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Monday, February 2, 2015

Yeaaahh Patriots! And Good Luck Eddie

February 02, 2015

Good morning.  Gosh, it's turning daylight and I feel as though I've been up for hours.  Well, actually, I have.  I woke up early so I thought I'd get up and get a few things done.  I can have a nap later. 

It's been snowing since late last night, and we've already accumulated more than six inches of the stuff.  Right now it is coming down at a pretty good clip, so I guess we'll get close to a foot before it is over. 

This morning SIL Eddie goes in for his surgery.  I'm praying that all goes well and he has a speedy recovery.  He will be laid up for quite a long time, learning to walk with his new knee. 

Hey hey, did you all watch that game last night?  Wow, what a nail biter that last half was!!   I'm not a football fan, but I did watch the game.   What excitement!  Twenty seconds before the game ended, the Patriots took the game back and won it.  Yeaaaaaahhhh PATRIOTS!!!  

I learned how to do something new last night.   I downloaded the Amazon Music ap onto my tablet, and downloaded thirteen albums.  All free!!  You can't beat that price!!   The music is great, and it's all part of my Prime membership.

Oh boy, Phil the ground hog in Punxsutawney, PA. is getting ready to give his forecast.  Yup, he says there will be six more weeks of Winter.  Gee, I could have told him that.   I feel kind of bad for the poor ground hog because he did not look too happy to be out in the cold with all those people.  He was probably wishing he was back in his nice warm cozy home.

I did a bit of shopping yesterday morning at Walmart, and while I was there I found the cutest "Dust Mop" slippers.  You put them on and while you are walking around the house, you are dusting your floors.  How cool is that?  Well, it's not so good for the dust bunnies, but it is great for me!

The word for January 14 is "Fluffy" so I have a photo of my Dust Mop Slippers which are green and fluffy.

Folks, I want to share a beautiful scrapbook layout that Beth made.  The story behind the layout is that these little girls all had cancer and had never met before this photo was taken.  Today they are all cancer free.  Is that not a beautiful story?  Beth, thank you for sharing your layout.

I've just looked outside again, and yuk yuk yuk!!  The snow is piling up, and the roads are getting very slippery.  Dwarf Mike went out and had to turn around and come back home because of bad road conditions.   The Patriots are trying to get back to Boston, but most of the Boston (and other cities) flights have been cancelled. 

Well, I've just made myself a nice hot cup of cocoa, and I think I'll go curl up in my lounge chair and enjoy my cocoa.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and safe, and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

What a beautiful image of three very young cancer survivors.
I love your duster slippers. I'm hoping that all the cat hair will take care of the dust for me, but then I have all the loose cat hair to clean up. I guess a person can't win on that one.

smiekeltje said...

Congrats on the Patriots. I didn;t see the game(it was broadcasted here).
Good luck to Eddie and i hope he will be up and around as soon as possible.
What a lovely layout of the 3 girls, just beautiful!

Hahaha, I read about the grounddog, and it was said this little creature had a bite of the ear of the mayor, LOL.
Well, I hope the little guy is a bit wrong, and that winter weather will be over sooner.
Saw some images of the winter in your area and I am glad I am not living there, sorry!
Have a nice day, and what a great idea to have "dust-slippers", pity though that they work for floors, but what if there is dusting to do on sideboards, tables etc? Would you climb in them to do the dusting?ROFL!

Annesphamily said...

did that ground hog really bite that announcers ear? I just never trust anyone these days, too much silly talk and I saw a film clip of the groundhog biting his ear! All these newscasters think everything deserves a chuckle or laugh. That layout is just beautiful of the girls. I need to get back into my scrapbooking. I found some very cool stickers that will work beautifully at the Dollar Tree. Always something fun to find. I should be downsizing but it is hard not having fun! Have a greta evening.