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Monday, November 14, 2016

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

November 14, 2016

Good morning.  Yesterday was my day for a little rainfall.  SIL Eddie and his friend Cliff were here working on the winter panels for my porch, and I was outside walking over to Eddie to talk with him.  Whammo!  Now here's the rain!!  I fell down and landed on my arm. 

Thank goodness I was right near Eddie.  He helped me up and checked my arm to see if it looked broken.  It did not.  I went back indoors, holding my arm close to me.  I must say it certainly did smart just a little bit.  Once a little time went by, I realized that the arm really did hurt quite a bit, and I could not use it.

Daughter Deanne showed up soon after and drove me to the Emergency Room.  It was not crowded, so I did not have to wait very long.  After some exrays, the doctor told me that I had broken my elbow.  It's a clean break though, and will not need surgery.  This break will heal itself with time.  They sent me home with a sling and told me to see my orthopedic doctor soon as possible.

*****I took a short break here because my orthopedic doctor said he could see me this morning.  He said that I won't need a cast, and to use my sling only when I'm around other people so that they won't bump into, or grab, my arm.  I can use my arm (it needs motion) but I'm not to lift anything heavier than a cup of coffee.  No pushing, opening or closing doors with the arm either.  I go back to the doctor again in three weeks.

This is good news because it is really tricky getting dressed or undressed (and most everything else) with only one arm.  Thank goodness this has all happened to my left arm.  I am right handed, so I would be in deep doo doo if it had happened to my right arm.  It takes me longer, but I can still cut up Pogo's food.  To type, I just set my left hand on the key pad and let my fingers do the walking when I need to type those letters.  Easy peasey!

Last night, I had so wanted to take photos of the supermoon.  Unfortunately, I could not use my arm and so that meant that I could not use my Canon camera.  Instead, I went out on the porch after midnight, and took a few photos with my cell phone.  I'm not really great taking photos with my phone with only one hand, so I leaned my hand and phone against the corner post (on my porch) for stability to take some photos.  This was the view from my porch.

Ah well, if I can hang in there till I'm ninety five years old, I'll have another chance to photo this supermoon.  So there's still hope!!

On the way home from the doctor's office, I stopped by Burger King to pick up some lunch for Pogo and me.  The only cooking I'll be doing for a while will be for Pogo's meals.  I have plenty of frozen meals in the freezer so I'm okay. 

Now I want to get back into my jammies and get comfortable in my lounge chair.  I want to see if I can crochet comfortably.  I still have that turquoise afghan to finish. I think I proscratinated about working on it a bit too long or it would have already been finished. 

Well, that's my news for today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a super day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

Oh my, Edna! I am so sorry about your arm. Years ago I fell and broke my elbow. Also a clean break and had only a sling to use. No cast so I could get my motion back. Unfortunately for me it was my right elbow and I'm right handed. Boy did it hurt to write! I could type a bit so I could go to work, but my boss had to sign my letters for me. I hope and pray you will recover quickly. As long as you do as the doctor says you should be just fine.

Unknown said...

Oh Edna,
Such good news that you will not need a cast! I am sure that your very sore today and I sure hope that your not in a lot of pain.
I posted a small video on Facebook and tagged you in it. I thought that it might bring a smile to help ease the pain.

They say that tonight is the Big Show for the Super Moon. I am going to try and stay up long enough to watch it but I really don't know. I have had a long day. I tossed and turned a lot last night. I blame Cisco as he tossed and turned also. He couldn't seem to get comfortable. Poor guy. I tried everything to comfort him.

My son is home and I will let you go for now... Hugs, Beth

The Queen Jester said...

Ouch! That has to be very painful. I admire your do more with one hand than most people do with two. Hopefully this will heal quickly and you'll have both hands to use soon.

smiekeltje said...

Damn'd Edna, why did you do that????????????
Happy to hear it is a clean break and you don;t need a cast. That would have been much worse. Still don;t use that arm too much(don't know if crocheting is such a good idea, perhaps not for the first few days????).
Glad Deanne came by and took you to the Emergency. Hope you are not having too much pain from the elbow.

as planned I did a bit of the boring housework yesterday, so may be today I'll do just a bit of ironing, we'll see. Looks cloudy and rainy here, not a great day to go outside

Now you take care of yourself and take as much rest as you can with your arm, just use it every now and then, b ut the first few days not too much okay???
Although handicapt, I hope you will have a lovely day.