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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Year In Review

January 10, 2016

Good morning.  Tis a bit on the gray side here in New England.  Today will be warm (mid 50's) but with a bit of wind and rain.  At least we get to keep the door open all day.  That makes my little guy really happy. 

This weekend I finished the Honeydew green baby cocoon set.  This set will be for Baby Aurora (due in March), and it's green because that is her mommy's favorite color.   

I think tomorrow when Pogo and I are done at the car dealership (regular auto check up) we'll stop by our local JoAnn's Fabric store and buy some new yarn.  I'm wanting to get started on some new projects, though I may have enough Lemon Yellow to make a baby dress.  Hmmm, sounds like a fun idea.

Today I have a photo to share of another great granddaughter.  This is Alena, my daughter Audrey's granddaughter.  She's three years old, and getting ready to enjoy a meal in her new "Frozen" dinnerware.  What a cutie!

I opened the "2015" jar this morning and read through all the slips that I had put in it.  2015 was definitely a year to remember.  It started with Jasmine getting the role of Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz.  Wow, Jazzy, you were fabulous!   Next, Audrey's car got hit by a deer and the car was totaled.  I had an appointment with my eye doctor and found that I had great eyes.  20/20 vision.  Super!!

Next came more snow.  Lots and lots of snow, including a blizzard that dumped another 30 inches of snow on top of what we already had on the ground.  We closed out January (yup, all this was in just one month) with Audrey getting her new car, and Kevin passing his road test and getting his driver's license.

February was not such a great month.  First Eddie (SIL) was in the hospital having knee replacement surgery, while his son Kevin was seeing specialists in Boston and having tests because of his respiratory problems.  This month closed out with Audrey and Mac separating, and our Winter snowfall  totaling 110 inches.  After this came two weeks of much needed warmth and sunshine in Florida.

During this time, my body was trying to fight off whatever respiratory illnesses that were going around.  But by April, it had all caught up with me and I was down for the count.  However, my fingers weren't sick and I was able to finish a lot of crochet projects.  In May, my viruses had turned to  pneumonia. 

June was a much better month.  I was beginning to feel better, and on June 15, Kevin graduated from High School, exactly 58 years to the day when I graduated from High School.  (6-15-57)  By the end of June, whatever nasty bugs that I had caught were just about gone.  Hooray!  It's been a long haul.

July was a happier month.  I bought some new furniture for the main house, and Eddie built me a new counter for my kitchen.  On July 16, the last of the snow in Boston finally melted.  Imagine, five months for the snow to melt!

During the summer, I was able to have a lot of new windows installed in the main house.  In September, our Kevin started his first year of college, and made it on to the college baseball team.  In the Fall, Jasmine enchanted us all with a fabulous performance as the Ghost Of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol. 

November brought another beautiful new great grandbaby, Ali.  And December had me scurrying about trying to get all my Christmas boxes out on time.  Phew!  I made it!  All in all, the year may not have started off so good, but it surely did end on a wonderful note. 

As I look out my door now, the rain is coming down at a pretty good clip.  Today should be a good day to work on my tax stuff for a while and then set up my "2016" Jar.  I'm thinking that another good project to start is a "Blessings Bag."  I learned about this on the web.  You put items in a box or bag to be given away to someone needy or homeless.  This can also be made for an animal shelter.  Sounds like a great project.

Well, my coffee cup is empty, so I think I'll head to the kitchen and get me a refill.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

What big eyes she has - such a cutie. I like the idea of a jar for the previous year. It's easy to lose track of all the things that have happened.

smiekeltje said...

Reading in a nutshell your past year, oh my, lots of things happened.
But good to see that all in all the year ended rather good.
we all survived some nasty bugs and events, but it seems that somehow we manage to find new force again every time.
Your great granddaughter looks to be such a cutie!
I'll see if I can "rustle up"a little post on my blog.
Have a wonderful day,

Annesphamily said...

I am glad to still be here today and know what you mean about the troubles of 2015. 2014 was a bad ending year for me but when I think of all the kindness that came from that job loss, I am a stronger person today. This little retirement may be just what I need. I have been doing some surveys on line but the pennies you make will not make you rich! But it funds my paypal account so I can get more Precious Moment figures and ornaments! Love that cocoon baby set. SO sweet.
Gosh in February Colton and Jacey will have Harrison James! We babysat our two great grandboys Jayden (4) and Michael (7 months) last Saturday. You know you are getting older when the four year old has to explain how the new fangled baby food works! LOL! Also the engineering degree you need from MIT to buckle a small baby into a car seat designed by possibly Stephen Hawking! Even my daughter the grammie can't help, she is as clueless as we are! Last time we took Jayden and his cousin Drazah (4) for the day, the two of them helped us buckle their car seats! After we finished that process, which took an act of God and congress, we were cruising down the highway when Drazah informed Noelle "Grammie Noelle, you drive crazy". Noelle said no I don't and we got to an exit on the interstate and Drazah says "Grammie, if you take this exit, we can go to the RedRocksCHurch! You should go to church there! Lol! Out of the mouth of babes! Babies seem to keep us youthful and happy. I would not trade anyone in my phamily for that Powerball lottery! Money will never buy happiness, but a four year old who asks you about a photo of your now deceased kitty Boots and you try to explain that he got very sick and very, very, old and went to heaven, he replies, "Oh do you mean he died!?" is priceless. I am glad my grandson Andrew and pretty Tarrah are not afraid to explain death to the lil ones. That boy Jayden is a character. He spilled his drink on my coffee table and he looks up at me with those baby blue eyes and says "But Grammie, I was being soooooo careful." Life is, well, it is good here in Colorado! Hugs, Anne