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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oooooh, A Heat Wave!!

January 26, 2016

Good morning.  I'll have to talk fast or I'll have to change that to "good afternoon."  It's 43F degrees this morning.  Woo Hoo!  Oh be still my little heart, I just love it!  Today is supposed to get up to 47F degrees.  Even tonight will be above freezing.  Oh my. 

They just showed the forecast temps for the next week on the Weather Channel.  Five days start with a "4" and two days start with a "5."   Yes, yes, yes.  I can sooooo handle this.  In my younger days, this would have been called the "January Thaw."

Our door is open, and Pogo has plunked his little body right in front of it.  The oil delivery came a little while ago, and Pogo was so happy to be able to sniff the guy's ankles and bark at him.  We were going to go out today to do errands, but plans were changed because I did not know when the oil would be delivered. 

Maybe tomorrow we'll go out and get Pogo's new doggie license.  He needs that and his annual check up before he can travel to Florida.  February is going to be such a busy month.  Between taxes and all our check ups and packing, we have lots to do.

Today's photos will feature a couple of the great grands.  Daughter Audrey's living room is "under construction" so she has sectioned off a corner of the room to make a play area for Alena, her granddaughter.  See who else got a new chair for Christmas? 

Next I have a new photo of Baby Ali.  Can you believe?  She is already up to nine pounds!!  Gosh, she is such a happy baby!

I fell asleep early last evening, and woke up early (around 1:30 a.m.).  So I crocheted for a while, then went back to bed.  Eventually I fell asleep again and did not get up till 10 a.m.  The extra sleep really felt good.

Today I'm expecting more packages to arrive.  I'd like to get all the new baby stuff boxed up so that I can give it to the kids before I leave for Florida.  Baby Aurora is due the first week I'll be gone.  Of course, with first babies, one never knows when to expect them. 

Well, it's getting close to the noon hour and I'd best go see what's for lunch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...


Oh Baby Ali has certainly grown quiet a bit. Beautiful baby and just look at those wide eyes and hair! What a gem you have to treasure there.

Not long after I talked to you, my sugar dropped really bad. Not sure what happened but I am finally coming back to my senses. It just leaves me with a huge head ache and sleepy.

It is so funny to hear of your Heat Wave, but I remember January in Indiana was called the January Thaw. I always thought that was interesting because in the year of 78 and 79 we had to dig our car out almost daily just to get to work and back but the locals would say that the Wabash was thawing. My husband and I would go to the river and listen to it crack, and the sound sometimes would be like gunshots going off. It was actually one of my favorite places to live. I wish that I was that young again. My best friend and I was out in the elements a lot. Horseback riding most of the time up and down the river.

Cisco was delighted at Pogo's shopping adventure and sends ever so much thanks. I have the box at my feet and he has been so good, not to get into the box and help himself. He has such manners so.... Cisco says Wolf Woof and sends lots of high fives and slobbery kisses!

My sister is having a hysterectomy this morning. I am sure that she is out of surgery by now but I still have not heard how she was doing. I will check facebook. Hopefully there is a post from one of her children since it seems no one knows how to use a telephone these days other than to take selfies lol.... xx and hugs, Love Cisco and Beth...

Debby said...

Such cuties. Lots of babies and more on the way.
Yes, sleep is always god in my book.
Glad it warmed up a little. It did here today too but now it is getting cold again.

smiekeltje said...

So you are having nicer temps too now. Isn;t that lovely?
Only thing that is kind of pity is that there is quite some wind blowing. Oh well, we cannot have it all, I guess.
Oops, those kids certainly grow fast, but they are cuties.
I was happy for you to read that finally you did get some sleep, although in parts, but okay.
I mostly get to bed around 0.30 or 1.00 at night. and most of the time I wake up once during the night and fall alseep again and wake up around 08.00. But lately I feel more tired and try to sleep a bit longer. Sometimes I am succesful.
I think I just pop out for a quick walk for just a few things I need and then wash a laundry perhaps even iron some that is dry . We'll see what happens.
Have a fantastic day.