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Thursday, October 23, 2014

We're Having Us An Autumn Nor'easter

October 23, 2014

Good morning.  Oh my, a two car collision has just happened in the street right in front of our driveway.  Dwarf James and I went out to make sure no one was hurt.  Both people involved are okay, and there is a police cruiser on its way here.  Time for me to go back in the house.

Well my goodness, What a day and night we just had.  The rains came down and the winds howled most of the day and got even fiercer during the night.  Around 9:30 p,m, we heard loud thunder, followed by lightning.  This continued on and off for several hours. (mostly off)  Sometime before dawn, the winds died down and the rain stopped.

This morning is cloudy and still a bit breezy.  There are puddles everywhere, and the ground is covered with fallen leaves.  It's a great day to stay inside and crochet.

Yesterday, Pogo had an appointment at the beauty salon.  After that, we shopped for some new sweaters for him.   On the way home, we stopped in at JoAnn's fabric shop and bought a couple skeins of medium purple yarn.  I have a project in mind, but it will have to wait until all my holiday stuff is done.

Here's my handsome little guy lying on his bed, and wearing one of his new sweaters.  After a while though, it got too warm to be wearing the sweater and we had to take it off and put on a lightweight shirt.

Here he is in a lighter shirt, back at his favorite spot in front of the door.  He can spend hours here because there is always so much going out there for him to watch.

After lunch, a delivery truck showed up, and a man was carrying a huge box up to my door.  Oh boy!  It's my new TV.  Dwarf James helped me bring it indoors, and then I dragged it into my living room.  It's the same size as the TV that died, but it is a little bit smarter.  Seriously, it is a smart TV, but I'm hoping that it's not too smart for me.

This morning, I'll put in a call to SIL Eddie to see when he can come by and hook it up for me.  I guess I spoke a bit too soon earlier about the wind dying down.  It has definitely picked up again, and my flag and the trees out front are waving about wildly every now and then.  It has also started raining again.  Yup, it's definitely a great day to stay indoors and catch up on my crochet projects.

That's about it for the news here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I wish my girls could wear clothes here year round, but it's semi-tropical and it's just too hot. We can hardly stand the outside. I am enjoying some coolness and wish it was cold here. It's hot again around noon. Last winter was one of the coldest winters that I've seen in about 14 years. Tell Pogo he is looking handsome in his sweater. I love the shirt too. He probably will know what you is saying. Every time I am holding the girls and I tell them I love them, they reach up to give me a kiss. I stopped denying them the kiss and let them give me a peck on my jaw. (lol)

Grandma Sarge said...

What a handsome little guy he is!! I have one that small but putting a sweater on him is not sdomething I'm going to tackle. He's a rambunctious little cross breed and wants nothing to do with blankets except to snuggle down into them. I'm just skittish about what the big dob will do so I don't push it.

The Queen Jester said...

It would be fun dressing up the cats but I don't think it would end it's 90 degrees here so there's no need for any additional warmth.

smiekeltje said...

He is looking a handsome little guy again, Pogo.
wonderful that he spends so much time at the door, he never will be bored because always something is happening outside.
I think you definately have to stay indoors today, with that bad weather going on LL.
Oh, and I hope the new tv will not give any trouble when installing. Guess Eddie is smart enough to do it.
Have fun today and happy tv watching.