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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blood Moon Rising, October 8th, 2014

October 7, 2014

Good morning.  It's not quite 6:30, but since I've been up a good part of the night, I thought I would type my post now in case I fall asleep in a while.  I must say, this has been a great night weather-wise.  The temperature stayed around 54F degrees all through the night,  and the weather man is promising us a couple of really nice days with temps in the low 70's.  Woo Hoo!! 

I've written about the "meds in the news" lately, but only because it is a serious problem.  Those who are abusing the drugs are making it very difficult for those of us who do not abuse them.  And of course, the government and the insurance companies' answers to the problem is to take the drugs away from everyone.

I've had meds taken away and exchanged for something that did nothing for me, and finally my doctor would have to write an appeal to get my meds back.  One of the more serious instances was when the insurance company took away my Advair without any explanation, and replaced it with Symbicort.  It took a whole year of me not feeling very good and my breathing getting worse, and a written appeal from my doctor to finally get my Advair back. 

If you listen carefully to the Symbicort ads on TV, you will hear how this drug is not good for people with asthma.  It can cause severe problems which could lead to death.  Well how about that!!   I guess it just shows me how much the government and the insurance companies value my life.  The insurance company already knew that I had asthma when they  took away my Advair. 

So, I guess the bottom line is that if any of your meds are stopped or exchanged for others, speak up and find out why.  If necessary, have your doctor write appeals to the insurance company.  It's not fair that we should be punished or even worse have our lives put at risk because of the jerks who abuse drugs.

On a brighter note, we are expecting a "Blood Moon" early tomorrow morning.  If you live on the West Coast, you can expect to get a glimpse of this moon around 3:25 a.m.  For those of use on the East Coast, the moon should be visible around 6:25 a.m.  It will only be visible for about an hour, and you may even see some blue in the moon's glow.  Hopefully, the skies will be clear and we will all be able to see this rare sight.  Here's an image from the web with information about the Blood Moon Rising.  Good luck everybody!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to photograph the new afghan.  For some reason, there are some colors that just will not photograph correctly.  I spent most of the time trying to adjust the colors to get them as close to real as I could. 

I finally put together a color swatch from the web and an image of a skein of the yarn I'm using.  The colors shown are as close as I can get.  The colors I'm using are "Glowworm" (green) and "Banana Berry."   What do you think?  Aren't they just yummy together?

And, here's a photo of the afghan, along with a strip of the lavender afghan.  It's only a strip because I decided to start over using just one strand of yarn instead of two.  The yellow in the Banana Berry is looking a bit orangey, but it is really yellow.

Yesterday, Pogo ate all of his lunch and appeared to be a bit perkier.  For supper, I did what every good mommy would do and I cooked him a steak.  Of course, I cooked one for me too.  Pogo ate half of his supper and I put the rest in the fridge until around 10:30 p.m. when he came looking for his bedtime snack. 

I don't know why my little guy likes to save half of his food to eat late at night.  It may have something to do with the way he was fed during his first six and a half years.  I don't leave the food on the floor though.  I wrap whatever he leaves on his plate and put it in the fridge until he is ready to eat it.

He's been feeling pretty good until just a little while ago when I gave him some doggie food for breakfast.  After eating just half of it, he up-chucked.  Now I'm confused.  Is the doggie food making Pogo sick?   Oh dear, perhaps I'll hold off giving him any more of it for a while. 

He's napping now, all wrapped up in a clean blanket.  Pretty soon, I'll put his other blankets in the wash and get them clean again.  Now I think I'll treat myself to another cup of coffee.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I hear you about the meds. My daughter's insurance took away her migrain medication and insisted we had to try the three or four medications they have in their formulary. Well you guessed it, we have done two of them and so far they aren't working ... Meanwhile, she is suffering many headaches. The doctor tried to write the appeal but they said not until she has tried all of what they have to offer. I know the person who is making this decision knows nothing and has never had a migrain. I don't like to be a B....., but I hope he or she starts getting migrains and can't use a med that works for them. It's all about money, you know. The Profit Motive has taken over our country and is running it into the ground.

I have to ask because you haven't said a word about Sunshine ... is she okay and do you still have her? I hope she is in a good place if you don't.

Izzi and I have been trying to take long walks in the morning so I can keep up my wonderful Switzerland muscles ... but there is definitely a difference between going up and down hills and walking the flatlands of Illinois. I think I have lost a lot of my new muscle mass and on top of that, I don't dare eat Hot Fudge Sundaes for dinner or I will regain my pudge :( Some things in life just aren't fair!

So your yarn colors are brilliant ... I love them. Though I have to tell you they are so bright, they look like they would glow in the dark ... not good for sleeping, but good for cuddling on a cold day. I love you afhgans ... you have to have the most nimble fingers to be able to whip them out like that. I would be tempted to pick up my knitting needles again, but somehow I never find the time to sit down to do anything. I can't even read my books except when I am waiting for my daughter in a waiting room. My life is too busy which, in some ways, is good, but then OMG, I would love to just sit and veg some days. Speaking of busy, I have a lot of plants that need to be cut back and bagged. It has been so cold here that I hate going out in it to work, but I am guessing it will get colder before it gets warmer, so it has to be done. Izzi sends her loves to Pogo and hopes that he is feeling better soon. Be well, Edna ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

Angelicastar said...

Just a suggestion on the meds. Call your insurance company yourself because sometimes the doctor and the Insurance company get bonuses from the drug manufacturing company if they prescribe a certain medication. Never let anyone, doctor or company tell you what kind of medication that is good for your body. The side effects of some of those meds can make other illness appear. When choosing your prescription or medical insurance also, make sure you read their services and the meds that they will pay for. I had to start taking Celebrex and Aetna told me they wouldn't pay for them. I called Cigna and they said yes and I switched companies. I was in the business for over 29 years and I fought for my clients to get what they needed. People now is lacking for good customer services and all they want is what is going to make their pay check bigger. They forgot that great service offer great rewards.

Annesphamily said...

Aack the government and insurance companies! Aaaaaaaaackkkkkkk! Ridiculous. We need an overhaul and clean house completely. Do away with these parties they are nothing but useless garbage, all the political parties and their candidates are worthless. Just my opinion. Dems want to give it all away to those unwilling to work for it, Republicans want to fill their pockets along with their banker buddies. I Dislike them all sooo much! I hate their ads. Put that money to good use, put that cash in the schools etc.!
My hubby takes three crappy HBP meds in place of the one that never gave him a cough or any other symptoms. The only upside, they changed his eczema cream and the new stuff is costing a tenth of the old stuff and it seems to work as well! If you lived here you could come to the National Jewish Hospital. Usually ranks in the top of asthma control centers.
I love the beautiful colors of your yarn. Such a beautiful creation you make with your hands. Amazing!