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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It Was A Fabulous Night For A Ride!

November 1, 2016

Good morning, and a Happy November to you.  Yup, it's already November.  We are quickly running out of this year.  Just sixty more days, and we'll leave this year behind and start a new one.  Lest I forget, here's the November page from my calendar.

So, did any of you manage to catch a glimpse of Pogo and me last night as we flew by in the dark of the night?   We got off to a late start, but we did meet up with everyone else.  Oh what a night we had!!  Before we all headed out into the night, we toasted the New Year with a hot cup of toddy.  This helped to keep us nice and warm on our long ride.  I must say though, toddy isn't on Pogo's favorite list of drinks.  hee hee.

The skies were clear most everywhere, and we were able to pick out many of our friends' and families' homes.  One of our elders was not able to come ride with us, so we did swoop down at her home to visit for a few minutes.  She's a lovely old gal, and it was so good to see her again.

Pogo and I got home this morning just before daybreak. My goodness, but I am rather tired now.  I tried to take a short nap before making breakfast, but Pogo was hungry and wanted his food first.  In a little while, we will go to the Town Hall to pay another tax bill, and then a quick trip to the Post Office to mail Laura Jean's birthday gift.  Then it will be back home and bedtime for us.  Here's a photo of the hat and scarf set that I made for Laura Jean.  These will look nice with the new outfit that I got for her.

Yesterday when the mailman came by, his arms were loaded down with mail and one package.  Oh boy, my Aunty Acid mug is here!!  Aunty Acid is such a sweet, cranky old lady that one can't help but love her.   She says exactly what's on her mind, and doesn't mince her words.  Her honesty is refreshing.

Now I think I really should get going before I fall asleep.  Today is the deadline for paying the taxes, so I can't put that off for another day.  The sun is shining and the air is crisp, so the ride to the Town Hall should be invigorating.  On this happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
Yes I did see you waving at me and Cisco as you flew over. I understand that you were much to busy to stop in and have a cup of tea and a treat for Pogo but you had places to go. Last year you went to Paris, so where did you all go last night?
After you flew by I went to bed. I just couldn't stay up as I had planned to. Besides my broom is in need of repairs and it just wouldn't be up to the task of a night out.

The hat and scarf are so lovely. I just love the colors. How gorgeous. They will look very nice with her new outfit. Your work is just beautiful Edna. I love seeing everything that you do. And I know that Laura Jean will love those beautiful colors and will be nice and toasty!

I put up a couple of pictures from last night. I took several but chose just 2 of the best ones. When I started setting my table I realized quite a few things were missing. I took a look into the closet but the big box is under the others and no one was here to help me get that one out. It will be one of the last boxes to unpack.

I have a harsh headache this morning so I have to go and take my morning meds. Have a fantastic day to you and Pogo. Love Cisco and Beth

smiekeltje said...

I can imagine you were tired after that long ride at night.
So a little nap would be a good idea.
Real nice the hat and scarf you've made for Laura Jean. she will be happy to have and wear them
It is getting colder now here and they say that at the end of the week we may have some frost(well, at night till now). Brrrrr, much too soon for me.
But I have to go out today for a lttle while. And think of what we will have for dinner today. Oh, sometimes that is real hard work you know!!!
have a wonderful day, take good rest after that night ride.

The Queen Jester said...

I thought that was you as you passed in front of the moon. You guys have too much fun on Halloween night!