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Monday, September 21, 2015

Taking A Walk Through Memory Lane

September 21, 2015

Good morning.  My but it is really cool this morning, and I guess the whole day is going to be on the cool side.  It's 61F degrees, and headed for only around 67 degrees.   Tomorrow is supposed to get back up into the 70's.  Gosh, I hope so.  It's so early to be this cool all day.

I need to clear something up.  The reason I mentioned I might need to use my walker when walking distances is not because I hurt my either of my legs.  I have asthma/copd, and this makes walking very difficult most of the time.   I hope I didn't confuse anyone.  Physically, I'm okay. 

As for getting a scooter, I have looked into it.  I would be wanting one that is collapsible so that I could put it into the trunk of my car.  Getting it in and out of the trunk may take some doing, but I'll worry about that if and when I get a scooter. 

I am a very stubborn and independent person.  I've been like this my whole life.  So this scooter thing is as much scary as it is helpful.  I'm just not ready to admit that this breathing thing is wreaking havoc on my independence.  I've always had to be the strong one, and I'm not willing to give that up just yet.  (But a scooter does sound nice.)

Last night I was going through some old photos, and I picked out a couple that are my favorites to share.  Some years ago, my mother in law was tossing out a huge box of photos (she wasn't very sentimental, I guess) and I salvaged a few of them.  This photo is my Michael, taken while he was on leave during the Korean War.  (according to the notes on the back of the photo)   Oh my, be still my heart!  He looks so handsome!

This next photo is me and four of my children, taken October, 1988.  One of them had been among the missing for nearly thirteen years, and now she was home.  It was a very emotional and happy time for all of us.  (I'm the one in the blue tee shirt)

Hmmmmm,  memories!  You know, I start going through some of these photos, and before I know it, hours have flown by.  Each photo is a memory, and I enjoy re-living the moments when each one was taken.   Gosh, I get so soppy sometimes!!

A little while ago, I called my life insurance company to find out why I don't have my bill yet.  I pay this annually, and I have not received a bill yet.  The nice lady on the phone said she would send one out right away.  The mail carrier just showed up, and guess what was in with my mail?  Yup, there was my insurance bill.  Now that's what I call fabulous service!!!

Last night, I ordered an item from Amazon, using my tablet.  While I was looking around at what new items they were offering, I came across a new type of thumbdrive.  One end of it connects to your smart phone or tablet, and the other end connects to your USB port on your pc or laptop.  Prices ranged from about $4,50 to $6.25.  Of course I had to order one for me to try.  I'll post how it works after I try it out.

Well, I'm running out of morning, and I have a few things to do here before we have our lunch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

Wow I had some catching up to do. It seems that I have missed more of your posts than I realized so I guess to reply in some order I will start with sending Congratulations to Kevin for making the team! WTG Kevin.

The afghan is just beautiful. I love the colors and I love the little zig zags. Really nice and I can't wait to see the frosty green one.

I love your family picture. Very beautiful family you have there Miss Edna. I am so glad that it was a happy time for you there. Oh and yes Michael was a very handsome man! I can't imagine throwing out photos but some people really don't hang on to things. I am a pack rat of sorts. I will toss all sorts of things out, but there are just some things that are precious to me.

The glazed pork chops sound delicious. I have not made those in a while. I might have to put them on the menu for next week.

I am getting a new dishwasher. Mine finally bit the dust and I was able to convince the maintence man of this when he really looked at it and said... "Ah yes man it is broken". Really? I have been saying this for how long now? Anyway he is put in a purchase order and said that he will be here either today or tomorrow! In the mean time my kitchen is a wreck. After our dinner late yesterday evening, we all pretty much collapsed.

I must go and catch up on my blog. Talk to you soon Edna. XOXOXO's for Pogo and for YOU too.... Cisco says Hi. Love, Beth

The Queen Jester said...

I'm glad you cleared up the problem with having to use a walker. I can understand completely and am glad it wasn't something new that went wrong. Wow! Michael was as they say in these times a "hottie". Between the two of you you managed to produce some beautiful offspring.

Debby said...

Hello my sweet friend. I am so sorry I have missed so much. I am surviving. I thought I was handling all of this well until I got sick. I think it is more pure exhaustion more than anything.
By the way, you are my husband's favorite commenter since you said he was handsome. He keeps talking about Edna B.,hah.
Your husband was a handsome one. You must really miss him.
I didn't know that one of your children had been missing that long. Oh my, I can't imagine. You look like one of the kids in that picture.
Be careful on that scooter if you get one. I about wrecked one that I borrowed for ClownTown after my back surgery. Huge bruise. But it was really fun riding around in a college campus.
I love the cooler temps. Our forecast is for a warmer than normal week. Not what I wanted to hear. Even though our summer wasn't as hot as usual, I am ready for fall.

Stacey said...

I'm so glad you saved your photos! I have family photos that are treasures to me! especially as I grow older, and unfortunately lose some family members. I can totally understand how you can lose hours remember those wonderful memories! I hope you can find a scooter that is light enough for you to handle. a walker is fine, but if a scooter would make getting around easier for you, it's at least worth looking into.

smiekeltje said...

It happens every now and then that I look at some old photo's and yes, they bring back happy moments. And it is good to have them.
That photo of your Michael is wonderful!

If the astma is making it difficult for you to walk longer distances, perhaps that scooter would be a good idea anyway? And yeah, one folding one would be handy and perhaps less heavy too to get in and out of your trunk.
I can understand completely your hang to independency! As long as we can do things ourselves, let's do it. They may take sometimes a bit longer time, but hey, who worries about that?
And are you stubborn? Gosh, I would never have guessed LOL!!!! Here another girl with the same "problem" at times, hahaha.
I think I will go out in not such a long time, as the weather is still nice. They say it will be raining in the afternoon again(as it did yesterday evening), so I better take advantage of the better period of the day.

Have a lovely day.

Nani said...

The photo of your Michael is definitely a treasure! The photo from 88 is a beautiful family photo and so classic of the time!

I thought you'd mentioned some knee trouble in Florida a couple of years ago. Still a scooter is a good idea for big days. I understand the pride in not using the assistance as long as you can. Been there. Still there to an extent. But there's no shame in taking advantage of the things that are there to help you. A friend in Massachusetts told me that. She gives great advice! I wonder who that was? ;)

Being able to connect your mobile devices direct to the computer is great! With the new computer my phone, tablet and computer share everything, which is super convenient. Yeah, a little creepy too. But I used to email my photos to myself which was a pain.

Since it's tomorrow morning as I'm writing this, have a beautiful today!

Hugs, Nani

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning you two! Hope your day is a great one and that the rest of the week will be too! Today is the last day of if only FALL would come this way and we could have a few days to open windows instead of using the AC...but no luck, we had 95F yesterday and to be that today too! Wish we could send this heat somewhere else....ROFL!
Busy day yesterday getting a bond density test and my mammogram done (YUCK) but I must do that each year especially since my sister had breast cancer...! The place was really busy, am happy that women are finally taking care of themselves!
Your Michael was a handsome man, looks like a real cowboy in this photo! Good one of you and your kids too...don't you just love looking at old photos and playing the little movies in your mind remember the incident when they were taken? I do and I think that is why I have my blog books printed, so I can relive them all. I, too, enjoy the retirement and wonder where the time goes so quickly, it never did before I retired...LOL!
Off here to finish my book. Hugs til next time....Mat