lion if one was around. He thinks that he is so huge and vicious. Although he is beginning to show some aggressive tendencies that are beginning to really worry me.
I have to lay down. I am sorry this comment is so short but I do want to say Gorgeous bouquets. Don't you wish that they would last forever? I am seeing double here so I will say goodbye for now and talk to yo later on... xx Beth and bratty Cisco...

Kathy said...

I am so sorry to hear about your hand. Good for you for insisting on seeing your own doctor. I hope he was able to help you.

The bouquet is just gorgeous. I love the colors.

smiekeltje said...

Good you finally could see your own doctor and at a sooner appointment I really hope he can do something about your wrist. It isn't really normal that you still are in a lot of pain. And just as Beth said: don;t be stubborn, if you have really pain, take every now and then a painkiller.
Was this morning at the hospital, all okay, I will tell tomorrow on my blog a bit about it.
Tomorrow it's time to post the WWCS freebie and then it already is December.
Well, have a lovely day,