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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Winter Blues Are Not So Bad Today

February 19, 2015

Good morning.  Oh my, the sun is shining.  Yes it is cold, but the sun sure does help lift the spirits.  I'm watching the Weather Channel, and they are forecasting lots of rain for us over the weekend, and a high temp of 45F on Sunday.  That is not so good.  We have mountains of snow all around us, so the added rain and the one warm day is going to make a huge mess.  Ah well, we'll deal with it when it gets here.

Yesterday, we made it out to Pogo's errands.  Joe carried Pogo, and I carried myself.  It was slippery everywhere except at the veterinary hospital.  Their parking lots and sidewalks were plowed right down to the pavement. 

Pogo got a little feisty at the doctor's office.  For some reason, he would not let her take his temperature.  He put up quite a struggle, and he won that battle.  He might be tiny, but oh boy is he ever fierce when he has to be.  Other than that, he was declared a fit, healthy and handsome fellow.  Of course, I already knew that!

While we were at Petco, we met a lady with a tiny one year old Yorkie who looked a lot like Pogo.  These two little doggies had such fun meeting each other.  We were in there looking for some new Spring shirts for Pogo, but so far none of the new stock had been put out yet.  Maybe we'll have a look around when we get to Florida.

Notice I said "when we get to Florida"?  I'm tryng to be very positive.  It's not easy with the weather we've been having.   I have a six foot privacy fence on the other of my house, and in most places, you can barely see the top of the fence. 

I just went to the door to get a photo of the front entrance to my driveway.  As you see, the snow on both sides of the street is much higher than the vehicles on the road.  The second photo shows the snow that fell overnight.  Yup, the snow started up again late yesterday afternoon.  Sad to say, it is snowing a light snow right now too. 

Yesterday, I promised you some cute photos from the day before.  Last summer, Joe hung three basket weave bird houses in the trees.  We had no idea if anyone would make them their home, but we had hopes.  Well, I got my answer a couple of days ago.  To my surprise, our little wrens love these little houses.

If you look close, near the yellow arrow that I put on the photo, you can see a little wren going into his house.  In the second photo, the little wren is in the entrance looking out at the snow falling.

I was so happy to get these photos.  This year, I'm going to order a few more houses for Joe to hang in the trees.  I'll look around for some different ones too.  We do have a few other houses hung outside, but I've never noticed if any of the birds are using them. 

I was going to take a new photo of Pogo to show off his new hair cut but he's been having a case of the squirties, and he's not in the mood for photos.  Here's one photo that I just took of Pogo and his Valentine Bear. 

Right now I have lots of fuzzy blankets to wash.  I think the anxieties from yesterday are catching up and rattling Pogo's nerves.  No problem.  Mama has a washer and dryer that will do most of the work.

This week we celebrated Presidents Day, and the local newspaper ran some interesting trivia about some of the presidents.  Do you know which president gave the longest inaugural address of any president - 8,445 words, followed by the shortest time served as president?   If you guessed William Henry Harrison, you guessed right.

Do you know which president had once been a fashion model, and served as both vice president and president without being elected to either office?   Well that was Gerald Ford.

And do you know which president was the first president to have his photo taken - luckily not during one of his customary early-morning nude swims in the Potomac River?  That was none other than John Quincy Adams.

There were a few more fun tidbits, but I'll save them for other posts.  Right now I need to get busy on the laundry and making up a grocery list so that we can do our shopping later this afternoon.  I'll also be picking up a batch of my meds for the first time with this new insurance company.  This should be interesting.

So that's all my news for this morning.   Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

The History of the Presidents was a good one. I actually knew most of your questions because I just finished watching a documentary on about them. The one that I did not know was Gerald Ford. I knew that he did not run for President but how did he get into the Vice President office? Hmm have to go back and research that one.

Poor Pogo. I am sorry that Pogo is not feeling well. It is probably his nerves kicking in from yesterday. My big half chow and half shepherd was just like that. Any change in his routine and he got sick for a couple of days. He was long haired so it was a terrible mess to keep him clean, poor guy.
I know that you all are so cold. I mean Niagara Falls is Frozen. Boston is colder than Alaska. I hate to say it but I really do think that there is Global Warming at work here. The rain and warm day is going to cause some thawing for sure but perhaps a little of it at a time might help it not flood too many places.
I just love the little basket houses. Those are just so nice and cozy for your little feathered friends. Talk to you soon, Hugs, Beth.

The Queen Jester said...

That wren looks very happy to be in a warm dry house while the snow is coming down.

smiekeltje said...

First i thought you had good news, mentioning the rain and higher temperatures, but then had to read there was more snow! It has to rain for a day or two or so and you need temperatures that climb a bit higher to get rid of all the white stuff.
Pogo the Fierce Wrestler, LOL!
He is a character, that little guy!
But great to hear he is in good condition.
Wonderful you have lodgers in a bird house. Should be fun to watch the little birdies come out and have their flying lessons from the parents.
And we keep up hope, that you will be able to fly to Florida, because you really need to have some warmth and sunshine on your body!

Nani said...

Oh the snow on the sides of the street makes the cars look so small! I agree that I hope all this weather isn't the shape of things to come! :(

That wren looks just adorable sitting in the basket house!

It's too bad that the excitement, nerves, of yesterday caught up with Pogo but I'm glad he got a good bill of health from his vet. Carla was nasty-sneezy last week and part of this week and we thought we might need t take he in as soon as there was a break in the temps. Their regular visit is in August, but the sneezing has sopped now. She never acted sick, just had some awful sneezing fits. Bitter cold is rough to take out babies, toddlers and furbnabies.

I loved the presidents trivia and look forward to more!

David was looking at some freezing wakeup temPs all over Florida this morning! I hope Florida is more like Florida when you get there!!

In the mean time keep warm in MA!
Hugs, Nani