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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oh My, Such A Fabulous Shopping Spree!

January 12, 2016

Good morning.  It's another cold morning, but the sun is shining so all is well.  I've shut off the news and put on "Let's Make A Deal" (on TV).  I need a dose of happy news.  A young man dressed in a cow costume just won himself a brand new motor scooter.  Now that's happy news!

Well, let me share with you a fantabulous shopping spree that Pogo and I had yesterday.  While we were out, we stopped in at JoAnn's Fabric store to look at the yarn.  Would you believe?  They were having a sale on all the yarn. 

Of course, while I'm pushing Pogo's stroller, I can't also push a cart.  So, all the skeins of yarn that I was picking out had to go in the stroller with Pogo.  Pretty soon, he was getting rather squished into one little spot.  The last few skeins were precariously perched on the top of the hood on the stroller.  Finally, there was no more room for yarn, so I had to make my way to the register.

That's when the real fun started.  First the cashier had to give a few sweet words and pats to Pogo.  They like him JoAnn's.  Then she rang up my purchases.  They totaled $73.18.  After the sales price, that was brought down to $54.78.  But -- I had a $50 gift certificate in my purse.  (Thanks to my wonderful DIL Janet.)  This brought the total of my purchase down to $4.78.  Now that's a great shopping spree!!!

In my three large bags of yarn you will find such yummy colors as Medium Rose, Artist Print, Café Latte, Buff Fleck, Sky Blue and Scarlet.  The first two I'll be working with are the Medium Rose and the Artist Print.  As soon as I get a bit of this new afghan done, I'll have to take a photo.  Ah yes, folks, I'm a happy little camper.

Sad to say, I did not take any photos while I was out yesterday.  But I do have a couple new photos that dwarf Helen took of our cats.  They are getting so big and healthy looking now.  Blackie is not so easy to photograph because he is so dark.  He's a really huge cat and he plays a bit rough, but he really loves his pal Luna.  (I call her Sunshine, but the dwarfs changed her name to Luna.)

Luna is almost all white and quite dainty.  When she isn't snoozing away on a fuzzy blanket, you might find her grooming her pal Blackie.  As you can see, our cats look quite content.

My poor little guy is scratching away.  His skin is getting so dry.  So today I've started him back on his itch medicine, and in a little while, I'm going to give him a rub down with olive oil.  Of course, he may need another bath after that, but I'm hoping it helps with the dry skin. 

It's not easy to get Pogo to take all the different supplements that I got for him.  To make life easier, everything is in liquid form.  However, he does not like for anyone to go near his mouth, so even liquids aren't easy to administer.  If there were at least one food that I knew for sure he would eat, I could put the medicine in the food.  But Pogo is quite the picky eater, so this doesn't often work.

Well, time is fleeing and my coffee cup is empty.  So I think I'll get started on that olive oil rub for Pogo.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be warm and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

The cats look lovely - healthy and well cared for...very content, the way they should.

smiekeltje said...

Now that is really a good shopping! At the end paying only around $ 5,00! Fantastic.
Blackie and Luna look wonderful and all happy.
Weather here isn;t all too good at the moment. For now it is raining, and windy too, temps about 6 C. But they say it will be better later today. I hope so, because actually I wanted to go to the market. But it should be nicer weather, so I'll wait a bit to see.
Now I will look into some recipee's of James Martin's Home Comforts, saw a couple on tv that look very simple but also tasty.
Have a wonderful day, lots of fun with the new yarn!

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I finally got caught up on reading your blog. What a difference it makes being away for a few days. I spent most of my day today in recovery mode after spending time with the kids. I had my computer up on facebook for most of the day but finally got online for a little while. I just didn't feel really well today. I can't get warm for some reason and have had terrible chills so if I am not feeling better tomorrow I will call my doctor. What for I have no idea. He will tell me to just come in. Not sure that I feel like getting out of my jammies just now.

I have lots to tell you when I am able to talk to you. But for now I am going to take my coloring book and myself to bed and color. I need to update my blog. I haven't done it in a few days. I might do a post early in the morning if I am not down with some kind of bug. Sure feels like something is trying to catch me. Gosh I sure hope not. I don't have time to have a flu bug. Glad to hear that your feeling better... Hugs to Master Pogo. Cisco sends his greetings. I taught him how to High 5 a few weeks ago and he is sending his first one to you and Pogo... And lots of xoxoxoxoxo's from me.... Beth and Cisco

Annesphamily said...

You and Pogo had too much fun shopping and found great deals! Wow! Our Rebekah is getting to the final stages of her planning for her trip to Ireland. She leaves in April sometime. I would love to go with her. Brittany and Jeremy decided to go to Mexico for an all inclusive honeymoon at one of the five star resorts. Nick has plans for New Orleans and Vegas and I remind him Bill Gates really is not his father so get busy making some money sonny! HaHaHa! Rebekah thinks since her daddy has b=never been to the ocean she is going to get him there! As a kid, my mom;s youngest sister and family lived in Texas so she vacationed at the Gulf of Mexico a time or two. When my oldest sissy lived in North Carolina, they took us to Myrtle Beach, SC and I was in the Atlantic Ocean. Many trips in my younger days to California to visit my girlfriends there resulted in many beachy trips in the Pacific. Rebekah and Noelle are still in limbo about if they want to move to Spokane, WA. or Plano, Texas (near Dallas)! The office they work in will move completely to these locations in August. Only the sales and underwriting remain here. Jeremy is scrambling too. Brit took a job in Sales and he is still looking. Their problem is she is a single mom and her little Addy's dad lives here so they can not uproot her. I just pray about it all. You and Pogo rest well and enjoy your day. Stay warm and enjoy! Pogo is popular with that April birthday too! Hugs, Anne