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Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Laura Jean

November 4, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but it is still a bit nippy.  Temps will only be making it into the low 50's today, then dip down into the 30's for tonight.  Alas, the cooler temps are here to stay.  I must say though that I have thoroughly enjoyed the warmer temps of the last couple of days.

Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time on the phone trying to locate a repairman for our refrigerator.  (one of the ones in the main house)  I tell them what is broken, and they try to give me an appointment for someone to come out and figure out what the problem is.  Then they will give me another appointment for someone to actually come out to fix the problem. 

This is amazing, since I began my chat with them by telling them that the temperature knob in the freezer is broken.  I even tried to locate a part number for that know, figuring that I could try to fix it myself, but that number seems to be a secret.  I'm thinking it might be cheaper to just buy another refrigerator.  groan, groan.

I promised you a photo of my beautiful big maples that are at the entrance to my driveway.  Here's a shot of one of them.  See how the green is changing over to a beautiful golden yellow.

Yesterday's mail finally brought me some of the medical insurance information that I've been waiting for.  This company has six different plans for folks on medicare, and I do believe that one of them may be just right for me.  I would not bother, but should I ever need to go to the hospital, this insurance would help me pay the bill.  (not that I'm planning on spending time at the hospital any day soon!)

Well, it's that day of the year again.  My baby turned fifty one today.  Happy Birthday Laura Jean.  May your day be as beautiful and sunny as you are.  It's also my day to age another year.  However, the great part is that come next April, Pogo and I will finally be the same age, seventy seven.  We'll have to celebrate that day!  I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday greetings these past two days.  They certainly kept a big smile on my face and made my days brighter.

Here's a photo of some beautiful flowers from my photo archives.  I just love the colors.  They are so happy and bright.  The colors are just perfect for this time of year.

Later today, I'll take a look around my yard to see which plants are still flowering, and take a few photos.  My grandson Kevin (and maybe a friend of his) will be coming by after lunch to do a it of yard work for me.  Recently, I bought new floor mats for my car, so maybe the boys will put these into my car for me.  That would really be nice.

Last evening, I decided to crochet a bit on the turquoise afghan while I watched some TV.  I probably should have never picked it up.  Before I set it down for the night, I had finally finished four and a half new rows.  But only after ripping out about six rows!  Gosh, I wonder why I don't see these mistakes until a couple rows too late?  Actually, they are not mistakes.  They are stitches where the yarn splits as the hook is going through a stitch.  It's not always noticeable right away, and it's not pretty so you really have to rip rows out and fix this.

Well, time is slipping by, and I really should get dressed.  Pogo is looking forward to going outside in the yard.  Goodness knows, there's always new stuff to sniff, and Pogo is a very good sniffer!  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Happy Birthday Edna,

I hope that your day is fantastic and Happy Birthday to Laura Jean! Cisco was howling this morning and when I listened closely I understood it was Happy Birthday to Edna.

Your trees are lovely and so are the flowers. Just beautiful. At first I could only see the tops of them and I thought that they were fireworks lol.. then I saw the whole photograph and thought wow these are such cheery flowers.

My son in home and I am heading down for a nap.... much love, Beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

Oh, Happy belated birthday to Laura Jean!
Glad your day was a nice one and so it should be. Gosh, you and Pogo 77 somewhere next year?? Now I suddenly feel almost like a puppy with my 63 only! And I think my 63 is already a bit old(and some days I really feel 10 years older LOL).
I would be great if you could find a suitable medicare plan and that also wouldn;t be too expensive. Yeah, you never know if you need in time some hospital care and then it nice to know that the plan covers some costs of it.
The day started rather sunny, but now I see some very grey clouds coming in and fear, we won;t keep it dry the whoel day.
well, perhaps a good day to get more relaxed and do some designing.
This evening one of a favourite is on tv( on BBC1), which is Strictly Come Dancing I love that program and it makes you laugh and for an hour and a half forget about the whole world.
Love the themes for the dances, the clothes, the decor, it is fantastic.
So a part of my evening is well-filled for certain.
Have a wonderful day, hope you can figure out something for the fridge( and yes, sometimes it is cheaper just to buy a new one, because once starting with repairs on an old one, oh boy. And may be the new one will also be more energy and CO2 friendly. Good cause.