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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fourteen Hours Till Autumn!

September 22, 2015

Good afternoon on this last day of summer.  I know I'm late getting here, but it was rather chilly this morning and I did not want to come out from under my covers.  Pogo was in no hurry either.  He was inside his little quilted doggy house, wearing a sweater and curled up in a fuzzy blanket. 

It has been quite amazing how the seasons are changing so abruptly.  Three nights ago, I had two fans on, and fresh air coming in through the screen door as Pogo and I got comfy on top of our blankets.  Two nights ago, we closed the door early and had just one fan on.  Last night, the door was closed and the fan was shut off. 

The nights are definitely getting very cool here in New England.  The days are cooling down too.  The weather forecaster says that it will only be about 50F degrees when we wake up tomorrow morning.  Daytime temps for the next seven days is expected to be in the upper 60's and low 70's.  In less than fourteen hours it will be Autumn!

My daughter Deanne's phone crashed again.  Sad to say, that means she has lost most all of her photos.  At the Apple store, she was told that she should have backed her photos up to the cloud.  She replied that Apple would not let her use the cloud.  As a matter of fact, other customers in line at the store also said that they were denied the use of the cloud on their Apple phones. 

I have a lot of her photos on my phone, so I'm happy to share whatever I have.  Unfortunately, her phone does not have a slot for a memory card.  I would think that with all the new phone technology, every smart phone would have a slot for a memory card.  I have an Android phone (Samsung S5) and a 64 GB memory card in the card slot.  

I guess that all the smart phones come with a certain amount of cloud storage space.  But once that is full, you have to buy more space.   Considering what these phones cost, ($600 - $900) I don't think it's right to charge us more money for extra cloud storage. 

On the news, a little while ago, they were talking about a new drug that fights infections, and could be very good for AID's patients.  Unfortunately, the cost will be prohibitive.  Around $50 per pill.  The manufacturer says that the high cost will help to fund more research for better drugs to fight infections. 

I don't know how other folks feel, but I can't justify the high price of drugs.  Especially when these very same drugs will be sent to other countries and given out at very low or no cost.   How is this fair to any of us?  We pay for the drug research, then we pay an arm and a leg to buy the drug for ourselves while others can have it for free.  Either something is wrong with my thinking, or something is wrong with this scenario.  Hmmm?

A couple days ago, I got a piece of mail asking for a donation for a worthy cause.  The note had a shiny new nickel glued to it.  It mentioned that they would appreciate your donation, along with returning the nickel because they really needed it.  I guess I'm wondering why they sent out all those thousands of nickels anyway if they really needed them. 

The note also mentioned that 80% of the money would go directly to programs.  That means that 20% must be for administrative costs.  So how much of the money that the programs receive is also for administrative costs to run these programs?   That seems like an awful lot of administrative cost.  I'm thinking that maybe all the cost of running these programs should be coming out of the original 20% set aside for administrative costs, and the remaining 80% should go directly to the beneficiaries of these programs.  Hmmm?

Gosh, I'm being such a crab today.  Anyway, I have sent a donation because I believe that the beneficiaries of this funding are worthy of our help.  I have to admit though, that my favorite charities are the ones that help animals.  Makes me think that I was probably an animal in one of my past lives.  You think so?

 Today, I have a couple more old photos to share.  I came across this envelope full of stamps that I've been saving since my younger days.  Have a look at these.  Anyone remember saving these and redeeming them for free gifts?

My other old photo shows the first ceramic doll that I made.   I had a ceramic shop, and we had some classes on doll making.  I've kept my doll all these years.  She's not perfect, but she's mine.   Her head, arms and legs are ceramic, (which we all made and painted our own doll parts) and she has a cloth body.  Her baby outfit is a size three months.

I also went online and downloaded a picture of that new thumbdrive that I wrote about yesterday.  I am quite anxious to try it.

I just got a phone call from my daughter Dee Dee.  She had to take Kevin to the doctor this morning to see if he had pneumonia.  So far, he does not, but now he has to have several new tests done.  I feel so bad for him.  It doesn't matter how rotten he feels, he doesn't let it stop him from playing baseball.  You just gotta love this young man.

Well, it's getting late, and I have lots of things to do here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a beautiful day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Stacey said...

I hope Kevin doesn't have pneumonia. Poor thing, I hope he feels better soon. I remember those stamps. My dad used to have them in a bag and guess who would stick them down in books so we could redeem them. I haven't thought about those in years! Love your doll. Wish we had fall weather. we're still in the high 90s and will be in the 100s this weekend. wish i could send you 15 degrees so we could be cooler and you could be warmer in the morning! AC is still running and I so wish it wasn't!

smiekeltje said...

Gosh, Autumn already this close! Well, we notice it a bit by the weather. Hopefully the rain that's dropping down now, will stop son, cause I want to go to the market.
Hmmm, trouble with good causes is often, that all the donations are split and that so much of it seems to "disappear" in "administrative costs". Sometimes I really wonder how that works, hahaha. Still it is a shame that we have no real insight on how our donations are being used and where the money actually is going.

Dee Dee has no luck with her phones lately hey? And I agree that those phones are expensive ednough to give the users more cloud space and at the least acces to the cloud. Lucky you still have lots of her photo's.
And what is it with Kevin? Poor guy was so happy with the baseball and admittance to the team and now he is struggling again with his health? I really hope they will find what's the matter and that there is a cure for him. He needs a youth without too many health problems, he had enough of it, don;t you think?

Let's see what today has in store for us, I hope it will be a good day, for all of us.
Happy day, Edna,