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Monday, February 9, 2015

Today Starts "Random Acts Of Kindness Week" Feb. 9-15, 2015

February 9, 2015

Good morning.  It's 4:39 a.m. and I thought before I try to catch a few more winks, I had best post my blog first.  If I manage to fall asleep, I might not waked until lunchtime.   With all the snow we've had, I wanted to be awake when the snow plow came through so that I would know what time he came.  He showed up at 3:50 a.m.

Could someone please tell the snow gods that enough is enough!!    We have very little space left to pile up more snow.  The huge piles of snow around the parking area are way taller than our cars.
Here's what it looked like late yesterday morning when Joe got through clearing it all out with the snow blower and shovels.

Later in the day once more snow had fallen,  I took this photo that shows my beautiful Red Japanese Maple tree being swallowed up by the huge snow piles.  In the right corner of the photo is my car and dwarf Mikes red car.  That shows you how huge these snow piles are.
I did not do very much with my taxes, as I was busy tending to the leak that sprung in the top of the door frame in my pantry.  Oh goodie goodie.  This is just what I need at a time when I can't do a darn thing about it.  So we put a pee pad on the floor along with a bucket to catch most of the drips.
When the pantry light was out, the silhouette of the bucket must have looked like a monster of sorts to Pogo, so he spent quite a bit of time barking at it, trying to protect us from it of course.  After a while, I found it was easier just to leave the light on so that he could see that it was only a bucket. 
I have a rose bush right outside my door that always looks beautiful covered in snow.  Here's a photo I took yesterday,  I played around with it in Photoshop for a while and ended up with the second photo.  Of course, today being Mandarin Orange Monday, I took it back to Photoshop and orangified it a bit. 

I would tell you how I did this, but I used so many different layers and filters and gradients, etc. that I forgot what I did.  But I'm happy with it so that's all that counts.
I think I'll call to cancel and reschedule both of my doctor appointments.  They are only follow up check ups so it shouldn't be a problem.  Maybe I can change them to the end of next month.  The weather should be much better by then. 
Has anyone tried to buy a roof rake?  None of the stores around have them, and they aren't planning to bring any of them in.  I was told by two stores that they are out of season.  Excuse me?  We are buried in snow.  How can it not be a good season to carry roof rakes?    Somehow my brain cannot calculate the logic in all of this . 
It's rather disheartening to see the stores loading up on spring and summer clothes and garden supplies when the temperature is in the single digits and we'll still be loaded with snow a month from now.  I want to see "ice melt",  snow brushes and shovels, roof rakes, etc.  Today I will go on line and see if maybe I can order a roof rake from somewhere to be shipped to the house.  
Yesterday afternoon, I watched a Spring garden show on QVC.  Any other time I could have been tempted to buy a new plant or two for our gardens, but not this time.  We can't even find out gardens right now.  They are totally buried with all this wonderful white stuff. 
Today begins "Random Acts Of Kindness" week, which is February 9-15 this year.  Here are a few ideas of what you can do:  Pick up trash, send flowers, clean graffiti, buy coffee for a stranger, help someone with yard work (or shoveling snow), offer a couple hours of free babysitting, give a phone card, pay for the person behind you's order, adopt a soldier (become a pen pal),  bring music to a nursing home, make a bird feeder, give care-packs to the homeless, donate to an animal shelter, help a needy family, give some a hug, send someone a home made card, leave change on a vending machine for the next person.  If you live where there is no snow, you might mow a neighbor's lawn, help to plant a garden or weed a flower bed.  Whatever you do, it will be most appreciated.
Now I think I'll hop back under my covers and try to catch a wee bit more sleep.  So till tomorrow, Y'all be warm and safe, and have a fabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B. 


Unknown said...

Awe Random Acts Of Kindness Week and I did not even know about it when this morning I was out walking Cisco and my neighbor who is disabled and lives 2 flights above me was struggling to get her cart of groceries up the stairs.
I called to her that I would help her and put Cisco back in the house. Of course I couldn't carry the cart up either but I took out the heavy bags and broke them down and carried them up. By the time that I was onto the last bag she was able to get the empty cart up herself. It felt good to help. Thanks for sharing.

Enough with the snow already. I will not tell you just how beautiful our weather was yesterday. Mouth Zipped.... Sorry!!
What on earth will you do with all that snow? Igloos perhaps?(Smile)... I know that you must be dreadfully tired of it by now. I know after awhile the prettiness just doesn't out weigh the tiredness of it. Plus it is COLD out there!

I do hope that you can get a roof rake, but your right... Out of Season? Odd considering that it is still winter.

