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Monday, September 14, 2015

Is Your Fur Baby House Shopping?

September 14, 2015

Good morning.  Brrrrr, it's rather chilly this morning.  So far, we're up 55F degrees, and headed to a more comfortable 72F degrees.   Aside from that, the sun is shining and it is rather pretty outside.  You can certainly tell that Autumn is only a week away.

Well, my famous beef stew was well received by the dwarfs.  They had it for supper last evening, and they liked it.  That made me feel a little better about my cooking fiasco.   Have no fear though, I will try it again.  It's such a pretty cooking pot that I just can't give up on it.

Well I just called the pest control guy, and he says they will be back tomorrow.  Our Fat Rat is still living rather well in our yard, and has built himself another condo in a different spot.   This is one very smart rat!!

Remember the Doggie RV's I posted last week?  Well I did a bit of research, and these are rather pricey.  The basic price starts at $800, and goes up depending on what type of interior or exterior finishing you might want.

Well that was enough for me to discourage Pogo from wanting one of these.  However, further research showed that these were not the priciest doggie homes on the market.  Here are a few others that I found.


If these are a bit too pricey for your fur babies, then here are a couple more with a smaller price tag.

I like these last two the best (of these latest houses) but they are still a bit out of my price range.  Although I suppose if they are heated and weather proofed, then they might be worth the money.  Well, not my money, but someone's!!

Well, I think I'd better get busy here, and maybe start a load of laundry.   I also have to make up some peanut butter rolls to put in my birdie treat holders.  They love this, and it is good for them.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a splendid day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...


Wow, the prices are really high!!! I couldn't do it of course and Cisco says that he would just rather bunk with his mama.

I just finished updating my blog over at blogger, stop by and check out my latest page. It fits your doggie houses theme a little lol.

Jonathan is at work, Nathan has been up most of the night with a toothache and so he is finally sleeping. He has to get to a dentist and get that tooth pulled but it is so high and we don't have the money right now. Maybe his next paycheck.

Thank you Edna for the Vermont Country Store link. My first catalog came in the mail Saturday. Gosh, so much that I would like to have. It has been fun looking thru it.

Have a great day.... Cisco says hi and so do I... Beth

Stacey said...

holy cow. well my doggy just has to live in our house with us. good thing she doesn't need her own, as those are certainly out of our budget too. Not to worry she is one spoiled little doggy, as Pogo is. Hope you get your pressure cooker working, it's supposed to make your life easier, so I hope it does! Glad everyone loved the stew, nothing wrong with cooking the old fashioned way!

smiekeltje said...

Great that the stew was well-received.
Gosh, I think that if I had too much money, I still wouldn;t buy such an expensive dog-house. They look great, yes, they do, but I think it is way too much over the top.
Today is the opening of the parliamentary year again(alwasy on the 3rd Tuesday of September) and the king will read out the king's speech, in which will be told what the plans are for this year from the government. But almost half of them have been leaked already to the media! It always happened, for a bit, but the last couple of years it is really ridiculous how much is known already.
But still it is always a nice day, to see the king and queen, riding in the golden coach. And this will be the last year for now, because the coach needs to be restuarated and that will take several years. Not to worry, they have still other beautiful coaches they can use.LOL.
Pity today the weather isn't too good, lots of wind, not really high temperatures and possibility of rainshowers. Hmmm, not great for the people along the road.
I think I will stay indoors and watch some of it on tv.
You have a lovely day.

Nani said...

I'm glad the dwarfs we pleased with the stew. The best part of learning a new cooking style is eating the mistakes, right?? :)

I like the dog house with the wood lattice deck. But it's a little pricey to be a kitty cottage too. (Too cute to call it a cat-house!) We have a carper covered pen box that David's brother made for their cats when they were both still in high school. The cats love it and my brother in law has been out of high school 30 years. Fur baby housies that cost that much aren't for the pets, they're for the pet guardians. If someone bought a $50 pet bed instead, how many people could they feed with the difference in cost? -sigh- I have nothing against people having nice things with what they earn, and if they have a priority of spoiling their pet, awesome. But a pet house to match the mansion, really? Furbabies aren't so pretentious; all they want is love...and treats. But if I did have the money, at least my taste runs on the cheaper side. (But with cats, they'd probably hate it because it's supposed to be for them, anyway.)

To be on the $afe side I'll steer the kids clear of looking at the high-rent district housies. ;)

Hugs, Nani