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Friday, February 20, 2015

Grab Your Tissues, This One Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

February 20, 2015

Good afternoon.  Sorry for not posting this morning, but I had things to do.  I'm back home now and enjoying a chicken sandwich.  I cut up a nice plate of chicken for Pogo, but so far he has turned up his nose at his lunch and is taking a nap on his little sofa. 

When I was at Walmart yesterday, I bought a new fuzzy blanket for Pogo.  (surely he needs as many as we can find!)  I also bought a table lamp that had to be returned today, so while I was there I bought him another new fuzzy blanket.  You just can't have too many fuzzies to cuddle up in.

I got an email yesterday from the ASPCA that was featuring a story about a tiny Maltese mix doggie who was hit by a car this winter in New York and left on the road for dead.  A passerby found the little dog and took it to the local animal hospital where it was stabilized and sent over to an ASPCA hospital.  This precious little bundle's name is Coconut, and he is ever so darling.

Coconut has since received lots of medical care, mending broken bones and other body parts.  This poor little fellow was very near death when he was first found and brought to a hospital.  Folks, this breaks my heart.  How can anyone hurt an animal.  Your pets give you unconditional love.  This is just not acceptable behavior towards our furry kids.   Here's a photo of Coconut.  If you live near New York, he is looking for a new forever home where he will be loved and protected.  If interested, call 1-212-876-7700 ext. 4120.  This is the ASPCA Adoption Center.  Now tell me, isn't he just precious?

I have a newspaper article to share with you.  This was in the paper a few days ago.  It seems that the First Lady is slamming an American family dinner favorite, boxed mac and cheese.  According to Michelle Obama, it is not real food.  She says that the powdered cheese in the package is not real cheese.  The reporter, Tom Shattuck, had this to say: 

"The fact is, Madame Muenster, mac and cheese is real food.  Powdered cheese is usually made from cheese and created by a process called "spray drying".  It's powdered so that millions of Americans who cannot afford an in-house food guru can have a close facsimile of the good stuff that will stay preserved for months.  Powdered mac and cheese is a blessing for lower and middle class families, and to have the nation's self appointed Camembert Cop suggest that we rubes might as well be serving our kids macaroni and plutonium does a disservice to working people"

Once again, there was no mail delivery yesterday.  It's almost 1 p.m., and I'm wondering if we'll get any mail today.  The postal delivery service has gone way downhill, and of course, they are blaming it all on the snow.  I'm not understand this because they do not have to delivery to any house where the mailbox is not easily accessible.  They only have to delivery to folks who have shoveled away the snow.  A lot of folks did not do this, but we did.  So why are we not getting mail every day? 

Well guess what?  The mail just came.  I was so excited that I darn near cut off my thumb opening a package.  That was not so smart on my part. I put antibiotic and a bandaid on my thumb.  No worry, I'm going to live. 

Before I take my leave for today, let me share a few more Presidential tidbits with you.   Do you know which president had two nicknames?  "The Human Iceberg" for his cool demeanor, and "Pious Moonlight Dude" for his romantic ways.   Are you thinking Benjamin Harrison?  Then you're right!

Then there was the president who once considered pursuing the life of a cowboy in Argentina instead of a politician in Washington.  Can you guess?  Yup, it was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

This president's advisors were known as the "Kitchen Cabinet."  He was famous for his temper and being the only president to kill a man in a duel.  Have you guessed?  Of course, it was Andrew Jackson. 

I have one more photo to share today.  This is a photo I took with my phone yesterday from the Walmart parking lot.  It was snowing (you can't see the snow falling but it was) and the sun was doing its best to shine through the snow and clouds.  I just thought it was such a pretty picture.  That's my little blue baby parked right under that yellow arrow.

Okay, that's it for today.  Now I'm off to see what sort of fun mischief that Pogo and I can get into this afternoon.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay warm and have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

I got up this morning and Nathan was listening to and watching every sad country song and video that he knew... Of the 3 that had me crying was... Where were you when the world stopped turning... Alan Jackson, Riding with Private Malone by David Ball and American Soldier by Toby Keith.
So reading your story about little Coconut made me soooo glad that I had my box of tissues handy.
Why do people have to be so cruel? It breaks my heart.

It was a pretty picture that you posted. Gorgeous to see the sun trying to peek thru. It is not really sunny out here today. Just sort of over cast.

Oh no... Pogo can never have to many fuzzies... I am going to see if I can find him something fuzzy when I ever get out of this house and go someplace. I know that being at home has caused a lot of my blues. I am going to have to get out this coming month and just go and do something.

Ouch on the thumb and ring finger... Looks like your in the wars as they say in the United Kingdom... I am glad that you got mail!

I have to go and clean something. Hugs, Beth

Corrine Corbin said...

I'm so sorry to see all that snow. Growing up in N-Western PA I thought was a lot of snow. but I must admit it never got as bad as you have had for the last 2 months. I remember being able to shovel the front walk to the curb and short span of sidewalk in front of my folks property. That was all I was required to do. Being the only kid in the house.

I've enjoyed the saga of Pogo and now my little gr-grand daughter has gotten a little chihuahua much smaller than your Pogo so I'm trying to keep her from getting eaten by the Aussie Shepherd and the other little dog that is a mix of Jack Russell & Aussie Shepherd. Have to feel sorry for the poor little Jack Russell to carry that much bigger puppy even though he wasn't that big at birth I'm sure the conception was painful. Anyway we have the 3 of them now but only have the baby puppy for 5 nights of the week and she goes home with my grand daughter during the day.
Love the stories.

Debby said...

I would take that little doggy in a minute. He is adorable. So glad that someone found him. He had to be someone's pet. I am surprised that no one claimed him.
Yes, the mail service isn't what it used to be.
Not venturing out with it being so cold. I feel bad for my husband driving 45 minutes each way to work and back. They keep the heat on 56 at work. His boss is a jerk.
We were trying so hard to keep the pipes from freezing but it happened. Our young plumber was here in 30 minutes. I just love him. He won a million dollars from the lottery but he hasn't his service. He told me that my DIL called him from Michigan where a bunch of my son's friends staying at a cabin. There septic was frozen and she wanted to know what to do, hah.
we are expecting a lot of snow tonight and tomorrow. I hope it stays away from you.
Stay warm and cozy up with Pogo.

smiekeltje said...

Little Coconut is just adorable and oh, I would take him right away into our home(not sure what Brodski would say about it, not too happy I guess). Great someone took care of him when he was hurt and brought him to hospital.
It is still coming down, that white stuff isn;t it?
Here today not all too great weather, some rain, in some places with hail and wet snow and such.
Best to stay inside, but may be I will pop out later for a moment.
Good you had your mail LOL. often on Saturday we got mail to spoil the weekend a bit, they are mostly bills to pay, hahaha.
Have a lovely weekend, Pogo should be allright with his new fuzzy blankets.

The Queen Jester said...

What a sweet little dog, I bet he'll find a good home with all the publicity he's getting. You need to use some restraint when opening those boxes my lady! You need all your digits to pursue your many crafts and hobbies! I've never liked mac and cheese (boxed or otherwise), but my son sure did when he was growing up. You have a good day and hopefully enjoy a snow free day.