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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thank Goodness For Coupons!

January 20, 2016

Good morning.  It's sunny and 22F degrees.  The weather man says that we'll get up to around 30F degrees later today.  Promises, promises!  I'm just keeping my eye on the two storms working their way toward my little piece of New England.  Especially the second storm.  The thought of a ton of snow falling here is just not making my little heart go pitty pat.

I borrowed this adorable minion cartoon from the web.  It just seems appropriate for how I feel.

Yesterday was an eye opener for me.  I spent a couple hours getting everything ready for my new blog book, and then went on-line to order it.  I thought I had everything all set, then I got an e-note telling me that my book was way over sized and should be turned into two volumes.

Next, I spent another hour or so dividing my book, and sizing two more cover photos.  Once everything was all set, I called the printing company for help ordering.  Folks, even with the 30% off coupon, my new books cost me double what I had planned to spend.  Thank goodness for that coupon! 

I should explain here.  When you have your blog printed to book form, you have the option of including all the comments too.  I have always chosen to include the comments.  By doing this, there are twice as many pages in each book.  However, I feel that the comments are an important part of the blog and my daily posts.

I have a gorgeous photo to share with you today.  My friend Mary Ann's hubby Gene took this photo.  He entered it in a competition and took first place.  Gene, congratulations.  It's an awesome photo.

Well, I've run out of news, and Let's Make A Deal Is on TV.  I enjoy this program and The Price Is Right.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

I'm not too excited about the upcoming storms either. How many days to spring? I love the minion cartoon and agree totally. When the temperature gets above my age you will see me out and about.

I love the idea of putting your blog into book form. I would include the comments too. it becomes a diary of sorts once it's printed, doesn't it. If you wouldn't mind, could I find out where you get this done? I will contact you with my email address if that is OK.

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

I have been watching that storm headed your way as well. I hope that your well stocked and have everything that your going to need because it looks like it can get bad really fast.

I had a nasty virus on my computer yesterday. I was in panic mode until Jonathan got home and restored it. It is called Trojan Money Pack and it holds your computer hostage. What a nightmare that was.

Cisco has deserted me. He is hanging out with the guys for the last night and day. He is getting more attention from them I suppose as I am sick with a cold/flu.. something. Body aches headache and fever. So I am alternating between my bed and computer. Hasn't been pleasant. It hit me suddenly. One minute I am fine and out for a morning walk and 3 hours later I am in bed shivering with fever and chills. I did not even eat dinner last night. I just couldn't get up. As a matter of fact I am headed back to bed. Just wanted to post on Facebook and your blog and say hello...

Love to you and Pogo... Beth (Cisco) says Woof!

Andrea Priebe said...

Aren't you about due for a trip to Florida. Too bad you can't make it out before the storm. I guess that would be too perfect, right? Boy, I know it gets expensive to make those blog books. That is why I am not doing it this year. My little book that I sent you was much more reasonable, though admittedly, not as nice. I have so many pictures I want to put in book form ... maybe next Christmas. We'll see.

We have been in sub zero here since Sunday. Today it is supposed to make it up to 19 degrees ... wooo hoo ... it will be like spring, Ha! Izzi does't feel it at all. She still goes out and plays Frisbee like it was summer time. Actually this is Izzi weather. Summer is too hot for her. Me I put on four layers of shirts and coats, two scarves, a hat, gloves and boots and still get cold ... hmmmm. I am getting to be a woos :(

I have already started packing for Thailand ... it's only a few weeks away and I am putting things in my suitcase as I think of them so I won't forget them. I will organize them when the time comes. Ryan says not to worry, that if I forget something, I can probably get it over there and much cheaper. Not a bad plan, but there are some things I just don't want to risk not having.

Well, I am off to the store ... need a pair of PJ's for the trip and want to get a gift for Mint's sister who made my Lisu pants for me.(The pants that I will wear with a Lisu top for the wedding). The Lisu are a group of Chinese that migrated down into Thailand when Communism took over China. They are Christian and were being persecuted. Mint is Lisu, which is different than Thai ... but they are also Thai citizens. Anyway, the wedding will be in the Lisu traditions. I just can't wait :) Better get going ... this day is slipping away from me as always ... Love to Pogo from Izzi ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Gosh, we didn;t hear about storms heading your part of the world. But they don;t tell much on our weather reports, I must say.
Hopefully the force will be down when it comes into you area and that it will not bring too much nastiness. ! Be prepared, I would say, have enough stock for food and drink and such, you never know.
Here weather is getting better slowly, abd if it is all as it is, this weekend we will have about 6-7C and night about 3 -4C. How wonderful is that?
Now just hoping these temperatures will stay for really long time, and no more winter temps anymore. Could that be???
Try to stay warm. wrap yourself into fuzzy warm blankets and such, I do that too when I am feeling really cold. Remember those two blankets with armholes you send us one Christmas? I still have them and I cherish them! used them the last few days and they are wonderful!
I think it is a good idea t have the comments printed too in your blogbook. But yeah, it makes them more expensive to print.

Have a lovely day