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Friday, January 22, 2016

Getting Ready For "Jonas"

January 22, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining and it is around 23F degrees.  Temps should get up to around 31F later today.  If you're a snowman, it's a lovely day.  Only 57 days till Spring, Edna.  You can make it!

Yesterday was very interesting.  SIL Eddie came by with a friend to do a few things around here for me.  He covered my A/C, put away my lawn bench and seat pads, re-covered the lawn tractor, checked out the snow blower, closed the shed window and replaced the screen on the laundry room door with the plexi window pane.  What a guy!  Now I'm ready for "Jonas."

When Joe got home from work, we went grocery shopping.  I only needed some staples, but I was able to pick up a couple large bags of peanuts for my birds and critters.  Yesterday, there was a hawk in my yard, so that probably explains why my little birds haven't been around lately.  Actually, the squirrels have been rather sparse lately too. 

When I finished posting here yesterday, I realized that I hadn't made a QP for you.  Oh dear!  So, I spent a couple hours playing on my laptop making QP's.  Gosh, why didn't I do this sooner?  It's really a lot of fun. 

Here's this week's QP.  I'm not really into steampunk, but I did have fun with this kit "Steampunk" by Tiny Turtle Designs.  Enjoy.

Here is your download link: 

I just heard car doors out in my yard, so I think SIL Eddie and his friend are back. Hmmm, I wonder what  they will do today?    Well, I'd best go and unlock the door in the laundry room so that they can come in. 

Before I go, let me share this ribbon that I borrowed from the web.  Folks, animal cruelty is a huge problem around the world.  Let's see if we can't stamp it out soon.  Feel free to copy and past the image to your blog.  Together, we can fight this!

Now it's time for me to get busy here.  (and unlock the outer door)  If you're in the path of this wicked storm Jonas, please be safe.  Till Sunday, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...


I just love today's QP... This is one kit that I don't have but seeing what you did with it I just might have to get it.

It is cold and windy here. Sleep has been elusive for me but I did manage a couple of hours. I have a half hour now to enjoy my coffee and hopefully wake up and shower and get dressed for the doctor. I feel much better except for the sore throat and a few lingering aches and pains. My fever broke around 2 this morning so hopefully I am on the mend.

I am glad that Eddie was able to come and do a few things for you that needed to be done. You have a treasure with your SIL. Take care and hugs to you and Pogo! Love, Beth and Cisco.

LV said...

One thing for sure, you make the best of your days. Take care and stay warm.

The Queen Jester said...

These east coast storms are getting old! Arizona is looking better all the time.

smiekeltje said...

Your SIL Eddie is such a wonderful guy.
I wonder how many people have such a great SIL! Not many will have one like Eddie.
Hopefully the storm will not touch you too much.
We had a lovely day here, But there are always envelopes in the post, that ruin a bit your weekend, like ones from taxes and council etc. I had a couple of them today and you don;t get very happy from them. always asking for more copies of things they already have and know. It is frustrating!
well, I have some of that work done, I will try to get it out of my mind, but Monday i will have to be at the phone and that is quite a job, to get connected with council and tax office!
Cross fingers I will be able to solve some by phone and perhaps sending in just a few copies. They don;t give you much time for either, you know. When it's their turn to pay out something they have all the time in the world, but it it is you to send info and such, you get one or perhaps two weeks and if you are not in time, oh buy!
Thanks for reading my rambling, sorry for it.
have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Annesphamily said...

Oh Edna, I have been praying and worrying about the East coast. I am glad you are ok now. Stay home and stay warm. I heard this is really awful and I imagine many, many NE fans were headed here for the game tomorrow and I heard five thousand flights were cancelled. I am wondering if the Patriots team will be stuck here for a few days. It is nice here, a little snow in the forecast tomorrow. I am going to borrow your button about cruelty to animals. Gosh, I Need a foundation for these rescues. The care is so expensive and yet someone has to care for them. Just like Pogo. They deserve a better life. I also always forget to download those cool freebies you share. I was trying to pull up tea pot cozie patterns that are free on line. I probably could manage to sew one with Hannah as my lead creative team member, the girl is talented. But the crocheted ones are so cute. Once I shared a crocheted cozy or a cat and a lady said it was her neighbors, an elderly lady who made them for friends and family etc. But she never gave me a hard time about using it. My friend Kathy was a great knitted and crocheted person but she and her sis are caring for their precious mom with Alzheimers. It is sad, Simi cared for her hubby when he got cancer and was ill, she was a CNA. It is sad to see how she has slipped away. Kathy took up the habit of knitting and crocheting when she and Marlene,her sis, were both in the Navy. Their family is talented. Her cousin made her floor to ceiling shelves for all her dolls she collects. He did one heck of an amazing job. Ah, to be so talented. My hubby once worked with an attorney from NYC who left the NYFD to go to law school but in his spare time he hand crafted furniture. His work was breathtakingly beautiful. I hope this miserable storm passes quickly. My daughters dear friend Angie lives at Cape Cod. She is finishing law school and comes back to Colorado next year. My patio is still partially covered in solid icy snow. We had one big storm a while back and it takes forever to melt away. We try to shovel some of it away but it is so thick. Aack! Be safe and keep us posted. Hope Pogo is staying comfy and warm in his home too. Hugs, Anne

Nani said...

Edna, I jumped ahead in catching up to check in and check up on you! I'm glad you got everything shored up and the groceries done before Jonas came knocking! I see on the Weather Channel that you got a lot more than was supposed to hit there! David got in today (I'm home now) and noted I was watching TWC. He said "Edna ended up getting hit after all." Over here anyway, we thought it was going to miss Massachusetts. I hope everyone is okay. Stay warm, my friend!

Hugs, Nani

PS- Marco says to tell Pogo not to run into snow that's deeper than he is, but enjoy the snow! (Marco is weird about snow)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss Edna

Love your freebies and Chitter Chatter to us all...

I've copied your Cruelty to Animals and posted it on my blog too!

Take a peek @

Thanks again for your email newsletters :)

Hugs, Jemima