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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trying To Get Into "Spring Time" Mode

February 18, 2015

Good morning.  First let me correct myself.  Yesterday was not a day off from the white stuff.  As soon as I finished posting my blog, I looked out the window and there it was!  And it went on all day.  However, it did finally stop, and today is just cold.

I'm watching the Weather Channel and all that Artic Cold is just wicked awful.  It makes me wonder how come it is happening.  Do you supposed this is the beginning of things to come?  Gosh I hope not. 

Well last night, I finally broke down and tried to get into Spring time mode.  I was watching the yard and garden show on QVC, and all the beautiful flowers were getting to me.  There were so many beautiful new perennials  for this year.  They even had a hardy palm tree that would grow and thrive in the cold up to 15 degrees below zero.  I thought about that one. 

But in the end, I just could not pass up these gorgeous poppies.  I love poppies, but I have never had much luck growing them.  These are guaranteed to grow.  Aren't these just gorgeous?  The photo was taken from the TV screen.

The other item that I could not pass up is a set of huge, ever blooming and fragrant day lilies.  These will grow anywhere and I have just the spot for them.  It a set of five different colors, two of each.

I could have bought more plants, but Joe might not have been too happy about it.  He's the one who does all the planting.  But who knows, maybe if they have another garden show, I'll pick up a couple more items.

 Well, I had to reschedule my appointment with the accountant till the middle of March.  I have to stay home tomorrow and wait for the oil delivery truck.  If I'm not here, they won't deliver the oil.  At least I have all my papers in order for when I do get to have the taxes done. 

Today, Joe is home, and is outside shoveling the doorways and steps, and cleaning off my car.  He'll be going with Pogo and me to Pogo's appointments.   I'm thinking that lunch at Burger King might be in order.  Oh my, that sounds yummy!

Yesterday, I got some cute photos of the little birds outside.  Here's one of our tiny sparrows waiting in the rose bush for his turn at the feeder.  (photo taken through the storm window and screen)

I'll save the other photos for tomorrow's post.  Right now, I want to pick out a nice warm sweater for Pogo to wear after his hair cut.  The car will be warm and he'll also have on a winter jacket, so he'll be okay. 

I can't believe how quickly vacation time is getting here.  Just a little more than a week and we'll be off to sunny Florida.  Woo Hoo!  By the way, did you know that today is International Eat More Ice Cream Day?   So what are you waiting for?   Open that freezer and enjoy an ice cream treat. 

Well that's all the news for this morning.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Annesphamily said...

Edna, you are too cute with the ice cream post! The colder it is sometime, the more I love and need ice cream! I want to see a picture of Pogo after his haircut. I know he is a handsome fellow but I bet he is super adorable after a new do! I love your flower post too! Everyone wants Spring to get here but I know you must want it badly! I am jealous of your vacation plans. Lucky you and Pogo. Precious, thanks for the smiles. Take care.

smiekeltje said...

It is wicked that there still is coming that white stuff out of the sky!!!! Gosh, I wonder when it finally will stop.
And I fully understand the urge to see some spring things in front of your eyes and a gardening programm is good for that.
Those poppies and lillies look awesome, and I hope they will grow well The poppies need a real sunny place and even like to grow on poor soil!
To make you a bit jealous, I just saw that my climbin rose has two flowers on it! Can you imagine.
And we still have to prune it but that will be in a week or two perhaps.
Have a nice time with Joe and Pogo when you go to Pogo's appointments and yeah, Burger King sounds good!