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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Happy Rosh Hashanah

September 15, 2015

Good afternoon.  Sorry I'm so late but I got a very late start today.  After a sleepless night, I finally dozed off around 4 a.m.   Even Pogo slept late today.  I got up just in time to see the mailman bring today's mail.  As for the weather, it is just delightful today.  Sunny, with a light breeze, and temps working up towards 82F degrees. 

So far, I have accomplished a few things.  Plus, I called my new accountant and made an appointment to meet with him this Thursday.  My regular accountant, and friend, has finally had to retire due to bad health. 

For all my Jewish friends and family, shana tovah u'metukah.  This evening ends the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, New Year 5776.   I miss celebrating the holidays with my Michael, and our good friends Rhoda and Marshall.  Rhoda, I hope the new year is good for you and Marshall.

I've been watching the news as they show the devastation from the fires in California and the flash flooding in Arizona.  Sad to say, I'm convinced that all these horrible happenings and severe storms are our new way of life.   I had thought that this severe weather was mostly happening only here in the United States, but it is happening round the world. 

Yesterday, I ordered a couple more holiday gifts, and then last evening, I crocheted a bit on the Claret afghan.  I think I only have six more rows to go before it is finished.   My gift list is full of check marks, and it feels good to be a bit ahead of myself. 

I'm watching a few little birds enjoying the peanut butter bread treat that I put out last yesterday.  There is a chickadee, a woodpecker and a sparrow having lunch together.  They are just the cutest little birds.  Hmmm, I wonder why humans can't get along like this.

Gosh, I just went to answer the door, and forgot all about this post.  Yeesh!!  I must be losing my mind.   I am so sorry.  I'll post a brain teaser puzzle for you and take my leave here.  There are fourteen horses hidden in this picture.  Good luck.

I think I'll see about some lunch for Pogo and me.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Garla Reed said...

What a beautiful brain puzzler that you posted. I had a very busy day as well and then I had a couple of things that I had to do yesterday that kept me on my toes. After it was all said and done I came home, crawled into bed with my book and stayed there until I had finished it. One thing off of my to do list but oh how I miss the characters in that wonderful book and am longing for another one just like it.

Nathan just left for a job interview. I sure with that he could find something permanent. These temp agencies are really what they are called. The jobs are just temporary. But with the way things are he is very lucky to be able to have these temp agencies so I cannot complain overly much.

Spent the morning trying to catch up on a couple of CT pages with a new kit. I still have 2 kits to download and one CT page to make of Switzerland. I am wondering if I will ever get caught up. My friend Patsy is now doing CT's for 4 designers. I am happy just with the one that I am doing. I cannot imagine 4! But she is in her element and I am very happy for her. Where did you buy your kits from? Will be pleased to see your new QP's.
Guess I had better run for now. Cisco finally ate his breakfast. He is so funny. He will go into our room and look at the table where his treats are and sit there with this begging look. I bring him back to his food bowl and show him and he finally eats then he gets a treat. Just once a day tho.
I have to go and work on my blog. I am getting a late start as well.

Take care and talk to you soon... Beth and Cisco.