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Friday, September 25, 2015

Gorgeous Blood Moon Coming This Weekend

September 25, 2015

Good morning.  My goodness, it is really cool this morning.  It's 7:15 a.m., and the temperature is 56F degrees and cloudy.  I don't think it's supposed to get out of the 60's all day today.  Of course, that's according to the weather report on my phone.  On TV, the Weather Channel, says it is 47F degrees right now, and that it will get up to 70F later today.  Hmmm, such a big difference.

This morning, Pogo and I will take a ride to the Post Office to mail a couple of boxes.  I would have done this yesterday, but I had to go to the supermarket too, and they won't Pogo come in to the store.  So I decided we'd do the Post Office today so that Pogo could get out for a ride.  The Post Office that I go to loves to see Pogo.

Yesterday morning, the fellow from Window World checked out the exterior door that I'm wanting to replace.  He did not think we could find the exact door to replace it, but we got a nice surprise when we looked through his catalogue.  They did have this door, so I had him give me estimates for this door and one that only has glass on the upper half of the door.  (My door is mostly all glass.) 

Oh my gosh, it's a good thing I was sitting down when he gave me the $ figures.  Before I could place the order and pay the deposit, I first had to check which bills were coming due.  (taxes and such)  
It takes ten weeks to get the door once it has been ordered, so I will call him back later today to see when he can come back to take measurements and put in an order for my door.

There will be another huge gorgeous moon this weekend, so I borrowed this image from the web to share with you.   If you want to take photos, it's all happening this Sunday night, September 27.  I hope you all get some great photos.

Does anyone remember the old Polaroid cameras, and the set of fancy filters that you could buy for them?  I was one of those folks who just had to have these filters, and I had a wonderful time with them.   This "oldie" photo (early 80's, I think) was taken with one of those filters.  The pretty young ladies are my daughters Deanne and Kerri.  They were both at our store helping with the classes.  In the background, you can see some of the shelves filled with greenware.  (It was a ceramics store.)

For those of you who enjoy taking photos with your smart phone, there are some super new lenses out that you might want to have a look at.  They are called "Moment Lenses" and they fit both Apple and Android phones.  The web site is:  I'll be interested in your thoughts about these new lenses.

A couple days ago, after I set a pile of newly washed towels and fuzzy blankets on the end of the sofa, my little guy just could not resist scrunching everything into a nice comfy pile to lay on. 

As I sit here typing, he has just finished scrunching his blankets into a nice big pile, and has crawled inside them.  He's all curled up into a tiny ball with his face pushed into the fuzzy blanket.  This is how he likes to sleep.   If you can't find him here, just follow the yellow arrow.  That's the top of his head sticking out. 

This afternoon, I think I'll work some more on the Frosty Green afghan.  I only have thirty more rows to go and it will be finished.  These cooler temperatures make it more comfortable to sit and crochet. 

Well that's about all my news for this morning.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

I can imagine you had a shock when hearing the price of the new door. Those things are very expensive to replace.
Love those photo's of Pogo and his blankets, LOL! He is such a cute guy.
I don;t know if will be up to see that moon. I would like to, but a) don't know if we can see it b) if so must check time and when it's in the middle of the night, I am sleeping and should put on the alarm. But then it's better for me to sleep through so we have a dilemma here, hahaha.
Hope you will have a nice temperature during the day, and some sunshine too.
That makes it look all a lot happier.
Have a wonderful day

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
Just caught up on your blogs and what a great deal I have missed. I didn't take my computer to the hospital with me and I didn't even connect to the Wi-Fi there at the hospital. I just lay there. I had the tv on some but even that was bothering me so I left the tv on and the volume off except for one or two shows that I just halfway watched. I was just so sick.
Ok so they actually found out what was wrong with me. My body was depleted of potassium which can cause a lot of serious problems. Several things deplete the potassium levels, diabetes, insulin, kidney disease and more. All of the symptoms I was having were of the heart mainly and so I made a small comment that I guessed that I needed to eat more bananas and was told I could eat a thousand a day and not get what I needed. So the fix is that every month I have this potassium test to determine the levels and take a pill that is twice as big as the biggest horse pill you ever saw.
I made it home last night but I am still very tired. I did work on a page for relaxation but I am sure that is probably all that I will be doing today. I think that I will be laying down most of the day.
Cisco says hi with a wag of his tail and a smile. I say hi with lots of hugs to you. I will catch up on my blog probably tomorrow. Beth and Cisco

Annesphamily said...

Edna, I will always pray for you. You know my hubby had low levels of potassium when they discovered his heart issue, He seems 100 percent better these days but scary stuff. Love that photo of the daughters. Beautiful. You are always a wealth of info Edna, thank you.

I will ask you to pray for my friend Cheri and her hubby Mike and their daughter Angie (hubby Ryan) and soon to be born baby Mayah. She is suffering from a skeletal dysplasia and Angie went into labor tonight after her water broke. Please pray. They are in Ohio. Another friend Shannon's daughter Larisa and her hubby Trace waited so patiently for their baby boy Caleb. He suffered from the same skeletal dysplasia but when he was born he only lived a few hours They are in North Dakota. Please pray. Thank you.

You get all the TLC you need lady. Enjoy your rest and take it easy....

Hugs, Anne