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Monday, October 20, 2014

Only Nine Weeks Till Christmas!!

October 20, 2014

Goo0d morning.  It's sunny and bright outside, but it's a bit on the cool side.  At the moment, it's 45F. and we're only expecting a high of 57F today.  The next few days will warm up a speck but will also be a bit wet.  Fall is definitely here.

I got an email yesterday telling me that my new TV has already been shipped, so maybe it will be arriving sooner than expected.  Woopee!  There is something wonderful about this "on-line" ordering.  One can spend time on the computer researching different stores' ads and prices, order and pay for the desired purchase and never leave the comfort of your living room.

As a matter of fact, that is exactly what I was doing yesterday afternoon.  I subscribe to several fun catalogues, so yesterday I checked out each of  their websites and ordered several gift items to help polish off my shopping list. 

I also ordered (from a shopping channel) a new battery charger which will be very handy to have in case we get some really nasty cold temps this winter.  One day last winter, my car did not start because of the cold, and I had to call SIL Eddie to come and jump start my car battery.  This winter I'll be prepared.

My friend Andrea commented that the colors in the "bad TV" screen would look great for an afghan.  Well, my goodness, I just happen to have yarn to match those colors.  Last night I crocheted a few rows to see how it would look, but I did not finish enough to take a photo.  As soon as I get enough rows done of both colors, I'll take a photo.  Thanks Andrea.  I was wondering what to do with my newest yarn color "Bright Mix."

My little fellow, Pogo, has been going through "Joe withdrawal" these past few days.  Joe went away to "house and doggie sit" for his sister, and there's been no turkey treats for Pogo since Saturday morning.  I've tried giving him his turkey, but he won't take it from anyone but Joe.   Hopefully, Joe will be home soon.

This morning I was looking for a photo to share here, and I sort of got side-tracked a bit.  I took the photo into Photoshop to crop it, but then just got carried away and ended up with a new piece of "Rose Art".  Hmmm, I've definitely missed doing this.  I'll have to make more time to be artistically creative.

There was also a suggestion from the Queen Jester that the bad TV screen photo would make a good background texture, so I'll definitely make one and post it here for you soon.  Thanks Queen Jester.

Today, I really should do a load of laundry, and then I need to put a few more rows on the lavender afghan.  I've decided that if I do a few rows on it each day, it will be finished in time for the holidays.  This way, I can work on my other crochet projects too. 

Including the lavender afghan, I have three projects I would like to finish by the first of December.  Gosh, have any of you checked your calendars lately?  Time is ticking away, and there are only nine more weeks till Christmas.  Yikes!!  So many stitches to do, so little time!

On that happy note, I really need to get busy here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a splendid day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Funny that Pogo takes his turkey treats only from Joe !
So poor thing has to sit out the next few days and wait patiently for Joe to come back LOL!
Today definately doesn't look like one you want to be outside here!
Rain, rain, and very much wind, also storm warning for this afternoon at the coast.
Brrr, I stay in today.
Have a great day and yes, Christmas is coming near quickly.

The Queen Jester said...

I'm sure the rose was lovely all on its own, but I love what you did with in Photoshop....very artsy.

Glad to be the inspiration for yet another afghan. I can't believe how fast you are cranking these out.