I will let you get on with your day. I am sorry that your dealing with a leak of all things. I hope that you did not lose any perishables. I don't have a leak right now but I am having dishwasher issues. The screws that are holding it under the cabinet are gone so when it is running it is actually doing a dance. I talked to maintenance about it and they said... "We cannot put in a new counter top for your dishwasher" and I said... Rather snotty too... "No but you can put some wood filler in the holes and re-screw it so it holds." Haven't seen him since so I will have to put in another work order.

Hugs and I hope that you got to have some more sleep!

Annesphamily said...

Hi Edna! I have to make a stop at the post office so heading out the door. Hope you stop by because somehow I managed to get my photos to sync with my FB page and put them up along with Noelle's too. You asked about the Gender Reveal Party so visit my blog to see my photos. I heard we have 23/5 inches (I think) of snow for the season so far and Boston has that same amount today! I hope the snow goes away and leaves you alone. Hugs, Anne

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Your MOM picture is smashing ... I really love the snow on the rose bush. Almost looks like a cotton plant. Did you link with Lori ... I didn't wee you there. Maybe I better go back and check.

Snow Snow go away ... as they say. I know, it's supposed to be rain, but it works as snow. Our snow has actually melted quite a bit. We had two days in the 40s and that is all it took. We are still covered, but it isn't so deep and now there are places where Izzi can romp. She be very happy:)

Speaking of barking we are having that issue with Izzi. She is still barking at Mint (you know the Aussie, Stranger Danger). She is so smart about everything else, but somehow we haven't been able to solve this issue. This morning I put the bark collar on her and will have to zap her a few times. I think five days is enough time to be nice about it.

I like the "Random Acts of Kindness" idea, but I don't think it should be just for a week. I try to find something to do every week. I am not always successful, but I am always on the lookout for an opportunity. If we all were kind to others maybe we wouln't have some of the problems we have in this country.

So today I am taking the kids to Sams ... Do you have a Sams? I don't really think they are any cheaper, but I can buy supplies that last longer and they have really good meat there. I will see if they still have the family plan where others can use your card for only ten dollors. Then the kids can do their shopping on their own.

So the dryer is beeping and I need to get the clothes out and hung so they don't get wrinkled. You have a nice day, when you get up, Ha! Must be nice to be able to sleep in occosionally :) Be well, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

How funny that you have spring and summer clothes in the store when you need warm clothing and down in the south you can't find any shorts because it's their winter. Go figure.

Nani said...

I feel bad that none of the recent days had comments from me! As I was reading before Friday I kept saying "I read this, why didn't I comment?" It's been a rough week for me and I am so sorry for essentially coming over and drinking coffee without saying anything. I’ll start leaving an “I was here” note. :)

I’m glad to hear that Eddie is healing well. Hope the testing solve Kevin’s mystery soon!

Now snow, oh golly I hurt for you looking at the photos! Well, except the squirrel pics, I like those! But really, Mother Nature is as bi... bit mean, really. I bet the stores aren’t selling much new springy stuff right now. Vacation is son though, right? As long as you can dig out to get to the airport!

You, Pogo and all the Dwarves stay warm and safe!
Hugs, Nani

Lmkazmierczak said...

Sorry you are inundated with snow...I was thinking maybe the farmers will be happy, but it is a pain to deal with. Love your snowy bloom, your acts of kindness suggestions I and enjoyed reading about your slice of life♪

Anonymous said...

Wow the image for MOM is beautiful and striking! Hope for you the snow will soon disappear:)

smiekeltje said...

Enough is enough, I agree with you. Saw this morninng a bit on the news some views of Boston area, and gosh, it is really a LOT of snow!
Hopefully your leak isn;t too serious, so that it will hold out for a while, but it is frustrating not to be able to have it fixed right away.
Hopefully you got a few hours sleep again, just to forget about it all.
I think stores often are out with new season clothes and stuff way too early. Can you imagine, that there are already little chocolate eastern eggs to buy second half of January?
Well, you just have to wait at home till the snow starts to melt ( and hope it will start real soon now)

Debby said...

I have missed several of your posts lately. Oh my all that snow. I have been saying prayers for all of you. I heard last night that there will be no way in or out of Boston the next couple of days. Sure wish they could send that snow out west. You be careful if you have to go out.
I can't remember what I heard about snow rakes. Something about them wasn't good.
Do you live in the main house. Glad someone is getting the snow off the roof. I hope the leak is just a minor problem.
I never heard of a triple endoscopy. Do they have any answers.
The snow picture is amazing and I love the squirrel looking in. They are smart little critters.
You take care. One good thing in all this snow is how fast times goes, geez you blink and it's another year.

lorik said...

Very nice images Edna... exciting even...and quite the opposite to what you must be seeing outside your window. I wonder if you felt a little warmer while you were doing it? :) Thanks for sharing...and I hope your weather improves. For me to see snow is a novelty..for you it must be a terrible burden.