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Friday, October 10, 2014

From Peanuts To Cotton Balls

October 10, 2014

Good afternoon.  It was a tad bit cool during the night, and Pogo and I were in no hurry to crawl out from under the covers this morning.  Needless to say, the extra sleep felt really good.  It's time to turn on the heat, at least during the night.  We still have some nice days coming, but the nights are getting quite cool. 

Well, yesterday I did not get to bake the cookies.  So, I think I'll try again this afternoon.  I really did not do much of anything yesterday but I was really busy doing this nothing.  It's just amazing how absolutely nothing can take up so much of one's time!

Today I have some fun photos that daughter Audrey took in the cotton field by her home.   We think the farmers have switched to growing cotton instead of peanuts because we've been importing so many peanuts from Africa.  Hmmm, I was not aware of this.  Peanuts are a big part of Virginia's history. 

Well anyway, here are some photos of the cotton blossoms.  Thanks Audrey.  We don't grow cotton up here in the North, so these are quite interesting.

Other than baking some cookies, today's excitement will be a trip to the supermarket for some groceries.  Unfortunately, Pogo will have to miss this outing.  The food store just won't let him in.  I've tried telling them that he is a service dog, for my mental health, but they just won't give in.

I'm sorry I haven't had any new photos of Pogo and Sunshine lately, but Pogo is not in any hurry to become buddies with her yet.  Sunshine has swatted Pogo a few times (gently) and now that she seems to want to play, he is having second thoughts about her.  We'll just have to give them more time. 

Well that's about all the news for today.  If I don't get busy with the cookie dough pretty soon, we won't be having any cookies today either.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Isn't cotton amazing ... to think that the little puff ball in your Audrey's pictures will probably be on someones back some day. I too am surprised, but then, not surprised that we are getting our peanuts from Africa ... Buy American only seems to pertain to individuals ... Corporations on the other hand buy cheap and sell expensive. There's that nasty Profit motive again. There's really is nothing wrong with making a profit up to a point, but in this country you haven't succeeded unless your profits are obscene. Sorry, there I go again.

So today was "Izzi" day ... though I am not sure Izzi would agree with you. First at 8:30am she went to the Barker Shop for a bath and a trim which she doesn't love though she likes going because she gets to play with other dogs while she waits before and after her beautification. Then at 12:15 she had an appointment with her Sports Vet who adjusted her little backside which has been hurting her for awhile. I think she throws her back out of adjustment when she jumps for the Frisbees. But now she has to take it easy for a few days until the soreness is gone. Tomorrow I will take her for a walk in the morning instead of class so she can have more time to heal.

So Miss Diva gives Izzi a swat now and then because She doesn't like being herded, but Izzi is not affended by it and just goes back to herding her. They do get used to one another over time. Pogo has been an only child for awhile so he may be reluctant to share you. But, I am confident that they will be fine together even if they do keep a distance.

I can't believe it is Friday already ... I know that time flies when you get old, but this is rediculous. It's like you say ... I was just doing nothing and then all of a sudden it's Friday already. What the heck! So it is cold here too ... and seems to be getting colder. I keep hoping we will have an Indian summer, but then if it comes it will be gone in a flash and then the only thing we have to look forward to is ... that nasty word ... Winter:( Don't even want to think about it.

I guess I had better head down and turn the oven on so I can fix dinner. I am getting hungry (I say that like it is a surprise ... I am always hungry). It is six and it is getting dark already and I assume our time will be falling back soon and it will be nighttime at 6:00, ugh. There is so little to like about winter and yet ... Izzi loves it and that makes it fun for me too. We love playing in the snow and this year my new DIL will be here from Thailand and she has never seen snow. She is very excited about it so I guess I had better put on a happy face because I don't want to steer her in the wrong direction. Well, what did I say a few minutes ago ... I need to go fix dinner. You have a nice Saturday off, Edna and we'll see you on Sunday.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

Cotton really is an amazing plant and has so many versatile uses. I can imagine picking it the old fashioned way was pretty nasty though.

smiekeltje said...

Hahaha, it IS amazing how doing nothing can take so much time!!!
Oh well, you can do the cookies today, and they'll be nice for this evening, watching tv.
I did some baking too yesterday, made a Russian pirog(kind of meat pie) and we will have a slice of it today in the evening with a bowl of soup that I'll make today.
That cotton is amazing, and beautiful to see the gworing process in those photos.
So Pogo will jhave to wait in the car when you are shopping? He surely will act like a watch dog first classLOL!
Have a fantastic day.

Angelicastar said...

2014 is speeding and getting on about her business. I call the year her because we women seem to move faster than men, although we are getting old. My age 64 is just around the corner in January. My sister retired and she is going to do substitute work in the school system. Oh well, she retired from there as a financial accountant . (lol) I keep telling her she will eventually get use to being home and she will be alright. She just retired last year. I am ok now, but I've been retired since 2005. Probably if it wasn't medically retirement, I would be going back to work also. It does get boring sometimes and you all are right, time past very fast when you are doing nothing. Sometimes my pain is so bad I can't get out of the bed until I take my meds and get relief, but after the meds start working, I am cooking, cleaning and doing whatever I can find to keep me busy. I do most of my shopping for the home on the internet. Everything except grocery. Have a great weekend. Hopefully I can go to sleep in a few minutes when this flexeril start working.

Angelicastar said...

OOPS!!!!!I forgot to ask you all to send some of your cold weather to Houston Texas. I am still using air. Sometimes we are using air during December. We had sort of a cold winter last year but I enjoyed every minute of that cold air that I didn't have to pay for (lol) It's still 83 degrees here. We are suppose to be having a few cold fronts but to me it's just a cooling off point instead of a real cold front. We don't have heavy coats at all. Mine are mostly light weight trench coats. The ones you can unzip the liner and just wear the coat itself. We are suppose to have a cold front passing through on Sunday. Wish us luck for some cold air.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

My, my, my...took me awhile to read all I have missed and try to catch up. Sorry your weather is so chilly so soon...we awoke to 78F yesterday morning and it reached 92F and so very sticky, the front and some much needed rain came in overnight and it was 59F this morning, I have all my doors and windows open allowing in the air and have the AC cut nice and it is only supposed to go to 70F today, but will be back into the 80's PLUS in the next few days...LOL
You are so terrific to take in Sunshine, she is beautiful. One lucky baby too....I still have the little brother and sister I found outside with no mommy around, making me with 5 kitties inside and only about 6 outside now...ROFL! I still feed the strays outside too! Can't help it!!
Love the photos and all the pretty afghans...You do such lovely work! You are like me...where does the time go doing so much of nothing? Love it!!
Well, off to fix something to eat, usually eat about this time of day and then don't have to eat the rest of the day...Seems to be working well for me that way!
You, Pogo and Sunshine have a beautiful weekend! Hugs and thanks for the visit! Mat